LustyTaurus 49M
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6/14/2006 1:22 am

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6/27/2006 5:28 pm


I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately...and I ended up getting lost a couple of times, had to ask a couple people for directions and finally I gave up.

What the heck does that mean anyway... "SOUL SEARCHING"??

I have this vision in my mind of someone sitting on the top of a hill in an uncomfortable position looking up at the if the answer lies in the clouds somewhere.

I believe there is a purpose for each of us in this life and we need to be content to let that destiny unfold to a certain extent.

I think in most industrialized countries we have been conditioned to...

"Make our own destiny"

"Reach for the stars"

"Set your goals and exceed them"

Frankly, I'm tired of the pressure...I just want to live, love and laugh

...enjoy my work

...spend time with my kids

...get a little nookie once in a while...LOL!!

Just some thoughts for a Wednesday!

Have a great day everybody!!


100th PostCan I have a word

JuicyBBW1001 55F

6/14/2006 2:40 am

I am with you there. But to me soul searching is like taking a personal inventory of yourself realizing the good parts and owning the bad parts. Then make an effort to change the bad to good and capitalizing on the good. Hope that made sense.


LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:15 pm:
yep, it makes perfect sense...

Nightguy_1961 56M
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6/14/2006 3:00 am


While you're on your soul search, if you find mine, could you send it back? I'll cover the cost of dry cleaning, deal?

Honestly, the only person you should be trying to impress is yourself...

Just my viewpoint...

NG61...disappearing back into the shadows...

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:16 pm:
Deal......and thankfully I am easily amused if not impressed...

rm_Ellenback 59F
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6/14/2006 3:20 am

You and me both, get pressured enough from work, from the booty callers, all of the 'me, me, me's!!!' Shit, if I have to do another friggin' 'critical path' I'll scream!!! LOL



LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:17 pm:
we're pulled every direction sometimes it seems...

sassy1296 52F

6/14/2006 3:22 am

I would like to offer something profound to say but it is 4am and my only rational thought right now is "where hell is the coffee".

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:18 pm:
hahaha...totally understand special one...

PurplePeach72 45F  
9199 posts
6/14/2006 3:28 am

I do lots of soul searching too, and I generally come back from my search with more questions than answers. I'm with you though, I just want to live, love and laugh. Like my t-shirt says "DOn't bother me I'm living happily ever after!".


LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:18 pm:
LOL...I need one of those shirts too...

RubyRedPetal 45F

6/14/2006 4:06 am

Striving........the word itself sounds stressful and ever so slghtly painful. No wonder doin it leaves us feeling stretched and a bit thin.
Sounds to me though like you have found your cente babe. Enjoy. x

* *

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:19 pm:
I'm working on it that's for sure...

southrnpeach333 51F

6/14/2006 6:36 am

i am lucky most days to just find my car keys...and now i have to go searching for my if i had the time.

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:19 pm:
LMAO...I know that feeling to southrn...

angelofmercy5 60F
17881 posts
6/14/2006 7:39 am

I'm happy if my cell phone and my purse are in the same place! Just be happy and love your kids...and live your life!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:20 pm:
Thanks Angel...should be simple enough huh?...

meerkittykat 43F

6/14/2006 7:54 am

Taurus...I think sometimes we all get caught up in the many details that complicate our lives, that "Soul Searching," that it takes away from the simple things that make us really happy. There's a time and a place to examine those deep thoughts, but if you spend too much time analyzing, you're gonna miss everything going on around you. Go enjoy your kids, learn something from work, and did it ALL for the nookie.

Just wanted to thank you for coming to the SexyKitty Productions casting call, and let you know you're in Group Four for "[post 387539]." Check out the post, and good luck to you; may the biggest pervs win!!


meerkittykat 43F

6/14/2006 7:55 am

Holy crap...I called you "Taurus"....I never do that!!! You've always been "Lusty."

WTF is wrong with me???? My libido is diminishing!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:21 pm:
LOLOL...that's funny...

bipolybabe 56F

6/14/2006 8:25 am

Hey, Lusty, we need to talk sexual positions!

See the assignment from SexyKitty above. When are you available to start testing prototypes? We have to do extensive product testing, right?



Check out my blog Bi-Poly-Babe for more sensual, sexual pleasure!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:22 pm:
Yes, I heard...and extensive testing is the only way to go...

pragmaticCTcpl 62M/51F

6/14/2006 8:26 am

Sounds like you are a man who knows what he wants and your list isn't bad!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:23 pm:
I may have left one or two things off the list...

MWWwantsmore 52F

6/14/2006 9:09 am

Thats a very good list to have

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:23 pm:

TheRealThing655 49F
9558 posts
6/14/2006 9:29 am

Sounds like you are happy and balanced. Good for you!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:23 pm:
I'm trying to be...TY...

HeartlessBitch69 47F

6/14/2006 9:53 am

Last night I was told I was "Spreading myself too thin", but after some thinking, I am just trying to have fun, and be happy. Work, Home, Kids, My men, I don't see a problem! lol

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:24 pm: problem the way I see it..

libgemOH 57M/53F

6/14/2006 11:06 am

Works for me! I'd just be content with a real job at this point... -B

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:24 pm:
It will happen...

expatbrit49 63M

6/14/2006 12:42 pm

good thinking there..... now if only I could take that advise

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:25 pm:
thinking and living are definately different things ExPat...

a123rat 50M
1113 posts
6/14/2006 2:19 pm

"Can't please everyboby, so ya got ta please yourself."
As long as you're happy, who cares what the rest of the world wants?

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:26 pm:
that's right rat...thanks

concupiscentKid 41M

6/14/2006 4:08 pm

I dig your blog.

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:26 pm:
thanks man...

purpletrashcan 52F
41658 posts
6/14/2006 7:31 pm

Humpday has a way of bringing that out in ya,eh? I can't stand Wednesdays but I know if I make it through another one I will be blessed with another weekend to spend "soul searching" baby!

Pull My Fucking Hair!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:28 pm:'s true...Wednesdays are a day to their own...

silverbreeze2 66F

6/14/2006 8:08 pm

Soul Searching, I think... means to look deep at who we are and what kind of person we want to be. Maybe we see room for improvement, or happy with the way we are. It's bad, we only have one chance to go around this mud ball called earth...and it would be nice not to mess it up. But, we are human and not perfect, life goes on.

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:30 pm:
How do you know?......and yes I want the trip to be a good one!!

pretty_blue_eyes 39F
2091 posts
6/14/2006 9:07 pm

I understand what you are saying. Sometimes its to much stress trying to find "yourself". I just want to live, have fun, enjoy myself. I try to do some soul searching, I hope one day I find myself.

LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:31 pm:
I think we "find" ourselves when we quit looking...

Smiles1962006 58F
525 posts
6/14/2006 9:16 pm

To be honest, I thought I was in the wrong place when your first paragraph stated "had to ask a couple people for directions"

but reading further I discovered you haven't completely lost your mind....stick with your game plan

btw: I'm hoping the 'work/kids/nookie' thing is in no particular order?


LustyTaurus replies on 6/14/2006 10:32 pm:
hahaha...nope no particular order...and hey, i can ask for directions, I'm not proud...

goodatpoetry2 68M
16569 posts
6/14/2006 11:19 pm

Congradulations on you 100th post!
Atta boy!
I'm with you. The pressure to "do it all" is annoying.
Just enjoy whatever it is you ARE doing.
But my problem is, I do nothing. Oh well....

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 6:53 pm:
hahaha...just do nothing very well then Poetry..

BBbikerbabe6969 52F
37 posts
6/15/2006 1:30 am

Been away doing the Soul Searching thing. Not really just working hard and playing harder. Nice to see you have been busy.

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 6:54 pm:
thankyou BB...working hard and playing hard are both good things

countryheart_71 46F
8081 posts
6/15/2006 6:51 am

To me, the simple things in life are what it's all about. I figure if someone doesn't like it, they can pucker up and....... I've just gotte be me. Have a great day!


LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 6:54 pm:
I agree with that country...

pretty_blue_eyes 39F
2091 posts
6/15/2006 8:02 am

Darn it...another thing I can't find until I quit! Grrrr, I STILL haven't found my digital camera and I've quit!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr.....

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 6:55 pm:
HEY...I found it!! left it at my place...

FeistySyn 53F

6/15/2006 8:37 pm


Apparently the depth of depravity here is bottomless... don't you feel right at home?

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 6:55 pm:
hahaha...I can always use a word Feisty...

rm_cru1972 45M
4407 posts
6/15/2006 10:27 pm


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LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 6:56 pm: ass was just healing up from the last time...


6/17/2006 4:13 pm

I just took about two weeks off from here in a vain but necessary attempt to try to "get back in touch with who I really am".

With that "me" that really had those visions years ago about what I wanted out of life.

Well, I think the time off done me good as I started several new projects that all quite relate to my early "vision quest".

I don't know if that was soul searching or not but I started out my internet social life with a group of folks that liked to sort of call your gander shelf, oops, I meant grander self ...your oversoul. There was an old guy in that group who always had a humorous take on things who said that he referred to his as his undersole and claimed that it liked to hang out in shoe closets.


LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 6:58 pm:
That sounds like what they say is soul searching KC...figuring out what we want and like and then taking steps towards it is a good thing...

jamesee12 41M

6/26/2006 1:23 am

thats really nice to have ahh

LustyTaurus replies on 6/27/2006 5:30 pm:
don't know what you're trying to say pal...

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