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3/21/2006 4:10 am

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GeorgiaRose For You!

Offended....NO... Far far from it.... because if the shoe fits wear it. And if not, then dump it straight in the crapper where it belongs.... Get MY POINT??? I hope so your royalness. As if YOU KNOW everything about these people. I mean REALLY, you could probably give two shits right. This is something you do to do when you start to feel ripped off by life. Right. I don't need a crystal ball to see that!.
First of all honey, I am saying in regards of telling her to grow up! Is being cynical. It don't take no fucking crystal ball to see that. And my such hostility, have I stepped on your toes? I did not see a post up there by you before I made that comment. Don't be such a cranky old bitch, and presumptuous yourself. further more, if there is any one in here that is willing to admit I my not always be right. I would be right in line. But the idea, that I said exactly what everyone else said, but in a nicer way, just goes to show the cynical attitude I mentioned. Is it the age thing? A bit threatened are we? You see I have no need of a crystal ball, I can see exactly why you are so rude. You got dumped, and still angry. Well you need to get over it. As for what this gal was saying, all I heard any one say was " Grow Up", Or "You are not mature enough to know". Not taking into account that she may be actually looking for some real answers. That is what the cynicism is all about. It's just saying "screw you no one really cares anyway"
By saying," Grow Up". and "Your to in mature".. Is being cynical. As if to say," Your confusion doesn't matter because your only 20." , (you want to talk about a crock of shit lady), that right there speaks volumes of it: CYNICAL. As for me, and my age. You could not even imagine the years I am. As you may or may not think ones age is based in years, I happen to believe that age is based on experience. As a child of an alcoholic, and abandoned, left to live on my own at 14. I would say I am far more adult than most of those who call them self's so GODDAMN mature. Ohh please. For you to be such a cynic goes right to the point of which I was making. Have so many years past since you were silly with love, that you beg to differ, or accept that they are old enough to feel that way? So sad for you. Soo terribly sad.

LustBabyScorpio 41F
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3/21/2006 4:12 am

Lustbaby: "there is a lot of cynicism comming from a lot of women, … .“, (is that right? - you base this on what exactly?) “ … who seem to be so utteraly perfect, and know everything there is to know, but can't remember how wounderful it feels to be young, and silly with your heart."
Oh please, give me a break! This has got to be one of the most presumptuous pieces of BS I've read in a long time.
You sweetness have NO idea of what I was doing at 20 years of age, OR for that matter, what some of the OTHER female respondants were doing either unless of course you have a crystal ball? I for instance was in a committed relationship
at 19 years of age precious which lasted years and years LONGER than it should have, NOT that it’s any business of yours, because yes I was “young, and silly”. And yes, I DO
remember. Oh but that’s right, you’re young and 28 and “seem so utteraly perfect, and know everything there is to know.”
Are you offended by that? You should be, because I’ve just done what you did. Rude isn't it? I hope you get my point.
I learnt my lessons early and yours at 28 years of age darlin’ is: NEVER, EVER presume anything about someone until you get to know them, and even then it’s pushing it, okay?

*By the way, I saw a few spelling errs, but thought it rude to edit......

Polyorchic 65M

3/31/2006 9:26 pm

Dear,dear,dear me. The aries new moon is allowing everyone to take others opinions too seeriously, (spelling intentional). Remember to listen to your own inner guidance. At 53, I still believe in love and have had the experience of having it knock me over the head VERY recently. This is after two marriages and multiple long term relationships. Love is not based on years and bitterness may be the result of not accepting your own process and the time it takes. The older I get the less certain I am about what any person requires for their growth.

LustBabyScorpio 41F
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4/1/2006 11:49 pm

True true dall... But in order to under stand this assault, you may want to check what lead me to do this. It was based on a advise column, and everyone posting advise was just being down right mean.... I said what I felt, and then out od no where this woman came along with a character assault. I meant all I had said in the lightest form of the words, however this woman felt it was her sworn duty to become involved, even when she was not even a part of the poll at that time. Thus, my response was in the attack of character and low self esteem. You may decide to look at it...Out of all the posts ( 26), she was the only one that felt so inclined to say such moronic shit!.

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