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LoyaltyandHonor 36M/32F
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6/14/2005 3:15 pm

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Profiles & Interests


I really hate how short some profiles are…

I had one gal wink at me, as promised I emailed her since she is a standard member.

She writes back to me saying “get your ass on here and write to me and send me a full body picture.”

Well her profile is so short it offers nothing for getting an opening conversation going.

I also love seeing women’s profiles that say they want an experienced man to teach them something. Sorry ladies… but you could have sex with 1,000 different men and not learn a whole lot. People today only learn from experimentation and not from actually studying various sexual arts.

You can learn more from a book, then you can by screwing any man that you may find. These young girls who write this stuff are just so darn clueless!

Sexual knowledge and sexual experience are not the same thing. A person needs a mix of both! Just knowledge without experience is more useful then strictly wild experiences. Sure there are many sexual positions… without studying them then how do you know that you are doing them right? You may enjoy them, but if you do them correctly like a book says... you will probably find even more pleasure!

This is becoming more and more the reason why I stopped even bothering to speak to the American women here…

Forgive me to the ones in which I do speak to. I speak to you about other things mostly though and try to leave sex away from conversations unless you express an interest in “real” knowledge.

A person who reads sex books does not mean they lack sexual abilities. Most of them time it just means they care about as much pleasure as possible. Just because something is good, does not mean it can not progress to “extraordinary!”

Profiles need at least a little information in them! Saying you desire sex is not good enough to start a conversation with. Make reference to what specific kinds of sex you desire and or maybe why you desire them.

If you do not want to then don’t mention sex at all… just mention your personality.

Anyway… just more of my ramblings…

LoyaltyandHonor 36M/32F
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6/15/2005 2:26 pm

I totally agree Juju... it would appear though that many do not feel that way!

juju34single 48F

6/15/2005 1:41 pm

I am going to pay attention to that there booklist, my friend!
In my opinion, if there isn't a connection between the mind, body and spirit, then it is something I can do myself.

Something like sex/making love is too sacred to treat as a mere passing activity.

LoyaltyandHonor 36M/32F
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6/15/2005 6:09 am

Last count... one of my books has 946 sexual positions alone.

I gurantee they are all there m'lady.

LoyaltyandHonor 36M/32F
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6/15/2005 5:31 am

Agreed m'lady

I just wish more people cared for learning both mentally and physically.

wyvernrose 39F  
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6/15/2005 2:18 am

roflmao Sure there are many sexual positions… without studying them then how do you know that you are doing them right? roflmao your not going to get it right reading a book roflmao these things come with practice and flexibility just like any physical activity ROFLMAO

oh and Mystic your forgetting all those positions that aren't in the books!


rm_bella_ 48F
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6/14/2005 9:40 pm

mystic...i have to agree with you. I receive much mail that when I go to view the profile it says absolutely nothing other than they are looking to get laid (of course I have put it into nice terms for your blog) It is impossible to get a grasp of who someone is and what they are looking for. As for the knowledge and experience...well to have both is nice...but it is a lifetime of learning that makes us who we are inside and outside of the bedroom.

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