decided to write some erotica  

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4/5/2005 9:08 am

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decided to write some erotica

You find yourself on a city bus (your car broke down and the bus was really the only alternative). As you are riding the bus you are reading to pass the time. You notice the disctinct cologne of a man. The scent entices you to look up from your book. You peer around the 1/2 full bus to try and figure out whom it might be. You set your eyes on a hansome college boy. He's tall, olive skinned, dark hair/dark eyes. You see him looking out the window while listening to his mp3 player. You decide to chance it and switch seats to the one right in front of him. As you stand up and cross the aisle you notice that he is massaging his cock through his pants, all the while looking out the window. Your mind races, "should I sit next to him?". You feel bold and sit right in the seat next to him. He looks at you as you sit down and realizes that he has been caught. You smile, he smiles (actually more of a sheepish smile). You sit down like nothing has happened, but you know feel the moistness building between your legs. You feel your clit begin to harden. As you face forward, you calmly move your left hand onto his leg and then to his crotch. You feel the raging hardon underneath his jeans. You look around casually and decide the bus is empty enough to unzip his fly and reach inside. The college boy sits there stunned, yet happy. He wiggles his ass a bit to allow your hand better access to his rock hard cock. You begin stroking it, up and down, up and down. You stroke it faster and faster, being restricted only by the jean material and the zipper opening. In just a few short strokes you hear his breathing change. You know that sound, you have heard it before. It is the same sound a man makes just before he cums. You move your hand to the top of his dick. You are rubbing your thumb over the head. YOu feel him tense up and suddenly your hand is awash in his lovejuice.He stiffens up and shoots again into your waiting hand. You continue to move your thumb over the head until the waves of pleasure subside. As you pull your hand out of his jeans, you see it is covered in his white cum. You look him in the eye and bring the hand to your mouth where you proceed to lick every drop off. He sits there stunned. You smile, your hand now clean. You lean over, give him a little peck on the lips and get up, pull the cord for the bus to stop. As you walk to the front of the bus to get off, you realize that the bus driver has been watchingyou the entire time. As you get off the bus, he smiles at you and you smile back...knowing that you will never ride the bus again.

Hope you enjoyed it....

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