So Depressing...  

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3/12/2005 2:35 pm

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So Depressing...

So depressing…

I am totally sick of what modern doctors and sex therapists have to say. I have never had to deal with such filth as I have in my more recent studies. Even today the best sexual information out there is within the very old and borderline ancient cultural texts.

I wish I could recommend some good literature or books in general but I can not! So many books give seriously mixed signals! I have gotten many comments about my writing style and ideas and I had no idea why it was liked. I am starting to learn a lot about myself and the stupidity of modern doctors.

I do not know how the hell some of these people graduated from medical school! I do not know how the hell a publishing company bought their books!

I am still furious at the fact some idiotic female doctor wrote in her book that a blended orgasm and uterine orgasm are the same things!

Sex is about common sense; medical information is just common sense. Just stop and think about what “uterine orgasm” might entail. Obviously it has something to do with the uterus and thus achieved its name. Most medical information is named after something specific so that you can easily remember it.

The last two books I just finished encourage sleeping around with as many people as you can and then it says to not sleep around because of sexually transmitted diseases. What a load of crap!

Doctors no longer talk about theories and possibilities! Philosophy no longer exists! People act instead of think!

How the hell can doctors and therapists get away with what they get away with in modern society?

Mostly females who have slept around with hundreds of men write every book I have read and they say it at the beginning of their books. They admit that they didn’t actually know a damn thing about sex at first and only learned through sleeping around. I don’t need to sleep around to know what makes both men and women tick physically and psychologically. It is just common sense!

I am an ever-growing depression because of the lack of intelligence displayed by modern people in power. They are not the ones who actually discover much of what they claim. Instead they steal other people’s ideas and make themselves look good.

Out of all the books I have read I can only say that “Is Size Important” is a very good book. The man took the results of various companies and compared them in his own mind in a more professional way then I have ever seen.

I wish there were an author out there who would not worry about everyone and instead focus on talking to his own audience. Instead they try and please everyone and thus result in some of the crappiest half-assed material yet put forth in this world! There is to many dreamers in this world, someone needs to deliver a serious wake up call and delivery the dreamers back to their home planet!

Where are all the knights when they are needed?

LoyaltyandHonor 37M/32F
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3/12/2005 2:36 pm

*Holds a pillow infront of his face and screams*

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