The Weekend (No fun for the sick and the wicked)  

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3/10/2005 12:00 pm

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The Weekend (No fun for the sick and the wicked)

For A Few Who Asked

My posts have been rather dry or non-existent lately, sorry about that.

I am getting blasted by some work related issues that I had to hire a lawyer over cause my boss has been making some harassing remarks. I have gotten fed up of them over the last two years, and since management will not deal with him… I am in a more profitable manner.

It was my brother’s b-day yesterday so I spent the night there and watched some movies and relaxed for once. Was a rather nice change from always spending my time researching and writing. We all have to kick back and relax sometime don’t we?

This cold however just will not go away! I prefer getting seriously sick oppose to a cold cause these stupid colds sometimes linger for several weeks. Normally when I get really sick it lasts a week and then vanishes!

I have posted several articles on oral technique previously. There are several new bits recently published though that I am combing through to see how my opinions fit into what the other professionals think. That and my more in-depth sexology studies in general have picked up. My last Tao book was a $173! I do not like modern doctors; they only focus on facts! I prefer a mix of fact and theory and the only way to study and research real sexual theories is by obtaining many of the very old and out of print documents. I do not like Internet research, the Internet is great but I prefer to study the old fashioned way.

I would much rather grab some books, like a fire in the fireplace and sit back and read. Of course you have to have a separate couple of notebooks for taking notes, but overall it is considerably more relaxing!

My library has come along very nicely! I have spent the last year organizing my notes so that I have a two-subject notebook for each individual sexual topic. Of course I count each variation as it’s own topic so for instance I have different notebooks for g-spot stimulation, female ejaculation, initial arousal, pregnancy, breast feeding, female orgasms, the vagina, the penis, and so on and so on. It has taken a great deal of time, but the organization pays off so that when I go to school I won’t have to worry about notes cause I already have nearly 10 times more notes then I will actually ever need. Not to mention I own all the books they came from so I can always check my references again if need be for projects.

I must say though, it has not been easy writing half of what I have. I have honestly not found even one single book yet that I would call wonderful. The truth is that you need about 10 different books on any one subject before you can even begin to see the truth and meanings! Many of the books that are actually good are the ones that most people review as being bad. It would appear that people only want answers given to them in today’s society oppose to having to philosophically find them on your own.

I saw a comment from someone asking me if I was planning on writing my own books or books. It is possible; it would be very difficult to find a publishing company though who could handle the volume that I research. My articles are based off my personal theories and opinions, in order to write books I would have to delve even deeper and add quotes from different authors, doctors, and sex therapists. Doing so could take several years just to formulate one very detailed new-age sexual education book. It would however give a very powerful edge to be able to back-up my theories with various other works though.

Right now it is hard cause I have to say what I personally think. If I could write what I think and then offer a quote from another doctor that supports my belief then it would show that I am slightly onto something that others do not want to normally go.

As they say, “all good things come to those who wait!”

I am of course always open to new ideas, if you don’t feel like posting a comment openly then you are always welcome to give it to me in a private manner. Getting feedback from people helps me in my studies cause it shows me that my opinions are either off or are right.

I am still young, you have to remember that it is unheard of for someone my age to have researched what I have in the time that I have. From what I have seen, no one has really become a good sex therapist or author till early to mid 30’s.

I am absolutely horrible at poetry, a few people said they liked the poems I wrote before. I don’t consider those poems and I do not consider them to be very good at all! Thanks for the comments, but you have to remember that I know they are not very good. I do not consider my articles in general to be very good either. I know I can do considerably better and need to push myself harder!

Someday I will find some women who can handle being live models for me and then I could practice the techniques I have been inventing. I keep them silent cause they’re a cross between African, American, and Asian cultures. No one has yet to incorporate the three together and I think it is time that changed. These changes will probably not happen within my lifetime though; perhaps when I have some children someday they will then continue the research I start. All I can do is hope and dream though! I need a wife and some female models before I can even begin to think about that though lol!

For those with plans… have fun this weekend! Time for me to go back to my research… my night off should last for a couple months of me pushing myself again. One day off every 3 to 6 months is going to take its toll eventually though I think.

Someday I will have a wife, and this will be our home!

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