Tasting Your own Juices...  

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Tasting Your own Juices...

Fair Is Fair Is It Not?

Many people today seem to think that tasting their own sexual fluids is a naughty or bad thing to do. When you perform cunnilingus or fellatio on someone then you taste their sexual fluids. Why can you taste another’s juices and yet not be able to taste your own? Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to have someone perform cunnilingus or fellatio on you and then have them come back up and tell you that you smell or taste horrible? You do want to taste as good as possible for your lover don’t you? The only sure-fire ways of dealing with these possible questions is for you to sample your own juices periodically.

People are very judgmental today and this hinders people’s willingness to be open and honest. I can tell you one thing that is for sure… tasting yourself does not mean you are bi-sexual or homosexual. You could actually be bi-sexual or homosexual but that has nothing to do with the small matter of sampling your own sexual juices. Even if you were bi-sexual or homosexual then it should not matter, no one has the right to judge another at any point in time cause we all have flaws regardless of who we are.

There are many things that can alter the taste of your sexual fluids. Too much meat, smoking, coffee, garlic, stress, basic health, menstrual cycle, and numerous other things could effect this. I am not one to complain or preach I personally believe that too much of any one thing can be bad for you. We all have our personal likes and dislikes though now don’t we? There are many doctors who claim that a glass of wine or a shot of liquor a day can be good for you aren’t there? What happens when you have too much though? It can alter your internal organs (specially your liver) and it can alter your state of mind. All in all you just have to remember to take things in moderation and to not overdue yourself. Keep your hydration up drinking lots of water, juice, or eating a lot of fruit.

We are all different in every way possible! There is no sure-fire way to make your self taste wonderful. You would have to try different diets and monitor your tastes by obviously periodically tasting your self. How can you go about doing this? Well it depends on the situation and it is obviously different for both men and women. Below I am going to do a breakdown of possible ways to test this in order to possibly avoid embarrassment and help ease the general fear of meeting someone who might tell you that you smell or taste badly.

Men: Think about how hot it makes some of you men when you see a woman lick her fingers, toys, or your penis after it has been in contact with her vagina. Most of you find it to be very arousing now don’t you? If you gentlemen find this to be arousing then don’t you think it is very possible that there are thousands or millions of women out there who would find it arousing to see you taste your own fluids as well?

Your semen and your precum will most likely taste different from one another. I would recommend starting off by tasting your precum as you are in a solo masturbation session. It is better during masturbation because you are alone. If by some chance it were to make you sick or partially sick then you would not have to worry about a partner seeing your reaction. It offers that comfort zone that you just do not have when with a partner. If you can handle the taste of your precum then you can move along to tasting your actual semen. You can ejaculate onto your hand and slowly lick it off. You could ejaculate into a cup and drink it afterwards. You could ejaculate onto a counter, towel, or sheet and periodically dip one or two of your fingers in it and slowly suck it off afterwards. These are just some examples; obviously there are many ways you can go about doing this, some complicated and others very easy and basic.

You must not force yourself to do anything though! You may find it very gross when you are not aroused and yet find it very interesting while you are aroused. Again, we all have different likes and dislikes! I would suggest waiting till you are at your peak of arousal before attempting this if you are already squeamish about it. There are numerous rewards for learning to enjoy the taste of your own juices. What might some of these be? Well if you are with a loving partner who is clean and using some method of birth control you could ejaculate deep inside her. Once you have ejaculated you could go back down on her and perform cunnilingus again. This time you would be getting a mixture of both her lubrication and your semen! Sounds like a yummy mixture now doesn’t it? You have the option of ejaculating on her body and licking it off slowly afterwards and teasing her. You could not swallow it all and leave a small amount on the tip of your tongue, slide back up to her and let her suck it off the tip of your tongue (if she likes it). There are a lot of different things that can result from this new freedom, use some imagination and see where it takes you!

If you are going out with your lover or even just a random date then you should take the precaution of wiping off your penis and scrotum before you leave. You must remember that most guys do not wipe themselves off after urinating or ejaculating. Your taste and smell could be rather strong normally and when you add the possibility of dry semen or urine then it could just make matters worse. (If you experience a random erection during the day then it could result in the flow of precum that you are not even aware of. If your not aware of it then obviously it will sit and then dry and could result in a increased odor). Odds are that your partners will both smell and taste you before you get the chance to sample your own juices. There are lots of women who enjoy performing fellatio and this makes it rather difficult because she is going to taste and smell you rather early on. If by chance you are with a woman who does not like performing fellatio then you can always rub your precum soaked penis along various parts of her body. Areas like her breasts, nipples, or clitoris and then lick the area afterwards and clean it off. Granted your taste will be altered some because it is mixing off her fluids or skin, but will still give you an idea of what she might taste later. I would not ever ejaculate into a woman’s vagina or mouth unless she has informed you to or you have talked about it in general before. You must remember that everyone is different and thus it is possible you will encounter both women who do and do not like the taste of semen. You will also encounter women who do not like the taste if their own juices as well so you should think twice before directly kissing a woman you have just performed cunnilingus on.

Women: In the long run I would have to say that you ladies have it the easiest in this department. I think part of the reason some of us men are squeamish about tasting our semen is because of the texture and quantity. Our precum is thin and slick; our semen obviously is not. For many of you ladies your lubrication is very similar to our precum. There are many of you ladies out there who do actually cum very similar to a man, however this is not the case with the majority of women.

There are many people who think that women urinate from their vagina. This is not true… the urethra and the vagina are not together. You urinate from your urethra, which is located above your vaginal opening. You must also remember that most women wipe themselves off after urinating, where as guys do not. Odds are that you women are significantly cleaner then most men out there. For this reason I am not going to say it is prudent for you to wash yourself before you taste yourself or another tastes you. I would think that women would do it anyway just as a courtesy and to help set an example, but I do often tend to think too much.

As I said to the guys, I would recommend the first few samplings to be done in a private masturbation session. This will help reduce the nerves you may have over the issue of trying something new. As with the guys… would you want someone to see you gag or actually get sick? Remember that you may find this more attractive during full arousal then you do during a partial arousal. For the best effect you should make sure you are as aroused as possible first. You can insert one or more of your fingers into your vagina and then suck on them or lick them. You could use a stimulator or dildo and lick or suck on it afterwards. Remember that all you women produce different amounts of lubrication. For you women who produce heavy amounts then you may not even have to insert anything into the vagina at all. Instead you could probably just run your toy or fingers around the vaginal opening and get access to a sufficient amount of fluid that way. Some of you women may prefer to run your wet finger(s) around one of your nipples and then gently bring your breast to your mouth and suck or lick it off. Obviously not all women can do this, it could however help keep your mind of just the taste as you are now tasting yourself but also continuing to please/stimulate yourself.

If you are with a man and suddenly worry about your smell or taste then there is a few things you can do to test the waters before they do. Let’s face it, guys love to be teased! This is a very big advantage when it comes to this subject. As a woman you can take the man’s penis and gently rub the head back and forth against your vaginal opening and clitoris. After doing this for awhile you can then slide back down and start sucking his penis, which is now covered in your juices. You could take one of his fingers and control it by sliding it slowly in and out of your vagina. After you get the pleasure from it you can then suck on his finger which has been soaked in your juices. You could grind your genitals against his chest or nipples very slowly and teasingly. After doing this for awhile you could move down and lick and suck along the areas that your juices have gathered. If none of these are appealing then you could just insert one of your own fingers into your vagina and then suck on them as he watches.

There are of course other ways to go about being able to taste your own fluids both in private or with a partner, these should help get you thinking though.

I know that back in school guys always talked about the finger test. This being that they would always finger a woman first and then smell it before they would even considered going down on her. I do not like this idea only because it paints an image that all women smell bad and possibly do not take care of themselves. Our diet effects all of us! Even if we were as careful as possible then we can all still possibly get infections that would also alter our taste and smell. Women are obviously naturally more hygienic then most of us men. If a woman consistently tastes or smells bad then I would bet it is the result of an infection that you should make her aware of so she can seek medical attention.

In the event of encountering someone who does not taste or smell good to you then you should openly discuss this with him or her. Never bring it up during the actual act of sex, wait for a non-active time where you are alone and have time to actually talk. Be civil, and calm… it is a touchy subject for anyone! Not only do you not want to be the one who would have to tell someone that they smell or taste bad but you also do not want to be the one being told you smell or taste bad.

The easiest way to avoid this dilemma is by tasting yourself once or twice a week to make sure you are up to your own personal standards. This is something that you would want to test for yourself. If you can’t stomach your taste and smell then it most likely means there are other people who can not either. Fair is fair, never ask something of another unless you wouldn’t mind the same thing also being asked of you!

rm_privateone68 49M

3/18/2005 9:14 am

Good job, I like how you wrote it.

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3/16/2005 11:39 pm

Mystic, I love to taste my fluids. When a woman sucks me till I cum, the first thing I do after is French kiss her and suck it out of her mouth. If she's been with me before, she'll save it for me. Also, I love to lick her after cumming in her pussy, the mixed tastes are fabulous. This is probably why I like mfm threesomes. I love the taste of pussy flavored dick, a 69 while the other guy fucks her doggy style is terrific, if he can slip it clear out and into my mouth part of the time, even more terrific. If he'll pull out and let me suck him dry, that's almost the best. The best is when he does that, then I lick her till she comes, and then she sucks me till I come, and THEN I get to suck my cum out of her mouth. This is the world's greatest turn on.

Oh, BTW, women who like to suck my dick after it's been in their pussy are great, too. French kissing afterwards with her taste and my taste in her mouth is just fabulous.

I don't know why anybody wouldn't want to taste their own sexual fluids. Especially the various combinations of mixed tastes are the world's greatest!

LoyaltyandHonor 37M/32F
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3/13/2005 5:00 am

What? NO! I actually don't discuss sexual topics with people. That is part of the reason I post what I post. It gives me the oppertunity to show me what I am or am not learning well. None of what I write can be found in any books. I do like the fact though that in some ways you are correct, I have a large pool of sexual knowledge I can draw from during sex. It does have some very nice advantages!

rm_WickedFemale 64F
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3/12/2005 8:52 pm

One would have to think going to bed with you would be like being with a medical sexual reference book.....

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