Sex Toys??  

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2/27/2005 1:06 pm

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Sex Toys??

A Random Thought

Does anyone know where to find the information on the sex toy debate?

I’ve heard about it from co-workers and then I saw a post on it in a few places of AdultFriendFinder.

I “don’t” have a problem with homosexual relationships. Personally, I think the government is trying to find a new way to ban same sex marriage and activities. Knowing how devious most politicians can be, I am willing to bet that they are trying to find a new way to ban them in none religious senses. I remember hearing that Pres. Bush was getting heat from religious contributors that they would not support a few of his new stances until he proposed a federal ban on same sex marriage.

I am willing to guarantee that they think by banning toys it might stop the relationships, or possibly reduce them considering how many same sex couples use them. Many “straight” men and women use them as well though too. This just seems like another government ploy to deal with a subject in a highly devious and passive manner.

How do other people feel about this debate?

Sex toys were actually invented because the sex studies back in the 60’s proved women were experiencing considerably less sexual fulfillment then in previous times. However, lots of sex toys focus on clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration and are modeled in the exact identical fashion and use of the male penis (another proven medical fact).

A hidden truth that I am going to once again mention is that, roughly 15% or less of all women in the United States have or will ever experience a Uterine Orgasm. Clitoral orgasms increase pressure on the cervix and thus resulting in the “lack” of ability to get access to the Uterus. No path to the Uterus and you have do not have a path to the most pleasurable orgasm that women can experience. Many women in the United States do not know much about female anatomy and therefore are at a disadvantage of pleasure.

Lou Paget spent the first part of her career teaching women how to please themselves and their men because her research and the research of thousands of other doctors and sex therapists showed women were far less sexually informed then most men. Even though men are more sexually aggressive, they normally eventually take the time to study something about sex as well. Now, she teachers both male and female sex seminars in separate settings to better teach them both how to pleasure their partners. The interesting thing is though that she uses “sex toys” as her teaching aids. She uses molded vaginas for the men to play with and practice on so they can learn how to work all of its possible areas. She uses dildos for the women to show them how to properly stroke and massage a penis.

Tantric sex and kama-sutra classes are normally taught using live models and not sex toys. Extended Massive Orgasms is a sex technique taught in California that also uses real people instead of toys. Extended Massive Orgasms (EM is a technique invented by American couple who is both doctors and focuses on “natural” domination and submission. They proved that women in the United States could have just as powerful orgasms from a finger as they could a penis. This once again falls back on the fact women do not experience very high levels of orgasm as they once did back in time.

Several African tribes make the women have a female circumcision done which involves the removal of the entire clitoris and the clitoral hood. Many of them do this to stop the women from possibly straying into another man’s bed as well as to remove the ability to masturbate. Tantric sex comes from African witchdoctors and solely targets Uterine Orgasms. Even though the women have no clit or hood and can not receive that stimulation, they actually get more cause they all get uterine orgasms while American women only tend to get blended or G-spot orgasms.

Anyway, I just think this is a rather new and interesting debate. I don’t think they should be removing sex toys but instead raising sexual education standards by a significant amount. Perhaps they should offer a sex education class in separation of men and women so that the teachers can teach more in-depth about each anatomy and pleasure type to its owner.

rm_ChriNa 47M/F
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4/4/2008 12:38 pm

the real flesh is the best toy ever we think...

LoyaltyandHonor 37M/32F
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3/1/2005 4:31 am

That I agree with, but in the states sex toys did not become a large distribution till 1974 (give or take a year or two).

heather303 44F

2/28/2005 9:11 pm

Sex toys have been used for centuries. It's not just women in the last 100 years that were lacking. During the Victorian age women became prude and it followed us into the 20th century. It has taken women to a long time to undo their way of thinking and come back into their sexuality again.

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