In The Begining...  

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In The Begining...

In the beginning

When I first hit maturity and began to have sexual attraction to women I noticed my natural point of views were different from many of the other guys I knew. Every time I looked at a woman I for some reason got the idea that their breasts were the keys to their sexual response cycle. Literally every single other guy I knew only thought that the vagina was worth paying attention to. They talked about a woman’s breasts, but did not think of them in terms of sex. As we all know there are a lot of guys who seem to focus on “getting their penis wet” oppose to working the entire body. During sex education class they discussed the fact that a woman’s nipples are normally the first things to be effected when arousal begins. I found this to be fascinating because it kind of nudged my theory in the right direction. I then learned from a book that a woman often experiences mild to intense orgasms from breast feeding after they have had a child, I of course found this to be even more fascinating. Regardless, instead of listening to myself and following my natural instincts I began my adult life just like most other guys do in the fact that I allowed my hormones to control my body and my mind. While things were fine at first I still could not help but thinking that there was more behind a woman’s body and breasts then what most of the other guys were thinking. Finally when I was 13 I met another young lady that confirmed my theory to be true.

At first we kept the play down to a minimum, basically because we were young we were just getting familiar with each other’s bodies. As time went on we began to incorporate genital stimulation; this is where I noticed something that ended up changing my outlook forever. During one of our sessions I had one of my fingers deep inside of her, at first we kept kissing while I continued to finger her. As her arousal began to rise I moved my lips down across her neck kissing very gently. I proceeded to kiss down onto her shoulder and swept my lips back and forth from the end of her shoulders to the base of her neck. The strange thing was that as I kept kissing her neck, she slowly leaned back and let out some very gentle but long moans. Her vagina began getting wetter and wetter as I put more pressure behind my kissing.

This amazed me, so many times I had been around other guys my own age and ones that were older that I kept hearing them talking about the fact that the vagina and breasts were what they considered to be the only important part of a woman’s body. It was because of this that I did not expect her to get so wet from me kissing her neck. As we continued to fool around I toyed around with vaginal stimulation without me kissing her body and then again other times while kissing her body. Each time it appeared that she was a lot more aroused when I was kissing her body while stimulating her then she was when I was not stimulating her body.

The second woman I dated I met at a Christian camp where I was doing community service work during the summers, I was still 13 at the time. This girl was much older then me and we had not done anything sexually together at all. The subject of sex finally came up one night while we were cuddling together. She mentioned that she had actually had sex with five of her previous boyfriends. I assume she came out with this information due to the fact I was being rather shy around the topic of kissing, let alone actual sex. She was older then I was, not to mention that she was what I would consider to be drop dead gorgeous, being as young as I was it made me rather nervous. When she was talking to me about this I began to think, “this is a Christian girl, it is against religious beliefs for them to engage in pre-marital sex.” Me, being the far to curious and wise person that I often am then asked, “why?” Was she sleeping with these people because she thought she had to or because she actually wanted to? She seemed to me to actually be very spiritual and thus I could just not picture her actually wanting to sleep with all the guys she was dating because it violated her deepest beliefs. She took the liberty to inform me that a large part of her did not actually want to sleep with the guys she had slept with. Apparently many of the other women she was friends with were having sex with their boyfriends. As time went on she began to feel that she should be sleeping with the guys she was dating otherwise she could possibly loose them.

I took the liberty to make it clear to her that I had no intention of having sex with her unless she could tell me it was truly something she wanted. This was apparently something she did not expect to hear, I do not know if it was because of my age or because of the fact none of the other guys had handled the matter the same way. They apparently did not care enough to actually think about her; therefore the topic never became a discussion.

This loosed me up a lot; it was a very personal discussion that we had just had and helped me to get rid of a lot of anxiety. I wanted to be able to do some things with her, but at that age I really did not want to begin having sexual intercourse yet. I know that not only is sex before marriage wrong, but most would say any kind of sexual activity is wrong as well. Although we did not have sex together we did do a great deal of other things. She was the first woman that I got to perform cunnilingus (oral sex) on. I remember being very nervous about this, once again I was not nervous about the act but instead nervous because I was as clueless as clueless can get and she had already taken things a lot further with some other guys. I spent several days desiring to get to this level and thinking of ways to do it without doing it badly. Finally I decided to take a risk, instead of doing my own thing and possibly doing the wrong thing I had her teach me indirectly. Thankfully I do “occasionally” have some good ideas! I had her stimulate herself very slowly, as she was moving her fingers I followed along behind her movements with my tongue. It did not take very much time before I figured out the basic sensitive areas and she withdrew her hand and laid back to enjoy herself.

To many I am sure what I did seems possibly wimpy or just downright strange, but it worked very beautifully. Many people seem to have fun learning by trial and error. I however do not like this, why risk doing it wrong and reduce pleasure when there are little ways of making sure you are doing it right and getting maximum pleasure right from the start? Not only is it still very fun, but it is also obviously much more pleasurable! Of course letting a woman guide you or take control can be VERY fun sometimes.

After slowly increasing my freedom and relaxation while with a woman I began getting heavier with foreplay. I still did not want to have sex but wanted to fool around as often and as much as possible. I was getting older and had lost sight of my initial thoughts about sex and especially about my ideas about the center of a woman’s response cycle. Since I was with a woman I cared about and was so relaxed with, I took the liberty to start testing those ideas. It was here that I found my theories about both the breasts and a woman’s body in general to be considerably more accurate then any of the men I had ever spoken to or overheard in conversation.

Over the years I have stopped “fooling around” and hit the books instead. While I desire to act immature every once and awhile I can not ignore my wisdom and intelligence. Many people say that it is not possible to contain seriously high natural sexual intelligence and therefore claim that sexual knowledge is only gained by sexual experience. My sexual experiences only confirmed my sexual intelligence and did not actually increase it at all.

I buy nearly every sex book that hits the market, and it has grown into a rather large personal sexual library. The most amazing thing is that many of my theories are now being talked about and proven by other doctors and therapists. Lou Paget is the author of the book The Big O. On Page 107 she talks about the breast/nipple orgasm. She states what I stated about it being possible for women to actually have breast/nipple orgasms and then discusses techniques to possibly achieve them. She mentions that women have reported this to her and therefore she decided to mention it, no one ever mentioned to me that it was actually possible during sex at all. Instead I put together the fact that if you a woman can experience orgasms from breast feeding a child then it could be very possible to have one when stimulated by a lover during sex.

Many people in today’s society seem to start having sex together on the first date and often without even being on a date at all. Back in history (during more religious times) people had higher morals and values. Instead of having sex so quickly they often “made-out” much more frequently and did not take it beyond that. Playing with a woman’s breast was much more common at this time cause they were focusing on everything they could aside from the vagina. During this time it was very common for women to experience breast/nipple orgasms. Seeing how a woman’s breast is just above the center of her body it is no surprise to me that these orgasms could be so intense though. If you think of the “area of effect” then the breast would have more range then the vagina.

In Deborah Sundahls book Female Ejaculation & The G-Spot she mentions that uterine orgasms are extremely rare overall and yet she classifies them as normally being seriously intense. I believe the reason for this is because the vagina is both an exit and entry for a woman’s body. The breasts are normally only an exit point for women, but they are directly connected to the uterus. In my mind, I picture a penis causing a vibration within the vagina. It could ricochet off the cervix and not actually pass it or vibrate it therefore not be able to reach the uterus or cervix the way it needs to (it depends on the speed in which it is being used). Deborah mentions that a “jostling of the cervix” triggers the uterine orgasm. She mentions very clearly that uterine orgasms are extremely rare and mainly due to the fact that it requires a deep emotional connection to your partner. This of course makes sense because without a deep connection to your partner you are obviously not as relaxed as possible. If you are not relaxed then it could result in the possibility of the vagina and the cervix being more tense then it actually should be. If you are acting out of lust instead of passion then you are obviously not going to be very connected to the person you are having sex with. By having sex before you know someone a little or even at all then obviously you can not achieve a connection strong enough to experience these orgasms.

Diana Richardson published a book Tantric Orgasm For Women that goes into detail about the idea of a woman’s breasts being the positive of a woman’s body and the vagina being the negative of her body. She goes into detail about the fact the male penis is actually considered to be the positive of a man’s body and the nipples are his negatives (What is also referred to as the Yin-Yang of sex). In theory if the penis is used to slowly penetrate a woman then the positive and negative come together and can result in a seriously intense orgasm. This orgasm would be classified as a uterine orgasm. This is amazing because many people in today’s society do not believe in slow and sensual sex. Instead they normally act like “pornstars” and thus engage in acts of lust. Not only do these acts of lust result in what we have seen in our society as sexually transmitted disease outbreaks, and teen pregnancy but also it has literally ruined the greatest of all known female orgasms! Breast stimulation and slow sensual sex are the only ways to achieve these undeniably and seriously high levels of orgasm.

Sexual education was originally a wonderful thing; it has now just about corrupted every corner of the Earth. Instead of cultures working together they work against each other in search of fame and fortune and obviously this greed causes problems. Sex is not what it use to be, it is considerably less meaningful and intense then it was even 2,000 years ago. While many people think we are getting more advanced I would have to say that this is a clear indication that we are actually becoming less advanced. If the theory of evolution was actually true then we would without a doubt actually be de-evolving right in front of our very eyes and yet no one else seems to see this. This causes me great sorrow and plagues me on a daily basis.

Through recently taking numerous personality tests I have learned that I am an INFJ (Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judger). Rumored by many doctors to be the rarest of all known personality types roughly a maximum of 1 to 2 percent of all known society. They proclaim us to be naturally psychic, highly intelligent (borderline brilliant), religious, and highly passionate people. They seem to think we are the natural prophets of the world and our theories are rumored to “always” be correct. A list of famous INFJ’s include Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Carrie Fisher, Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, Billy Crystal, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Nathan, prophet of Israel, Piers Anthony, Chaucer, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Thomas Jefferson, and several others. Although it is not proven I would have to say it is very possible that William Wallace, the “mythical” King Arthur, Jesus Christ, and Osoma Bin Laden are also INFJ’s. (Sadly not all INFJ’s have used their intelligence for the right reasons; but then again there could be hidden things we are unaware of. Most people will not listen to us today because we are actually today more common to drop out of school then any other personality type).

I do not personally believe in fame or fortune, I believe in helping people. I have dedicated the second half of my life to community service (since age 13) and studying and deciphering the things that apparently no one else has been able to do.

Yes I have not had sex, and for this reason I single handedly am proof that the people who say sexual intelligence and knowledge only comes from sexual experience are actually “horrifically” wrong. A recent study by Yale and Columbia universities proclaim that us virgins are more sexually curious and just as likely to get sexually transmitted diseases as people who are sexually active. I am also proof that this report is totally wrong.

For the last several years I have studied sex as well as scanned online dating sites for frequently asked questions and concerns. I have spent time writing erotica and general romance for several online websites. I have posted basic ideas to various websites as well where people can respond and give their opinions. I have discovered that there are numerous ways to train the mind in both sexual and none sexual senses. Writing erotica was a very hard challenge at first. Eventually I gave up trying to work like others and create random scenes and stories. I instead, turned myself into the male character and began writing out my own personal fantasies. The response I started getting from my writings was a very big pleasure, while many men did not like what I was writing, a lot of women did. I learned through these responses that many modern books are right in the fact that men and women both desire a lot of different things both in relationships and sex in general. Eventually it resulted in me learning just what it was that my mind and body truly desired. For anyone who has wanted to know the real truth about the very things that modern day doctors, scientists, and sex therapists are to afraid to reveal about female orgasms, penis size and its effects, cunnilingus, fellatio, sexual positions, and numerous other topics. This is it, your one stop shopping guide for modern day sexual issues. Built off a true romantics sexual theories and ideals, backed up by many modern day people such as Lou Paget, Deborah Sundahl, Anne Hooper, and many others, this will answer every thing you have ever wondered about religion, sex, relationships, and modern society.

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I have noticed that too, each one of them have very different views. Lou Paget claims there are 7 ways a man can orgasm and 10 ways a woman can orgasm. Most other people say women only experience 3 different orgasms.

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3/20/2005 1:30 pm

I do have some articles on female ejaculation and there are many view's doctor's and therapist's and then my own peronal view as a female who ejaculate's...

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I am not sure how this post got removed the first time. It qualifies under the "fair use act".

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This is just a rough draft that is currently something I am working on. It still has a lot of work to be done to it but I am looking for some advice and opinions of different women. I will edit it as I rework it and incorporate new ideas. I imagine I will end up editing it 5 to 10 times over the course of the next few weeks before it is what many others and myself consider a finished work.

If you have information or ideas you would like to give me to add into it then please feel welcome to do so. Don’t be to critical yet, as I said, it is still in the initial process.

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