Why Does Slower Sex Result In Better Orgasms For Women?  

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2/22/2005 10:09 am

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Why Does Slower Sex Result In Better Orgasms For Women?

Why Is It That Women Can Only Experience More Intense Orgasms Through Slow Sensual sex?

The only truly intense orgasms a woman can experience are through “making love”. While many orgasms feel good when engaging in rough sex, they are nothing compared to what can be achieved by slowing things down.

In a nutshell: When a woman becomes aroused her uterus moves back which in turn gives her vagina extra space to stretch out. This process does not happen quickly and that is why women can not be penetrated right off like most men would hope for. If a woman comes on to her partner she has obviously already been turned on by something, at this point immediate penetration is normally possible. If you are hitting on her then you need to give her some time so that her body can get prepared for what is about to come.

Uterine orgasms are achieved by a jostling of the cervix, which then triggers vibrations into the uterus and thus results in the orgasm. When you hear “jostling of the cervix” you probably assume that means fast or rough thrusting don’t you? That is not even close to the truth!

The trick to the jostling of the cervix is by the placement of the cervix. When you thrust into a woman hard her cervix will stay as far back as it can go. If the cervix is to far away from the head of your penis then you can not get it to contract.

If you are slowly making love to a woman at maximum depth it allows her body to relax. When you focus on kissing and fondling or massaging her it helps to keep her mind off of the penetration. As the session continues and you’re being soft with her, the cervix will actually lower little by little until it draws near the head of the penis. (Many tantric philosophies reveal that a woman’s breasts are considered her positive and the vagina to be the negative. For a man his nipples are considered the negative and the penis the positive. This is also why many religious groups preach about gay relationships. It is a proven medical fact that the vagina only truly reacts to the placement of an actual penis. The vagina and penis act together naturally like a magnet). As it draws closer and closer to the head of your penis it will start feeling the fluctuations from the vaginal walls. As enough vibrations hit it, it will then contract! (A large penis makes this a problem if you’re too big to fit inside her already. A really small penis can also have trouble with this. Remember that it takes time for a vagina to stretch and even more time for a vagina to shrink back down. Men who have an average sized penis will have a much easier time naturally giving a woman a uterine orgasm).

Both G-Spot orgasms and uterine orgasms can be intense enough to get a woman to scream. Uterine orgasms however often make women experience seeing colors or even temporary loss of consciousness.

This has just been a very simple explanation for some of you. It is more complicated then I have mentioned obviously, I was just giving those who are interested a short overview so they may decide studying some.

For those women who desire to feel something so “intense” and “rare” I would suggest spending some of your money and then time in reading about tantric orgasms, Kama sutra, and extended massive orgasms.

LoyaltyandHonor 37M/32F
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2/22/2005 7:25 pm

I agree and have always felt the same way. Sadly though there are still lots of men and women who do not know such things

Stashco 55M

2/22/2005 1:19 pm

Well, If you really stop and think about it, you don't need all that "Tantric" and "Kama Sutra" stuff to know that a slow build up to orgasm is better.
Have you ever gotten true satisfaction out of anything that that happened quickly? (Unless you won millions of dollars in the lottery, I doubt it.)
Sex is something that is meant to be done with a slow build-up, crashing in a glorious explosion of feelings in your head and body. My experience is, the longer the build up, the bigger the explosion.
I may not know all the correct terminology, but I do know where to put what and how to make my partner feel really good.

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