Interesting... Why so Accurate?  

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9/13/2005 6:42 am

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Interesting... Why so Accurate?

A friend from here ran my numbers for me and these results are rather amazing. While I enjoy it, it also scares me a little knowing that these things can be so accurate... Thank you to the lovely woman who sent me this and took the time to run it up.

As a '2', you are all about peace, harmony and finding balance in everything. You are happiest when you are with a soul mate or at the very least, a really good business partner or friend. Your concern for others and diplomatic ways assure you of popularity and plenty of friends and supporters throughout your entire life.

If you are a number 2 you have an uncanny ability to understand others. Many of you are blessed with enhanced intuition and you make great doctors, psychiatrists and healers. As so many are willing to support your biggest belief, which is that "justice should prevail" many of you also end up becoming beloved politicians or columnists.

You are at your best when working in a team rather than a leader. Your perfect position is the leader's right hand man or woman. You make a great husband or wife! The reason you often fail at being a leader is because you want to please everyone and don't have the heart to say no!

Your ability to cooperate with others often pays off handsomely for you. Your prime concern is not being rich, but "doing what you love so the money will come." You have a humane and humorous approach to life that others find very attractive.

However, you are often self-sacrificing (sometimes to a fault) because you also need the approval of others. Being a two, this is because you see others reactions to you as being a mirror of who you really are. If others are unhappy with you, you risk experiencing an unhealthy dissatisfaction that can lead to a lack of confidence or low self-esteem.

The number 2 life path usually includes one other person that is with you or is a heavy influence on you for your entire life. You might have a tendency to see your lover and yourself as one soul or one person. Depending on how healthy this connection is you might be with this person your entire life or waste a lot of your life yearning to be with this person. Unrequited love is more painful for you than other numbers.

Love, beauty and art are also very important to you. You love the idea of symmetry and this leads to a love of classic art, poetry and of course music. Your surroundings are also very important to you, as they are a reflection of who you are.

You love old things, sentimental things and collect objects that touch your heart. If you are not an artist yourself, then you will at least have an interest in the subject. Many 2's often find a soul mate in another artist and become the patron. This is because you love it when others hold up beautiful mirrors of society.

Sometimes 2's are vulnerable to obsessive compulsive behaviors because they are so addicted to perfection. In fact the karmic path of many number twos is to learn not to become depressed or disappointed when people or situations turn out less than perfect.

You are sensitive to other's feelings but are also easily hurt when others are incapable of returning the consideration. Many 2's spend their early years learning how to not take the actions of others personally.

You are the best friend that any other number in numerology could possibly have are often self-less to a fault. Others sense your deep faith in human nature and are so touched by it that they often fulfill your desires just to see you smile.

LoyaltyandHonor 36M/32F
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9/15/2005 1:32 pm

I am not sure how she narrowed it down to one number...

demonicsexkitten 43F
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9/13/2005 6:42 pm

So, how did she run it down to just one number? I am not really into numerology at all. But I did do a bit of playing with my name before on a numerology website... The funny thing is, the name i was given at birth and the name i chose for the internet (which if i ever changed my real name i would take that one)... ended up breaking down into identical meanings. There were a couple differences, but they were minor. (like shy vs. quiet minor).

Do you know if it means anything if you have a favorite number? Mine's 4. What does 4 mean?

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