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Frequently asked questions...

I am in the process of trying to think of some of the most frequently asked sexual questions that float around today. Here is a list of what I have noticed asked on a regular basis from different places…

Does size matter?

What do women mean when they say, “it’s not about the size, it’s about how you use it”?

Is oral sex still sex?

Are one-night stands good or bad?

Is masturbation bad?

Is sex before marriage bad?

Is there a magic age to start having sex?

Why do guys mistreat so many women?

Why do nice guys finish last?

Is porn a good reference for learning?

Do women experience different orgasms?

Why do women need time to “warm-up” before intercourse?

Is it wrong to cheat?

Is it bad to be a virgin?

Is sex better with someone you care about?

Is slower better?

Is it wrong to look?

Is watching porn cheating?

Does anal play mean your gay?

Do appearances matter?

What is fellatio?

What is cunnilingus?

What is Kama-Sutra?

What is female ejaculation?

Is there such a thing as totally safe sex?

Are one-liners bad?

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