Frequent Questions I Have Been Asked  

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Frequent Questions I Have Been Asked

I have been out of touch for a little while since I have had so much going on. I am going answer questions I get from time to time on my blog or through email. I went through this morning and unbanned some people that I had to previously ban. I do not know if it worked or not because the names disappeared from the list and then showed back up later when I unbanned someone else. Hopefully it worked alright though. I will of course re-ban people if I have to. I do not mind when people disagree with me at all. I prefer discussions and not arguments though

Has anything changed with my sister and her boyfriend?

Nope, things have only gotten worse. She is moving to California in a month though and maybe things will be better then. I doubt it but she thinks things will be a lot better.

What happened with work?

I finally heard back from the Attorney General’s Office. They have taken my case but it will take a year to two years in order to interview everyone that they need to interview. The company is still paying my unemployment of course. They didn’t appeal the decision because there was no way that they could. They don’t have anything to prove that I swore at my manager because I never actually swore at him.

My girlfriends parents tried t convince me to keep the $300 that I was overpaid but I wrote the company a letter to tell them about the money. They wrote me a letter back yesterday and told me I could just keep the money and did not need to pay it back. I wouldn’t keep the money without saying something but I figured I should be even more careful since I did not want to look like a thief when I am in the middle of suing them for various reasons.

Are things with my girlfriend falling apart?

No they are not, I love her a lot. We met here at this website and we now live together. Things are frustrating because my sister and her daughter are living with us as well. It is very difficult to unpack, work, and relax when a baby is screaming in the background.

She is interested in swinging as long as a woman doesn’t try and touch her or as long as I don’t sleep with another woman. She is perfectly happy with another man and me pleasing her together. It is not that she won’t allow me to have sex with another woman, she is afraid I might leave her if I have sex with another woman (because one of her ex-boyfriends cheated on her and left her).

She just told me again a few hours ago that she would like to have sex in a group of people at first without any women interacting with me or have sex while other people are having sex in the room as well. Once she sees that I am not like her ex-boyfriend, she will allow me to do more. I already knew she had a very low self-esteem and it will take time to bring it back up.
I will wait to make a judgment on the length of our relationship after we have been together for a few years. We have only been a couple for eight months so far. We’ll be doing new profile pictures, video intro’s and webcam shows starting tomorrow.

Why haven’t I been posting new stuff?

Things have been very crazy at the moment. I have moved twice and encountered some family problems. I haven’t had a chance to do any studying now in almost 4 weeks. I did get my hand-written notes from my notebooks typed up and I have the written copies plus a printed copy of each of them. It took well over 100 hours to type up and organize all of the notes I have taken over the last year. If I loose these notes I will be in trouble because I don’t have them copied on a CD. I am a serious neat freak though and have never lost any notes. I put each individual page in a plastic sheet protector and then put it in my leather 3-ring binder.

Have I had any problems in the bedroom?

Not a single one so far. Nothing that people told me would happen actually happened. Perhaps the fact that I spent so much time preparing for the worst was what prevented those things from occurring. As a few members pointed out, I had never had sex before but had been in sexual contact with women before. I think a lot of people misunderstood and thought I had never engaged in “any” kind of sexual activity.

Do I enjoy having sex?

In some ways yes, in other ways no. I don’t always feel like having sex and she likes having sex at least once a day (our personal record is only 14 times in a day). I wish she wasn’t so horny all of the time and then again if she wasn’t I would probably be wishing that she was. She still has some things to learn but there are much more important issues that she needs to work on right now.

Kissing is still my favorite thing to do and it is the only thing that keeps me erect. Without kissing and constant bodily contact, he does not stay erect for very long. I have no idea how other guys can just go around screwing an endless amount of women. It is the passion that I like, not the vagina.

Do I still like cunnilingus more than fellatio?

Fellatio feels good but I prefer the taste of a woman. Nothing that can happen will ever change that. Making a woman scream and squirm is wonderful. I would rather give pleasure to her than have her give it to me. I still wish I could find a woman that can handle being eaten out for hours on end.

I am sure I have missed so questions I have been asked and if I think of anymore I will add them in. If I forgot a lot, I will just create a part-two. Feel free to ask them if you have not already done so.

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