Now I am Happy....  

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6/30/2005 10:22 am

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Now I am Happy....

It does not happen often…

But after a recent post by a guy bashing me…

I decided to go down to the bookstore a couple blocks away from my house when I woke up this morning.

I bought a book called “Erotic Massage” written very recently by Anne Hooper.

I compared her advice to the blog I wrote on how to massage and touch a woman’s erogenous zones.

I wrote the first addition 2 months and 3 days before this book was published…


“Every” technique written within her book is “identical” to the techniques written in the chapter in my book.

This provides me with all the proof I need that I have some amazing “natural” talents.

It also shows me that I better get cracking on my book before another author publishes a book similar to the one I am writing.

My advice is identical to one of the world’s best-selling sex therapists. I bought a few other books of hers while I was there and found much of my romance advice is actually more detailed and better then what she has written. I compared my advice to Lou Paget’s advice as well and my information is also more detailed then what she has written within her books.

I was reading through one of my old books last night when I wrote my bit on female ejaculation. The book claimed that uterine orgasms are rare for women, literally the 1.9% kind of rare. Us INFJ’s exist in 2% of society, seeing as we are the best lovers in the world… those Stats pretty much go to show that we are the only ones who are capable of getting a woman to experience these such orgasms.

I was re-reading the section on AdultFriendFinder’s personality results for us INFJ’s. As everyone knows, I am a scholar and thus do not go out much. Numerous people have yelled at me and told me to go socialize. Well the FUNNY thing is… according to the person who created AdultFriendFinder’s personality test… INFJ’s like me are virtually impossible for women to find because we are hermits that very rarely ever leave the house. According to it, we spend all our time reading, writing, and other related types of things.

I find it a little scary that a personality test knows me so well and the people like me. It also goes to show that women do not look very hard though. We are shy and quiet and they look through us like we are a ghost. I guess it is their problem though, because we are the few types of people who actually study sex.

Only a very rude and arrogant person would actually call himself or herself a good lover unless they have studied sex. Sexual knowledge is important for one to actually be considered a true lover. A true lover would have the ability to teach others how to be a true lover as well. That just goes to show that they need knowledge! That is why I hate so many people, they think that just because they have actually had sex that they are the hottest sh** in the world. Licking a woman or fu**ing a woman is not a very hard thing to do… it is harder to do it well with words then it is to do it in real life.

ih8usrnames 41M

8/4/2005 4:33 am

We are (the best lovers in the world)???

Gee...I hope that's right!!!

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