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5/21/2006 11:30 am

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Below is a snippet I read from an article in “The-Vu” online…about removing hair from different parts of your body…this talks about the genital area for men written by a female consultant:

“I’ve done this to a guy and I’ve watched two guys do this to each other. It’s not as scary as you may think! Pull the penis if it isn’t erect and gently shave the hairy part of the shaft near the body end. Shave towards the body. Move the penis from left to right to get in all the corners. By the way, If you’ve just shaved your shaft, you’ve just made it look longer! Stretch the skin of the balls as you gently shave them. Get the tops of the legs adjacent to the scrotum while you’re down there. A good way to test for missed stubble is to use the sensitive tongue and lips to feel for rough areas afterwards!”

So, being the curious and open minded guy I am, I whip out the ol razor, get lathered up and in about 5 minutes the job is done. I’ve had sex 5 times since I removed all the hair around big Jim and The Twins, and I gotta tell ya it felt great!!!...and she seemed to like it too.

However, there is one side effect I did not anticipate and is sort of making me re-think doing it again…


So my questions are:


Do you like it when a guy shaves “down there”?

Hope you’re having a good day!


real36CgirlPA 39F

5/21/2006 12:14 pm

Sometimes if you put on a little moisturizer it doesn't itch as much.
I personally don't care if a guy shaves in that area or not, as long as it isn't so bushy I can't find his cock...LOL

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:05 pm:
lolol..that would mean a whole lotta hair or a small cock...

digdug41 50M

5/21/2006 12:28 pm

oh thats too funny I 've never encountered the itching thatppl speak of but then again everyone is different

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LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:06 pm: is my first try Dig..might change...

rm_cru1972 45M
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5/21/2006 12:46 pm

Welcome to the wonderful world of hair-free lovin. The description was rite on in my routine, other than I just use a beard a moustach trimmer. It leaves the hair about 1/16 inch long and NO ITCHIES. hope that helps

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:07 pm:
I thought of that and then I got worried about a little fold of skin sneakin in...

papyrina 52F
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5/21/2006 12:51 pm

i feel for you,i take alergys pills when i get waxed as i get the itch

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LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:08 pm:
reallY??...that doesn't sound good...LOLOL

angelofmercy5 60F
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5/21/2006 12:58 pm

Lusty....I'm not kidding you here...honest.....but there is a shaving creme for the private parts called Coochy Cream! It is wonderful...and no itching! I have heard some others say to use hair conditioner to shave the private parts with and that works too! I just love a hairless man! Nothing better for oral sex....and no curly hair in the teeth. lol

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:10 pm: this point I don't care if its called rats urine if it will stop the

saddletrampsk 55F

5/21/2006 1:01 pm

If you shave daily you wont get all itchy..and make sure to use lots of lather when you free loving is the best..

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:24 pm:
The feeling during sex was very nice...

absolutelynormal 57F
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5/21/2006 3:00 pm

Yeah, what Nikki said.

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:26 pm:
ok...two votes for that stuff...must be OK...

Nightguy_1961 56M
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5/21/2006 3:38 pm

believe it or not, when my lady used to shave down there, she used Stetson after shave cream for a moisturizer. She gets waxed now...and the technician recommended Desitin cream, I kid you not.

NG61...fading back into the shadows...

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:28 pm: long as its effective...thanks..

FunFlirty4u 47F

5/21/2006 3:39 pm

I just got mine all ripped out yesterday. It feels so smooth. It was my first brazilian wax. I used to shave but I hated the stubble and itch. I also have a trimmer which is a good way to go. It does feel better hair free and men feel better too trimmed. I don't care for man stubble on my privates.

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:28 pm:
How was the waxing?...some say painful

moonlightphoenix 46F
6508 posts
5/21/2006 3:58 pm

I shave every itch. And no offense, but since you asked...I have a thing about guys who shave. I like my guys hairy & natural. Not sasquatch...but natural. Although, since shaving myself, it's sooo erotic & sensual that I'll never let it grow back again, so I understand that side of things for sure.

But that's just me.

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:30 pm:
no problem...I'm doing a cost/benefit analysis on shaving now...

HBowt2 60F

5/21/2006 4:12 pm

going with nikki on this one.....

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:30 pm:
thanks HB...

rm_truedom2 57M
663 posts
5/21/2006 4:14 pm

LMAO....Been shaving (down there) for gotta do it every couple of day.

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:31 pm:
lolol...thanks for the advice...

RevJoseyWales 70M/67F
14393 posts
5/21/2006 4:28 pm

Better you than me mate! No way a razor is getting near my nuts. Joe

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LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:32 pm:
...I was a little nervous to be sure...LMAO

frangipanigal 46F
10406 posts
5/21/2006 4:53 pm

I wax so you don't get that after shaving itch a few days later as it grows out.

I have a lover that uses his electric razor and does it often so avoids the itch that way.

I do like men that are "well trimmed" and being hairless is addictive so make sure you find a way to avoid the itch. Once you've done it once, there is no turning back!


LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:34 pm:
I'd be aweful nervous using an electric down if your lover is doing it, it might be worth checkin out...thanks

rm_gerson42 53M
2419 posts
5/21/2006 5:52 pm

I first did it about 6 months ago. The itching came and went for a couple of months and then subsided. Questioned the sensibility at first but am now happy I did it. Maintenance every couple to few days for me.

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:35 pm:
thanks Ger, I wondered if the itching wen away with regularity of shaving.

rm_mm0206 70F
7767 posts
5/21/2006 6:06 pm

KY (yeah the jelly people) make a product I heartedly recommend...
Soothing Care ... it is sold close to the 'womens personal products'

it really is wonderful leaves the area silky and moisturized and has a very nice but faint fragrance, you apply it immediately after shaving to dry skin and it can be reapplied as needed.

take care.... m.

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:36 pm:
that sounds real good mm...thankyou!

waerlookin4fun 51M/47F

5/21/2006 8:17 pm

try shaving every other day and use lotion afterwards. I like my husband shaved and he keeps me that way too.......there's nothing like it while having sex

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:36 pm:
the sex was definately very different with much more feeling...

rm_AnOddGirl 58F
3469 posts
5/21/2006 9:31 pm

Down here we use Boudreauxs Butt Paste.


LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:37 pm: long as it works...lolol

chasingfun27 39M
1108 posts
5/21/2006 11:09 pm

Hell. I waxed my own nuts at one point. The pain was sweet as, but i was less than impressed when I saw blood.

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 1:38 pm:
LMAO...blood would definately not be cool...

catseyes23 62F

5/22/2006 2:36 am

I like a man to be shaved down there, and shave myself also. I find that baby oil/lotion takes care of the itch! You'll have to keep doing it every other day now, lol.


LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 2:22 pm:
thanks Cats...I'll have to try that...I don't know if I'll be shaving every other day or not yet though...

alphuctup 41M

5/22/2006 3:08 am

I'm gonna be chuckling about this all day!

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 2:22 pm:
...I guess for someone OTHER THAN me this would be funny...LMAO

libgemOH 57M/53F

5/22/2006 4:10 am

There are several "bikini products" for women that help keep you from itching as well as keep you from getting those shave bumps. And yes, I do love the look of a man who is bare down there!!! -B

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 2:23 pm:
thanks might be worth keeping it this way for a while now...

expatbrit49 63M

5/22/2006 9:43 am

ROFL it only itches for a few days.... the problem there is once it stops its because its grown back and time to shave again

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 2:28 pm:
LOLOL......and here i thought you were going to have the ultimate anti-itching solution for me ExPat...

HeartlessBitch69 47F

5/22/2006 9:57 am

I hate the look of a guys dick and balls with no hair down there! If I wanted to fuck a hairless male I would go to a middle school and pick up a preteen! They look like little boys with no hair!
I don't understand guys go years waiting for the first pubic hair to brag about, then go and shave the shit off? just unreal!

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 2:30 pm:
I know what you're saying Heartless...this was a trial run for me...don't know how I feel about it long term, I JUST WANT TO STOP FRIGGIN SCRATCHING!!!!...

meerkittykat 43F

5/22/2006 12:26 pm

YES I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!

OMG...did I get a little excited??

There are some good razorburn soothing creams out there..for women...I gather they would work for men. Prevents little bumps for me after a smoothing session.


LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 2:32 pm:
yeah...some folks left names of products they use on themselves...

MrNuttz05 50M

5/22/2006 1:37 pm

Really there is nothing you can do, it's nature... After the 1st time you do it just keep it up on a regular basis & it will be fine

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 2:33 pm:
Stands to reason, I'm altering nature by shaving so I should have known there would be some incentive to NOT do it again...

southrnpeach333 51F

5/22/2006 1:58 pm

Hair or no hair, I like them both. Don't like the stubble though. I use an after shaving lotion that i put on right after shaving. make sure you use soap with moisturizers and not too harsh cream or soap.

LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 3:33 pm:
I lathered with shaving cream and it shaved real nice...but about 36 hrs later...YIKES...LMAO...thanks southrn...

007sexy40plus 52F  
7603 posts
5/22/2006 2:11 pm

When I shave and trim I use witch hazel. You can buy it at the drug store, it soothes and cools the itch. But as many others have said you also have to make it a regular regimen.

Peroxide is a good soother also. There is a bit of a sting when applied but that disappears quickly.

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LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 2:34 pm:
thanks sexy...I don't peroxide at all, and it has never caused me any sting anywhere I've applied it...

rm_goddess1946 107F
13518 posts
5/22/2006 5:09 pm

go have it lazered and then you will never
have to shave it again

I missed you in Montreallllllllllllllll!!!

Just a little food for thought.............
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LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 5:15 pm:
LASORED!!!...that's the ticket....

I so wanted to go to Montreal...

rm_pagan380 66M
4405 posts
5/22/2006 5:32 pm

I use "Dr Bronners" peppermint liquid Castel soap and shave every couple of days. Down here in Florida were humidity can be 99% it makes for a cooler crotch and a lot less jock itch. I've notice out at the Cove that lots of guys shave now a days.

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LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 10:09 pm:
Thanks for the advice...I needed to try shaving, and i must admit with the exception of the itching a day was all good!

PandorasBoxxxx 107F
10040 posts
5/22/2006 8:59 pm

Yes, I LOVE it when it's smooth as silk down there!
If one likes his balls licked, then that's the way to go!



Teenagers are god's punishment for having sex!!


LustyTaurus replies on 5/22/2006 10:10 pm:
that's pretty good incentive to get used to this for sure...LOL

multitasksextoy 60M  
3511 posts
5/23/2006 5:41 pm

I don't know if I should tell this,but if you can post it I can comment.I though the hair was irritating for my partner so I used a cream hair remover for sensitive skin and once or twice a week I pluck them as they grow back,same thing I hate it when it itches and this seems to take care of that.I did my shaft and scrotum but left the hair above my cock.Need a little grass to tickle those asses.

LustyTaurus replies on 5/23/2006 11:16 pm:
lolol...never thought of or considered plucking either...and I left the pubes intact also...just did the shaft and surrounding area.

Whispersoftly5 53F
15176 posts
5/24/2006 8:33 am

Stopping the itching is difficult so far as I'm concerned. I'm getting used to men being shaved, but have to say I love a good hairy man!!! SEXXXXXXXY!!!!


LustyTaurus replies on 5/27/2006 11:44 am:
I am hairy...sometimes I think too hairy...LOLOL...but I needed to try this...LOL

twirly_girl 48F

5/24/2006 12:45 pm

I never itch anymore. I use a vitamin E based oil.

shaved guys are sexy. It's nice to not have to pic hairs out of your mouth for an hour after you give head.


LustyTaurus replies on 5/27/2006 10:28 pm:
lolol...I feel the same way when a girl is a little less than trimmed 69

Kaliedascope61 42M
4084 posts
5/26/2006 6:53 am

well I didnt see anyone else mention it, but LT, go with this, it works every fucking time.


and lots of it buddy, apply and do not rinse. this trick also works on beards and goatees when they get itchy. it softens up the hair and makes it easier for it to grow through the skin.

LustyTaurus replies on 5/27/2006 10:29 pm:
lol...thanks Kal...I'll definately try that for next time...

frbnkslady 49F
6183 posts
5/27/2006 10:19 pm

ROFLMFAOOOO.. I am sorry.. but ... lmao

Try the 'cootchie cream' or a hair conditioner.. softens hair.. so when it does grow back.. not as itchy...


LustyTaurus replies on 5/27/2006 10:30 pm:
its can laugh...LOLOL...I will try the Coochie cream and the conditioner...

justlooking6827 49F

8/15/2009 8:25 pm

Aloe Vera gel works great to prevent razor burn and doesn't taste nasty.

I condition down there, too.

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