Profile Nudity (Do Your Pictures Express Who You Are Or Are They Meant For Deception?)  

LoyaltyandHonor 36M/32F
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7/1/2006 4:53 am

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2/18/2008 7:40 am

Profile Nudity (Do Your Pictures Express Who You Are Or Are They Meant For Deception?)

How often do profile pictures attract your attention? Is it good attention or bad attention that gets you?

I think people assume that attention is attention and do not recognize the difference between bad (negative) or good (positive) attention. I am sorry to say but many of the profile pictures I see look absolutely “fake.”

A general rule of thumb for me is that, “If it looks to good to be true than it is to good to be true.” You can read something and have it feel like a mere play but when reading something, you are given the opportunity to find flaws in consistency. Pictures are not the same in that people are becoming smart enough to make 3 to 10 “eye popping” pictures so that people can not tell the difference.

When I use the send out emails, anytime I sent a picture to what most men would deem a “beautiful” woman; it always came back as a girl from another site trying to get some guy to pay to see her webcam or to want to hire her for a night of pleasure. This is just one of the reasons why I stopped emailing women long before I got an email from the girl I met from this site.

I have had numerous horrible experiences with attractive women in real life as well. Just because something looks good to the eye does not mean it will be appetizing to the soul!

I write this because I see more and more gorgeous pictures. I see couples posting pictures of orgies and threesomes. I see women thoughtlessly posting nude pictures of themselves. I see men “mostly” only posting nude pictures of themselves.

My general rule for picture interpretation is very simple... anything a woman, couple, or man is showing in a picture is something that they will be willing to do anytime. That is why these pictures become misleading because in a way, virtually all the pictures here are fake.

Your picture may be of you, but is that picture revealing who you are?

If you have a picture of a threesome posted on your profile, I will automatically assume that you have had a threesome and thoroughly enjoyed that threesome and therefore continue to desire them. Not everyone who has these such profile pictures are willing to do what they are advertising in them.

I have seen vagina pictures on a lot of women’s profiles and then once I read the profile they begin discussing how they don’t like being treated like trash or that they are only looking for a serious relationship or a serious sexual partner. The fact that they expose themselves to everyone here on their profile and then later in the profile express that they wouldn’t flash their vagina at you when you meet them is “very” pathetic.

Yeah, my profile shows my penis, my fiancee’s breasts and vagina, as well as videos introductions of us having sex. None of these things are misleading though because we are not afraid to allow people to see us having sex, hear us having sex or seeing our genitals. If some women walked up to me and asked me to show her my penis; I would show it to her upon that request.

Can you say the same? Do your profile pictures truly express who you are as a couple or as an individual? Are you sure you don’t mind men, women, and couples looking at them and masturbating to them or having sex together over them? If you don’t mind what their reaction would be, would it then be wrong to assume that this would mean you would also be willing to masturbate with them or have sex with them?

While these questions may seem stupid or borderline absurd, I am sure there are some people here who think in the manner I am currently thinking in and maybe are just not willing to express it. As anyone who has read my blog for awhile knows though, having small testicles or penis envy is not something that I suffer from.

How can you tell the difference between a fake picture and a real one. A fake picture is normally defined by people here as being a picture of someone other than the person claiming it to be them. I again must declare a fake picture to be that as well as any misleading picture that a man, women, or couple may post.

Apart of me feels that this problem occurs more from the use of the Internet than it does from anything else. Some people use the Internet as a fantasy get-a-way while others use it the same way they use anything else in real life; they use it to interact with people the same way that they would normally interact with a real person who is face to face with them.

Someone who comes to the Internet and handles it as though it is serious and real are people who will not take advantage of the ease in which one can manipulate and deceive another person. People who come online to live out fantasies are more likely the ones who will seize the opportunity to manipulate and deceive another person.

With all that said and done, my questions still stand...

Does your profile pictures represent who you are?

Would you be willing to re-enact anything contained within your profile pictures on a somewhat regular basis or a regular basis?

If you have nude pictures posted, are you really an exhibitionist?

If you have nude pictures posted... do you take personal pride in your genitals or are you just abusing them to get someone’s attention?

Do you openly have sex with anyone who offers (which your pictures may portray) or are you reserved about who you actually will have sex with?

Do you have orgies all the time?

Do you even like having orgies or are you just trying to get attention by lying to people about it?

And whatever question may apply to this subject that I could have very easily over-looked...

suckmy654 32M
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1/23/2008 8:14 pm

urs grabs my attention. that pussy looks gaping loose. so what does it say "ur probably getting screwed by some big dick right now as i type this". but i guess thats just an expression of ur inner feelings.

secondtimeluck00 48F

7/1/2006 8:48 am

Loyalty, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with being open, but different people have different preferences. Some stuffs I prefer to be not so open about. So, all my respect for your preference, just that it is not my preference.

mikewv1967 51M

7/1/2006 7:29 am

Definately good pionts.

I look at it this's like fishing (to use a common metaphor). If you were fishing for marlins...would you try to use bass bait and equipment?

If you are going to post pictures of yourself should then be prepared for the "type" of attention that you may attract.

For me, I prefer to see a couple of nice pics of a woman...leave a little something to the imagination and get to know more...then see what she looks like nude, if she is open to it.

Just my 2 cents.

LoyaltyandHonor 36M/32F
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7/1/2006 7:11 am

Well second, being open is a wonderful thing. The question is, are they really as open as they seem to be? I fell in love with the girl I met from here quickly because she was open. It has nothing to do with her being the first girl I had sex with because had she not been real, we wouldn't have been going on more than one date and I most certainly would not have had sex with her.

I enjoy her openess because she actually has the ability to back it up. I am afriad that some people here are here for show and talk the talk but can't walk the walk.

secondtimeluck00 48F

7/1/2006 6:32 am

wow, what a great post!

I only use pics of me dressed normally but cropped out the face cos I am a bit private about who I am, that's all. If they want to see me dressed like this, as long as it is summertime and I am not going to freeze to death doing so, I am cool (no pun intended) with it.

I have the explicit photo option switched off, so I cannot see explicit pics, except in this blog section. But if someone's profile says explicit pics to me, I will hesitate a bit over answering their mails. I know what this site is about to some ppl, so I kinda understand why they would want to post such pics. But it will give out the impression that they are not the type I am looking for, cos they are too open about it.

angelofmercy5 60F
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7/1/2006 6:12 am

Good post! And good points. I don't have any nude picture on my profile either. I see some pictures on here that just make me wonder what the person was thinking about!

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7/1/2006 5:35 am

This is a great post.

Hopefully some people will think before they put up profile pictures they can't stand behind "in real life".

I don't have any nudie pics on my profile to speak of. I have little flashes of myself posted and I figure that's enough. Unless I'm going to be intimate with someone, there's no way I'm going to put all of my business online for the world to see. That's just me, though.

Anyway, I'll be watching this post to see what sort of responses you get.


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