The Club  

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4/9/2005 10:11 am

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The Club

It's 10pm and you know that the club will be opening soon. You MUST get there for that hot lady you have been chasing told you she would definately be there!

Racing through the shave, shower, and prep for the club your mind remembers that you have no condoms. "Fuck" you mutter to yourself as now you need to stop somewhere to be sure you have them for later.

You finish dressing, grab your keys/wallet/money and head out the door. You get into your car and head off to the club. As you are driving, you put in a cd of music you downloaded that resembles what the club will be playing to get you in the right frame of mind. You realize that you are now only blocks from the club and yet you still haven't stopped for condoms.

Pulling into the 7-11 you park and go inside. The only person behind the counter is a young, blond, beautiful woman who makes you uneasy about asking for the condoms. Your brain begins to ask why the hell do they still keep them behind the counter....afterall this is 2005 and people's sexuality is much talked about. "Oh well" you mumble to yourself and head up to the counter.

"Can I help you sir?" The blond waife says. "uh, yeah, uh.....hmmm.....a box of trojans please". Wow, you think to yourself, that was much harder than you thought it would be. "Which ones?" she replies. Your brain races, what the hell to say to her. Usually you just pick one, but they have over 30 varieties and you suddenly don't have a clue what you usually buy.

"What is your favorite one?" You can't believe you just asked that.

Stunningly, she reaches over and grabs a box of ribbed with lubricant and spermicide and hands them to you. "I enjoy the ribs as they give a better feel when a man is inside of me and of course the chemical prevention just in case the rubber has a 'malfunction'". She winks at you on the word malfunction.

You are nervous, but very aroused. "ok, you sold me". You pay for the condoms and head out, taking a moment to look back over your shoulder at her only to see her watching you as you leave. You smile and go to your car.

You get in your car, put the keys in the ignition and look up to see her still watching you. You sheepishly smile back and pull out of the parking lot.

Off to the club for you now! You drive the couple of blocks and park. As you approach the door you see her!! You walk up behind her and put your arm around her waist and kiss the back of her neck lightly. "Ahhhhh, I knew you would be here tonight" she whispers to you. I could smell your wonderful cologne before you touched me.

Spinning her around, your lips touch in a wonderful kiss. Your tongues explore each others mouth. "Hey, ID and Five Bucks please!!" The guy at the door bellows out. You reach into your pocket and pull out the $10 and show them your ID and she shows hers. They put those silly paper wristbands on each of you. You notice the couple behind you get a different armband and a black X on their hands. You inquire about that. The doorman tells you "They are old enough to come into the club, but not old enough to drink, so we mark them and give them a different arm band so the bartenders can identify who can and who can not drink". "ok" you reply. Turning your attention to the lovely woman once again.

Up the stairs you head to the main room. You feel the vibrations in your chest from the music. It is loud, it is exciting, it is wonderful as music has always changed your mood.

You head out to the dancefloor with this beautiful woman and spend much of your time dancing. You are noticing that she is magnificently dressed. Light blue halter top with no bra on (or it appears so). She has blue denim hip hugger pants that flair out at the foot with sequins down one leg in some flowery design. Her long blond hair is tied up with a light blue scarf and she is wearing a silver chain to accent her bronze skin.

As the music changes from a fast beat to something slow and sensual you move in close and push your body up against hers. She responds in kind by grinding her crotch up against your now fully erect hard-on. She feels your hard cock through your pants and smiles a big smile. You think to yourself, "baby, I am going to fuck the hell out of you tonight". Your tongues intertwine once again. You feel her nipples caressing your chest through the material. You are now certain that she has no bra on.

Suddenly, the music ends. The DJ announces over the microphone that they blew a fuse and it will take a moment or two to change it.

You take her by the hand and head over to the "L-shaped" bar. You ask your friend Jay to make two house-specalities. He smiles, winks at you and proceeds to mix the beverages. He hands them to you and refuses your money (for you have been a regular for a couple of years now and he knows you quite well). You throw a 5-spot down on the counter for a tip anyways.

You turn and hand her one of the drinks. She gulps it down in one shot. You are completely stunned. She mutters something about being very thirsty and hot. You ask Jay to mix her another one and he does so. You throw some more money down on the bar and hand the new drink to her. Again, she downs the drink quickly. One more time you turn back to the bar, but this time Jay has a drink already smile at Jay and mouth the words "thank you".

Suddenly, the music cranks back up and you feel the beat in your chest again.
The blond takes your hand and says,"lets go somewhere more out of the main area". She leads you by the hand back down the stairs to the first floor. Once there she finds a nice comfy chair for you to sit in. She straddles you, leaning into you and kissing your face. Your hard-on is now a raging force against your pants, aching to be set free. She is grinding her crotch into yours and you are getting close to cumming right there in the chair.

Without warning, you feel another set of hands on you. You look around and to your suprize it is the gal from the 7-11. You look at her with amazement and alot of disbelief. She leans into you and says,"I have always been a sucker for a man who wears CoolWater cologne".

Not wanting this to end, you look at the blond who is still grinding her crotch into you. She smiles and speaks into your ear,"this is my little sister. We tend to like the same things in guys. Do you mind if she joins us?"
"Absolutely NOT!!" you reply.

With that the 7-11 gal begins kissing you, while her older sister slides off of your lap and you feel her unbuckling your pants. You feel your zipper go down and suddenly you feel cold air on your hot,hard cock. You break from the kiss to object but as you look around the room, you see no one is watching or even caring what you three are doing.

As quickly as you felt the cold air on your cock, you now feel warm wet hot tongue swirling around the head of your cock. You reach down and put your hand on her head and run your fingers though her long blond hair. As she takes your entire shaft into her mouth, you hear her gag a bit and you smile. You haven't had anyone completely deep throat you in a long while. You smile a bit knowing that the 10" you have has brought you much pussy in the past, but nothing like tonight!

You feel her head bobbing up and down on your hard cock. Her tongue swirling around the head and her hands now inside of your pants playing with your balls.

The 7-11 gal now mutters in your ear,"get out a condom, I want to fuck you right here in the club". You reach into your back pocket, stopping the blowjob for a moment. The two sisters kiss and intertwine their takes all you have not to cum right then and there.

You pull out the condom and begin to open it. The older sister takes it out of your hand and says that she will do that! The younger sister hikes up her skirt to pull her thong to one side.

Your hard cock now covered by the condom. As the younger sister impales herself on your rigid member you see the older sister playing withherself furiously. You are completely amazed at the turn of events. You were expecting to fuck the blond but now here you are in the club (of all places!!) fucking her beautiful blond little sister!!! How wonderful life is.

You begin to feel the stirring of and orgasm. You are trying to hold it off, but her pussy is so wet but so very tight that her muscles are clenching your cock. You see her eyes roll back into her head and feel her body quake and shake. Her older sister holds her back so she doesn't fall off of you backwards. As your explosing nears you feel her sister taking her off of your cock only to be replaced by the older sisters pussy. She is anxious to feel your manhood between her legs. Her pussy gulps in your hard cock with reckless abandon. She is grinding up and down on your cock. You are trying to stop the waves of orgasm from occuring until after she comes.

As you near explosion, you finally see her and hear her cum with furor. She lets out a loud moan that if it weren't for the music the entire club would hear. But only you, her and the little sister hear it.

Finally, you can hold back no more. You let all of your lovejuice flow. You feel it fill the condom and run back down its shaft to make a pool of cum in your crotch.

As the older sister removes herself from your cock, she leans in and whispers,"Lets get out of here and go home to really fuck". Again, you are stunned,but not really. If she (and her sister) can fuck you in the are so looking forward to getting her home.

However, before you can take the condom off, the little sister dives her head down into your crotch to lap up the pool of cum you have made. With a mouthful of cum, she leans back and kisses her sister yet again, allowing the cum in her mouth to flow into her sisters. You think to yourself, "this is fucking amazing".

The little sister peels off the condom and tosses it aside. You put your cock back into your pants and zip them up. You have that "I am king of the world" feeling. You stand up, compose yourself and notice that indeed several couples were watching. You smile sheepishly again at them and you see the bartender clapping.

You take the older sister by the hand and lead her out of the club. You turn around once outside to see the little sister has followed. "Can I come home too?" the little sister asks. "Whatever your sister wants is ok with me" you reply, hoping that she will say yes.

"Certainly" and off you three go. Heading to your car you open the door for them and get in to drive them back to your house to fuck and suck the night away......but that is a different story to be written about later.

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