An interesting beginning  

Luv2EatPussyInNC 57M
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6/17/2006 2:41 pm
An interesting beginning

Ok... so you have to admit, you're in one of two camps when you read the nom d'assume of my profile.
You're either totally put off by the blatant sexual implication or you're curious enough to have a look inside and see what's up.
Or perhaps the title of my blog makes you think a bit further so you look even more. Before I continue, if I have to give you the definition of a misanthrope, you and I aren't going to relate at all. I make no apologies for being well read, highly educated and extremely opinionated.
That being said, personality wise, sometimes I can be a wise-cracking, Carlin-ish, smart ass. Other times, I'm the last line of defense friends have and do continue to call upon when the job has to get done right and am the one depended upon for being loyal.
Don't like it a fellow who speaks his mind? Take a pass and keep going. To paraphrase a commonly used idiom; I'm not for everyone and everyone isn't for me.
That's enough for now.

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