Mmm, A Nice And Naughty Dream....  

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3/1/2005 8:38 am

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Mmm, A Nice And Naughty Dream....

Nice and hot!!!

How many men out there have tasted their own semen?

I was always shied away from it till I was doing a cam show when I was 19. The gal asked me if I would be willing to taste myself for her, being the giver that I am I decided to show her what it was like when a guy tasted himself.

Mmm I must say it was "far" yummier then I ever expected! Lot’s of women taste themselves but guys always avoid it. Why ask a woman to do something that you are not willing to do?

It has become a nice naughty habit now that I do most of the times that I get myself off. Adding it to some actual food is always a nice topping! It's better when it is fresh and still hot though!

I would love to meet a woman who would be D/D free and on the pill so I could blow my load deep inside her and then have her straddle my face and let our mixed juices flow down into my mouth! Once I have gotten nearly all of it she could slide back down and lick away the extra from my lips nice and slowly. That or I could save some and have her suck it from the tip of my tongue!

I doubt I would ever swallow another guy’s unless my girl had that fantasy, but mmm it really is very yummy!

Are there any ladies that would be willing to do this?

Are there any guys that would be willing to do this?

How was it? Fun? Tasty?

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