The Holidays!! Good or bad?  

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3/27/2005 8:17 am

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The Holidays!! Good or bad?


Normally I love the holidays, but not when it involves the family. My mother and sister always seem to find a way to get at each other’s throat. For instance a good example being that four years ago my sister chose thanksgiving as a good time to tell us she was bi-sexual right at the table. I don’t mind it and neither does my brother, but my mother is against it and boy did that shit ever hit the fan! Every year something like this seems to happen, today we are all getting together for a little bit and god only knows what I can expect today! My brother and me grew up as mortal enemies, but as we have gotten older we have become best friends. We still laugh like crazy when we get together remembering all the times we use to put socks on our hands and box the living crap out of each other. Once I started boxing when I was 16 for golden gloves he stopped wanting to box though LOL. Once I started taking Taekwondo he got even more afraid, but still shot his mouth off once and awhile heh. After I dropped those two and started focusing on Japanese fencing he doesn’t run his mouth at all anymore. It’s fun though cause we fence once and awhile with my sword collection. I have my real swords of course, but I have a few sets of wooden medieval longswords and katana’s that we hammer away with. My wooden workout sword is 7.2 lbs and I can assure you after you swing it around for 3 hours straight you really feel it the next day. My sister and me use to be best friends, we have grown apart over the year’s cause she seems to be growing more immature as the years pass.

Today should be fun, a nice glazed ham dinner and maybe for just once no arguing, I doubt it though. Hopefully my brother will be feisty and we can spend some time with my Kendo gear. I am sure it will be another usual holiday hell though, and I have to work tonight at 11pm YAY!

Anyone else have these kinds of families? Some of the members do not get along very well “ever”?

Anyway, happy Easter to those who celebrate it! I hope your holiday goes well for you! As long as you don't have my family then I am sure it will!

LoyaltyandHonor 37M/32F
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3/28/2005 6:07 am

Yeah mine was ok, nothing great. No arguements yay! I am sorry to hear about your dad, not something I would ever want to go through, sadly though it is life's cycle. It is the one thing that we can never actually accept though.


3/27/2005 7:44 pm

We have sort of the opposite problem whereas one sister will not come to family holiday dinners anymore......only Christmas. We can't figure out why......they don't go anywhere else. It's been like this ever since our dad died....10 years ago! My oldest sister is determined to get the whole family together though. I just go and have a good time with whoever is there. We had a nice day and hope yours was the same. Happy Easter!

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