LustyTaurus 49M
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6/20/2006 10:53 pm

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So I just got laid a little while ago, and I was feeling pretty good. I mean, we must have gone at it for a good 10 or 15 minutes...and I was in the bathroom cleaning up afterwards when it happened.

I was doing the usual after sex whipe down, checking out Big Jim and The Twins to make sure everything was in order...and the first thing I noticed was that my left nut was a little bigger and hung a little lower than my right nut. Is this something I should worry about?

Anyway, I digress. The real source of my anguish is the grey hairs I found protruding from my balls...MY GOD!! I'm not very old!! How can this be happening??

Well what can I say...I pannicked...I grabbed them little bastards and ripped them out by their roots.

SUM-MUM-MA-BITCH that hurt!!!!

I would strongly recommend you NOT do that!!

Don't worry, I'll be fine...I guess...If I have to.

I sincerely hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Now where did I put the Grecian formula??


frangipanigal 46F
10406 posts
6/20/2006 11:31 pm

For every 1 grey you pull out, 2 more will take it's place!!

Frangi x

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:04 pm:

rm_goddess1946 107F
13518 posts
6/20/2006 11:32 pm

I had it all lasered...
takes care of the hair in short order

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:05 pm:
that's an idea too...

goodatpoetry2 68M
16569 posts
6/20/2006 11:35 pm

Grey hairs? At 38?
That's old age getting you. Better dust off that rocking chair! LOL!
Maybe you should try waxing those puppies. [ONLY KIDDING!]
That even hurts just thinking about it!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:05 pm:
waxing!! I gotta agree I think that would hurt bad...LOL

digdug41 50M

6/20/2006 11:36 pm

ROFL I got'em too man

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:06 pm:
Yeah...but I'll never see yours...God willing...

Looking4sex44240 55F

6/20/2006 11:46 pm

It's great having blond hair you don't notice the grey as much lol

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:06 pm:
hahaha...I like that about you blondes

ShaneLiveLife 51M

6/20/2006 11:50 pm

No grey hairs on my balls !
.... but there again there is no hair either ....

PS: one ball is larger and hangs lower than the other in over 80% of men .... in case you are still worrying - don't ! ....

Live with passion !

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:07 pm:
are you just a hairless beast??...or did you remove it? I'm not worried about my nuts, just a curiousity...

chasingfun27 39M
1108 posts
6/20/2006 11:57 pm

Might be a good idea to start shaving the boys. That way, you'll be well practised when you have to start shaving your head in a couple of years.

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:09 pm:
shaving my head huh...I might do that just for fun!!

rm_mm0206 70F
7767 posts
6/21/2006 12:01 am

It is just HELL getting old!!

and the gray hairs are usually stiffer and more wiry...

just a positive note to leave you with...


LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:09 pm:
thanks always make my day!...

freetime648 53F

6/21/2006 12:39 am

Ewwww and oh and OUCH....silly silly not pull them out...SHAVE THEM OFF!!!! Easier and less painful...its what I do...

xx FREETIME648 xx

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:09 pm:
now you tell me...

alphuctup 41M

6/21/2006 2:05 am

Yup I have a left sided bias as well, but I'm left handed so maybe it has something to do with that?!! Probably not.

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:11 pm:
I don't know, I'm right handed...I was thinking it might be like a left brain/right brain thing...

JuicyBBW1001 55F

6/21/2006 2:41 am

LT I did a post a while back might be on page 4 by now about self exam's for men. Check it out. Now if Grecian Formula is anything at all like Nair is to hair removal I don't think you wanna go their my cooter was on fire for days.


LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:13 pm:
I will do that Juicy, thankyou...and Grecian is a hair colorant

Nightguy_1961 56M
4866 posts
6/21/2006 3:18 am


Grey hairs at 38? You're running behind...I started getting silver in my beard and hair around 35.

Now as for down there...still dark. I guess stress has something to do with it...

Hell, I don't know...

NG61...slipping back into the shadows...

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:15 pm:
hahaha...I have a few greys in my beard and head hair too...but the balls???...

bbw4u06 51F

6/21/2006 3:24 am

Juicy the Grecian Formula will restore colour to grey hair not remove it. Hey taurus just do a blind trim like I did LOL! You don't notice the grey when you trim it to stubble length hahahaha. Actually the shorter it was the less irritating it was!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:16 pm:
I will definately take a different approach next time...

fancy_for_you 41F
3014 posts
6/21/2006 4:05 am

ROTFLMSAO, You Doomaflautchie don't ya know that hurts? If ya into that kinda pain why don't you let a lady remove them slowly with toothpicks....lmao.

And no I won't explain the doomaflautchie comment since I already did in your 100th blog post which you haven't responded to yet.

And I second Shane on the one ball is normally bigger and hangs lower in 80% of all men....I read it on web md once so it must be true



LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:17 pm:
HA!!...I know that word...and yes I got a little behind on responding..but mostly caught up now...thanks!

MWWwantmore 52F

6/21/2006 6:19 am

I have had grey hair for a few years now, it just happens But pulling them out OUCH!

I'll have a cafe, mocha, vodka, valium latte to go please!

Good girls go to heaven.....bad girls go down!!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:17 pm:
yeah..ouch is right!!...

frbnkslady 49F
6183 posts
6/21/2006 7:55 am

roflmfaoooooooooo... thought you were shaving... Didn't like the itching huh?? Told you to use cream rinse... T


LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:19 pm:
I did try cream rinse on my face...very nice...

2943 posts
6/21/2006 8:02 am

    Quoting TakethemoneyRUN:
    Don't throw them away man. My doll could use some hair.
LOLOL....perhaps we should all save them and send them his way...he may end up looking like Don King!

As far as plucking those hairs Lusty...I had no idea you were in to torture!...Come on by if you want some examine table awaits you...(does and evil laugh and disappears!!!)



LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:20 pm:
I think that may be part of the problem..I'm NOT into torture...

rm_1sexyroo 57M/57F
333 posts
6/21/2006 8:56 am

Wipes the coffee off her monitor so she can see what she's typing
You really DON'T want to try using color on the twins as mentioned above, and shaving them could cause you to walk around with your hands in your pants more often than you may already do due to the itching as those grey hairs grow back in (in multitudes I might mention). I suggest you just trim them down with scissors - or have a your lady friend give you a trim. That in itself can lead to you getting some...more!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:21 pm:
...the lady friend trim plan sounds much better...

willing2tryit42 41M
1141 posts
6/21/2006 8:56 am

LMAO, I shot chocolate milk out my nose when I read this!!!!!!! And one is lower so when you close your legs you dont make them inta raisins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:22 pm:
I knew there was a reason!!...

Kaliedascope61 42M
4084 posts
6/21/2006 9:40 am

You can always bleach them blonde!

the ladies love it

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:24 pm:
maybe that's a better plan too...

sexyariesgirl 58F

6/21/2006 10:05 am

LMAO! I may have a few gray hairs on my HEAD but I REFUSE to have gray hairs THERE! It's why I shave! lol

Power To FOK

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:25 pm:
hey sexy...I feel the same way...

themisskrissy 57F
2302 posts
6/21/2006 10:06 am

<<<<< runs for a mirror!!!

..every silver lining has a touch of grey...

Virtue Alone Ennobles

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:26 pm:
maybe...but not BIG JIM N THE TWINS!!!

rm_DarknStar 55F
2823 posts
6/21/2006 12:24 pm

oh lusty, you are NOT to pull the gray hairs out. Having gray hair doesnt mean your gettin older, it means your getting WISER!.....

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:28 pm:
apparently not too wise yet though...

PurplePeach72 45F  
9199 posts
6/21/2006 1:36 pm

Why would you bother worrying about gray hairs right after you just got laid? You got laid!! Obviously your lady friend didn't mind, although I would certainly want you manscaped with a nice short trim if not shaved. It makes for much longer and enjoyable head giving. Don't worry about those grays, just rim 'em short, or shave and you'll never know the difference. I've had gray hairs since I was 23, I agree with NG must have something to do with stress, and growing wisdom not

I can just see the reaction on your lovers face when she heard, "HOLY SHIT! OUUUCH!" from the bathroom right after You might want to save those self inspections for when you're alone.


LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:30 pm:
hahaha...yeah, she had a WTF? moment...

HBowt2 60F

6/21/2006 2:33 pm

ok.....i will be arriving for the examination...please have the twins available for inspection....grey hairs to the front.....left ...right...quick march...

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:30 pm:
yes I needs help for sure...

oldude1946 72M

6/21/2006 4:55 pm

Put some after shave on them balls, it will take care of those hairs

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:31 pm:
hahaha...I bet it would Oldude...

mycin62 55F

6/21/2006 6:37 pm

You know, if you shaved, you wouldn't have that problem

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:34 pm:
this is true...but my shaving experience wasn't all pleasant either!!

absolutelynormal 57F
6563 posts
6/21/2006 6:51 pm

Ya know that's the first thing I look for when I'm giving head, if he has grey hair I just get up and leave.

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:36 pm:
I KNEW IT!!...and everyone was laughing at me for pulling em out...

meerkittykat 43F

6/21/2006 7:17 pm

I'm getting a Brazilan this weekend....maybe they'll do a you have a problem with pain?

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:37 pm:
uuummm...yeah, I have a problem with pain...mainly that IT HURTS!!!

CastsAetasPoets 53F

6/21/2006 7:25 pm

this was f'n funny man. Great blog!!

LustyTaurus replies on 6/21/2006 7:52 pm:
thanks......and so glad you stop by..

silverbreeze2 66F

6/22/2006 3:50 am

I have a head full of gray hair and like it! Don't worry about the color of it, be glad you have some! lol But I don't understand why one twin was larger than the other? If it stays that way, see a doctor.

LustyTaurus replies on 6/24/2006 11:27 pm:
lol...grey elsewhere doesn't bother me too I think the state of the twins is normal too...

redrobin012057 61F

6/22/2006 4:12 am

Oh Lusty,this the best blog read today... thanks for making me laugh.(Sorry, but it was just too funny) *HUGS*

LustyTaurus replies on 6/24/2006 11:28 pm:'rw welcome Robin and thanks I think...


6/22/2006 4:20 am

You know women like that salt and pepper look on a man

LustyTaurus replies on 6/24/2006 11:29 pm:
even on my balls?..

saddletrampsk 55F

6/22/2006 8:19 am

Not sure if I have grey on the kitty..its always shaved

LustyTaurus replies on 6/24/2006 11:30 pm:
probably best if you don't know...LOL

ohsodelicious 58F
1922 posts
6/22/2006 8:57 am

Lusty...Thanks for the laugh Instead of pulling those bad boys out maybe you should invest in some Nair...they do have some for those sensitive areas...Gads!! That must have hurt


LustyTaurus replies on 6/24/2006 11:30 pm:
...I think I'll try that stuff did hurt...

rm_Paddywack42 53M
30 posts
6/22/2006 3:34 pm

I know the problem - AS Billy Connolly once said "Jesus, my will is starting to look like Lorne Green"

LustyTaurus replies on 6/24/2006 11:31 pm:
hahaha...that's probably not a good thing either...

8337 posts
6/22/2006 6:54 pm

You're only 38, bro.

You've got alot of life to live.

Some grey your nuts should not have you worried.

That baby monkey is pretty funny, BTW.


"My every move is a calculated step, to bring me closer to embrace an early death." -Tupac Shakur

LustyTaurus replies on 6/24/2006 11:31 pm:
thanks Div...I think I'm over the shock now...

rm_cru1972 45M
4407 posts
6/23/2006 9:49 pm

OMG this is almost as funny as my last post I have had grey in my beard since I was 20 but that's about the time I started shaving my balls too, so I don't know if I got grey there

as far as the size don't woory too much unless there is a lump or pain. I went through a scare when "your" Tom green had his problems I got the "low-down" on the boy's. Doc said it's normal to have the one bigger and lower than the other

LustyTaurus replies on 6/24/2006 11:35 pm:
hahaha...for some reason grey elsewhere hasn't troubled me....but the balls???...

moonfire2u 70F
2602 posts
6/24/2006 3:50 pm

Hahaha!!! that was too funny...and 10 or 15 minutes...who would have time to notice you had gray hairs?

king thoughts,

LustyTaurus replies on 6/24/2006 11:25 pm:
...I'm not that good, but dammit I'm fast...

hinoeuma 51F

6/25/2006 12:33 am

Phew! Glad it isn't just us women who fret about stuff like this.I'm just 40 and have so many white hairs that the dark ones seem the odd ones out!

Love your blog,

LustyTaurus replies on 6/25/2006 7:52 pm:
thanks hino...I'm kinda glad I'm not alone either...I felt kinda foolish standing in the bathroom with sore nuts and a couple grey hairs in my hand!!!...

rm_shikai 49F

6/27/2006 9:24 pm

You made me laugh so much. I too was horrified when I discovered mine, I tried shaving, but it became way too itchy,so at this point it is all au natural... thanks for the laugh

LustyTaurus replies on 6/27/2006 10:36 pm:
You're very welcome...

oneeroticgal 43M/40F  
207 posts
6/27/2006 11:24 pm

damn...i think i actually shot water out my nose when i read that...

note to not drink when ready lusty's blog

kisses and hugs

LustyTaurus replies on 7/3/2006 9:35 am:
hahaha...sorry about that!!

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