Luckycharmlady64 58F
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8/14/2006 8:40 pm

WRITE YOUR SENSUAL THOUGHT OF THE DAY NO MATTER WHAT IT MAY BE IT CAN BE EROTIC OR IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE A SAYING YOU LIKE A POEM JUST BE OPEN AND WRITE. i WILL OPEN THIS WITH MINE. what is passion. passion comes upon us suddenly and with over whelming intensity, it comes into our hearts and souls and becomes to powerful to ignore,it is beyonds words and defies all rational explanation. And yet we know it's there. We are driven by the burning desire as we gaze longlt at our lover tracing the outline of their face and body as we desperiately tryto memorize every inch of them. Our hearts beat hungrily, concious only of the power of our passion. Passion engages all of our senses and sensibilities. While lasting relationships are build on love and friendship, it passion we strive to capture, that so many have lost or never had, it is the thrill of a chase the desire to have feel touch, the excitement of a first kiss, THE MOST INTENSE SENSATION IN OUR EXTENSIVE EMOTIONAL REPERTOIRE. tHE RAPTURE OF LOVE. No matter how hard we try we are unable to suffiently express the the passion we feel for another. I try to to put it into words but my attempts are only seemly simply and weak, nothing but a mere shadow of my true feelings.All experienced is enriched by our passion and our lives are changed forever. Our passion is a delicious torment simultaneouslty wounderful and terrifying, Why do we love so stronglt? We may never know, but would never want it any other way. Where are you my passionatelt lover? my passion for you is waiting let find paradise.

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