What The Hell Is Wrong With You Guys!  

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3/18/2005 5:16 am

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What The Hell Is Wrong With You Guys!

What the Hell!

I am sorry, I do not get grumpy very often but, my goodness I just can not get over this…

What the hell is up with all the damn penis size questions?

I keep worrying my book won’t sell, but no sex therapists or doctors have yet to ever produce an accurate answer to this question. Lou Paget is one of the highest rated sex educators and instructors in the world right now and she can’t even answer the question at all in any of her books.

I have added several chapters dedicated only to this. I took the liberty of giving highly detailed positions and techniques for all of the penis sizes, small, medium, and large. Apparently I am the first person to ever actually compile a list such as this for men.

I have surfed and surfed for penis books and there are not very many of them out there. Apparently I have and still am in the process of building a sex guide that no one has ever yet dared to create.

I am sick to all high hell of this question. That is why I have taken so much time in providing solutions that none of the others have dared.

Until I get my book more complete and then finally finished… all I can say is STOP with the penis size questions. EVERY size has an advantage and disadvantage! A smaller penis actually has more options then a medium or larger one does.

I posted a rather long Blog and article awhile back that gives some pretty clear details about these differences. I go into greater detail in my research that I did for my book. But I guarantee I still have a year left before I even get my book complete and sent into various publishers to see what one wants to publish it. Will probably be a year and a half to two years before it reaches a bookstore. After seeing the crap many doctors and sex therapists put out in the world though, I have a feeling I will shock a whole lot of people with my thoroughness.

Please stop with the penis issues though! I am sick of seeing this question posted by different people every day and sometimes by numerous people on different days. Maybe some of the women will agree that it is getting old! If you can not wait then go buy yourself some kama-sutra or tantric sex books and try to see if you can see what positions you will or will not be able to do well with. It isn’t very complicated!

I am only 6 inches and I have never in my life had to question my performance abilities. Knowing a lot about sex can pay off in numerous ways. Sleeping around with lots of people is not going to teach you some of the really amazing things that educated people can! Sometimes experience matters, but sometimes education matters 100 times more!

You won't be a god from studying, but I can assure you it will tame those damn insecurities!

Post a response please if you are someone who is tired of seeing guys asking this question!

LoyaltyandHonor 37M/32F
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3/20/2005 12:56 pm

Let me know if you find it please. I have searched many online books stores and read reviews and that stuff. Kama sutra for 21st century lovers is very good and helps give that depiction, but it is not as good as it needs to be.

LeEnchantress 56F

3/19/2005 5:36 pm

Actually. i have been into reading sex books too for quite some time. I have seen several (most are of the tantra sex nature) that discuss that positions are good for guys who are smaller or larger than average.
I have to agree with the female poster.. It's not what you have but what you do with it that counts... I have lovers who were quite welll endowed who weren't very good lovers at all and lovers that were quite nice endowed that were great lovers.. Same goes with the guys who were smaller in size.. I don't really know what the fuss over a very long penis is about anyway.. Don't most women's vagina's are only 5 or 6 inches deep anyway.. And oral sex with a guy who's very long is a nightmare. I'd rather the guy be a big thicker in width that average.. but too thick is not too good either...
I'm sure that to each his own.. is a good rule for penis size... everyeone has their own likes and dislikes and requirements
That being said. if you think you are tired of people discussing penis size.. imagine what we females about all this hype over "breast aumentation"! I'm starting to wonder if there will be hardly any females left with normal breasts by year 2020! No seriously though. can you imagine. you fellows.. having someone tell you your penis didn't measure up to society's standards of beauty and you wud have to undergoe an operation to lenghten it? I doubt many men would submit to such an operation if it was available.
I like these blogs b/c you can speak your mind without someone instantly insulting you if your opinion differs from them like in the chatrooms.
I will try to find that book that tells what size is good for what position. I know i saw at least one at Barnes & Nobles.

LoyaltyandHonor 37M/32F
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3/19/2005 9:27 am

That is what I am working on. Men like to talk but do not seem to like doing research when needed for an answer. If they took some time to look at sex and positioning they could find some very easy answers. No books on the market actually classify positions very easy though. They say "this will allow deep penetration" but they do not say "this is what you men with a smaller penis can use and why" or "this is what you men with a larger penis can do and why". As a matter of fact most sex therapists only discuss this issue in 2 or 3 paraghraphs. I find it funny because they are trying to avoid the greatest and most common of the male questions.

While hearing that "it's all about how you use it and not it's size" is wonderful, it still does not give a good answer. Sometimes you have to educate adults the same way you would a 2 YO child and literally draw them a undesputable picture.

rm_lickeetung 59F

3/19/2005 5:20 am

Yes, sick of those silly questions.....but it's usually more a matter of what's underneath the question. Peel back the onion layers......insecurity, fear and ego are underneath these questions. Deal with these issues and you answer the question, resolve the problem at its root cause.

LoyaltyandHonor 37M/32F
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3/18/2005 4:03 pm

LOL most guys who are small think it is the end of the world, most guys who are to big think they are gods.

Even my brilliant mind can not understand this!

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