The Nine Levels Of Female Orgasms  

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The Nine Levels Of Female Orgasms

The Nine Levels of Female Orgasm

It is debatable as to how many actual levels of female orgasm there are. Many women I have spoken to do not actually notice a difference unless it is a drastic change. Modern sex therapists claim there to be only three to four levels. Older philosophies claim there to be nine different levels. Personally I think nine levels not only sounds better but gives guys a different thing to think about when having sex. By achieving one they then know what will be next and can follow a woman’s pleasure level considerably easier. I think it is another attempt of modernization and it just does not work!

The nine levels are as follows:

“Woman’s orgasm is a series of eight upward rising steps, then one declining.”

(All levels have a different effect on a woman’s organs therefore were originally classified separately).

Level one through four:
These first four levels consist of sighing, grasping, holding, and breathing heavily. Many people assume that this is the sign of the orgasm and therefore slow down or stop thinking the show is over.

Level five: The woman begins to loosen up throughout her body and begins to bite at the man.

Level six: She undulates and writhes with pleasure.

Level seven: She is boiling hot and tries to touch her man everywhere.

Level eight: Her muscles suddenly completely relax.

Level nine: She collapses in a “little death” sighing and moaning.

Each level can be the sign of a different one of the three female orgasms. Being that most people and women in general only look at a orgasm as a orgasm then it would help explain why modern results show less then 10% of women ever truly achieve level eight/nine (the uterine orgasm).

Even a basic clitoral orgasm can leave a woman sighing and make her collapse. Everyone experiences orgasms at different levels and ways. Many assume the rocking pelvis to be the sign of an orgasm. In most instances doctors would agree, however during a uterine orgasm it is most likely she would not be moving much as her entire body is in convulsions that she has no control over at all. The most common reports amongst women from the uterine orgasm are temporary loss of consciousness and seeing colors. Once again though, even a clitoral orgasm has made some women report seeing colors.

By achieving level eight (total relaxation) the cervix loosens thus allowing it to feel more and pass it on. Once enough vibrations pass to and through the cervix then the uterine orgasm takes place. It is just pretty good proof that it is better to classify orgasm levels all separately because it gives both men and women a better picture of what level she can usually get to. By knowing that it can allow you to aim for different things when you have sex.

What levels do you normally achieve? Frequently?

LoyaltyandHonor 37M/32F
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3/13/2005 5:02 am

Trust me 57, if you lived closer or were vacationing here then I would be more tempted then I can openly admit

57moreplease45 53F

3/12/2005 5:52 pm

You can practice your techniques on me anytime...all the time. I get dizzy thinking about it.

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3/8/2005 4:59 pm

A Frenchman was brought before a Judge. The Judge said, " You have been brought before this court for the heinous crime of making love to a corpse...what do you have to say for yourself !"

"Your Honour, I thought she was British.."

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3/7/2005 5:18 am

I have practiced much of it. However I do not sleep around, only date. I have not had the best luck finding a steady gal cause none of them like romance.

I am playing with one of my friends on wednesdays practicing female ejaculation techniques. She is Bi but does not like penetration so it is perfect for cunnilingus sessions and finger stimulation.

She is the only girl I have ever met that will allow me to actually go down on her for over a hour straight.

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3/6/2005 12:01 pm

one has to wonder in reading your blogs here, with the amount of research you have covered, do you ever practice any of this?


3/6/2005 7:37 am

If you have a kind and considerate lover level 9 is acheivable most times, I frequently rise to level 8 and 9 most times, by both my husband and female lovers, if you dont get level 8 or 9 find a better lover.

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3/5/2005 8:12 pm

That was very informative,I thank you much

LoyaltyandHonor 37M/32F
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3/5/2005 7:04 pm

LOL! I have never heard that before.... I am happy to see it! There is no reason to be shy ma'am, we are all suppose to be adults here.. umm suppose to be mind you lol.

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3/5/2005 6:54 pm

hmmmmmm.... now I have been known to be quite open and honest about a lot of things, but I think I better mail this answer to the writer himself, away from the public eyes....

After all, us goddesses do have a certain... je ne sais quoi to maintain

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