The Truth About Female Ejaculation  

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The Truth About Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculate

Female ejaculate is a clear liquid. Its consistency is akin to that of a Very light lubricant, but it is watery rather then slick. It is not the same as vaginal lubrication or urine. Only a tiny and usually unnoticed portion of female ejaculate is creamy and white like male ejaculate. Some women do have thick white ejaculate like a man’s but it comes from the vagina and not the urethra where as this comes only from the urethra. Taste and smell can or will vary depending on a woman’s menstrual cycle. Female ejaculate is predominantly prostatic fluid mixed with glucose and “trace” amounts of urine.

Ejaculation is easiest during the twelve days before a woman’s period and during a woman’s period. It may be harder to ejaculate if you have just finished your cycle, and therefore you should wait a few days.

Menopause: It is still possible to ejaculate during this phase. It is easier to ejaculate after you have finished this cycle. Women who are done with menopause will find it is normally much easier to ejaculate then it was previously. Normally the ejaculation will be less each time, but still very healthy.

Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, ejaculation may be easier than usual, and is certainly not unhealthy or harmful.

Birth control: It is still not known if being on birth control hinders your ability to ejaculate. The diaphragm however puts pressure on the urethral canal and can block the passage of the ejaculate. For this reason it is best to remove your diaphragm before you try to ejaculate.

A woman’s menstrual cycle can wreak havoc on many things (depending on whom you ask). I am sure it is not exactly fun for them either and therefore men should not make wise cracks or jokes about a woman’s mood when she has her period. While there may be numerous negative effects to a woman’s menstrual cycle, this goes to show that some very good things also happen as well. Women normally report they can obtain higher levels and longer levels of orgasm during this time. Stress or tension hinder orgasmic abilities, but since a woman is often already under much added stress during this time of the month it actually counter balances itself and allows for higher pleasure and less distraction.

It has been proven time and time again that the sensation most women feel when they are about to ejaculate is very similar and almost identical to that of needing to urinate. Due to these sensations being so similar many women rule it off as needing to urinate and therefore hold back the urge. What many people do not realize is that the female prostate is similar to the mans. When a man has an erection he can not normally urinate, this is also normally true for a woman. It is possible that you may actually urinate, but it is not very likely if you are fully aroused.

Because of this fact it is recommended that women first explore ejaculation through masturbation. If by chance you do happen to urinate instead of ejaculate it would be less embarrassing if you were alone then if you were with a partner. It really all comes down to maturity in the long run, a man should not be putting his face, fingers, or penis down near a woman’s vagina if he is not mature enough to know and handle the possibilities of what might happen. Many people are not very well sexually educated in today’s society. Masturbation was once looked at as being taboo. In today’s times it is no longer looked at as taboo, doctors recommend masturbation to be done somewhat frequently for women more so then men. The female genitalia and sexual response cycle is much more complex then a male’s. Many men do not know much of a woman’s body and therefore women should try and educate them or try to experiment at first by themselves. Remember that women normally mature significantly faster then most men.

Our bodies all act differently sometimes and we as people often act differently. When it comes to sex communication plays a bigger part over anything else. Partners must communicate what they feel more frequently and openly. This all falls back onto the maturity issue, many different things can happen when sexually aroused, knowledge of these things is a vital part of a happy and enjoyable sex life.

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I focus only on female orgasms really. There is a lot many people specially men that do not seem to know the details. That originally why I started studying sex, lot's of my deepest opinions and thoughts were very different from everyone else's.

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Hello Mystic, I really liked this read. It has a subject matter that needs to be talked about more and more. Not just among women either ,as you stated in your article. Women can help men to understand their bodies .I am very much interested in female ejaculation.
I am going to find out as much as possible about the subject. Thanks to your article ,I have a little bit more information. Thank you again

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Thank you for the information. I have been doing this since I was 21 and it continues to the delight of my partners today.......

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