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Lucky80550 47M
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6/18/2006 11:16 pm
what do you think

what is it with some people is it so hard to ready a profile or is it they go by the pic thats on it? Sometimes I thinking they don't get it or they just think your hard up for it that you will take any thing. Yeah I know thats what this site is but the one liners come on, like a lady friend of mine say "there's a mind behind that dick so use it, it's not just for filling hole you know". I know couple get the same thing to and single lady, so is it hard to understand that you read the profile first, and not send a message that only a cave man or cave women could understand come on, all we ask is for alittle understanding. what is it with people that if they can't harass you on your messager they harass you on your blog, or they try to pick you up on them which some don't mind but some do. As for me I'm just here to have fun and meet great people and ladys, so peace and have great sex and make some friends.

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