Female Orgasms... Making love or fu**ing... They provide extreme differences!  

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Female Orgasms... Making love or fu**ing... They provide extreme differences!

Female Orgasms... What no one seems to know or care about

Many people believe that women only have one type of orgasm. I do not see this as so! I have studied enough sources to not even have to actually answer this on my own. However, I am not pleased with the sources at all because they are to medical and that is something that many people do not understand. Some are just flat out wrong… I read one that called a blended orgasm to be the same as a uterine orgasm. This makes no theoretical sense at all! And the woman that wrote it had a Ph.D. Since there are not any doctors and sex therapists that can not explain this in a modern way… I shall do it through my eyes… after all; this is what us philosophers are famous for. We are the only ones who should be doing this type of work, but a great deal of people today believe they can be anything they want and thus give the wrong analogies. Some of us are naturally born to understand things that others are not and that is the bottom line. People need to learn to stop trying to do things they are not actually capable of doing. I am a visionary… and I use visions to explain things. Many people will not see what my words actually mean and then again many others will feel and see exactly what I mean. Sorry, but not everyone is going to be able to follow what I am about to say…

How many people have seen the movie “Armageddon?” I think there is a perfect example within it that could open people’s minds a little about orgasmic potential! Right after they discover the asteroid that is going to hit Earth, they start thinking of ways to destroy it. They come up with many ideas… however there is only one that fits well enough to actually work.

One man wants to just shoot 150 nuclear warheads at it and blow it up. The lead scientist disagrees and comes up with the idea of drilling a hole into it and dropping a bomb.

He uses this as a reason why…

“Place a firecracker in the palm of your hand and light it. What does it do? It will burn your hand! Now... Take that same firecracker and place it in your hand. This time, light it and then close your hand. What happens? (Waves arms to imitate an explosion) Well your wife will be opening your ketchup bottles for the rest of your life!”

This is a truly great example of what can happen to a woman’s body during an orgasm. One action will cause a reaction while another similar action might cause a totally different reaction then the previous one! What might happen on the surface is not what happens within the core! Look at the ocean… it might look calm on the surface, but down on the bottom there could be all kinds of heavy currents that you won’t see until you get swept away by them.

To put it simply, there are three known female orgasms

The first one (most common) is known as the “clitoral” orgasm (some may know it as a vulvic or vaginal orgasm). This is normally caused by rapid stimulation to a woman’s clitoris (clit). The nerve that this orgasm centers around is the pudendal nerve. This orgasm only involves the first one-third of the PC muscles.

The second one (also very common) is known as the “blended” orgasm (most people know this as a G-Spot orgasm). The reason this is actually called a blended orgasm and not strictly as a g-spot orgasm is because it involves stimulation of two areas of the body. Two different nerves run those two specific areas… notice above how the “clitoral” orgasm only involves the “pudendal” nerve? Well the “blended” (g-spot) orgasm involves the pudendal “and” pelvic nerves. It also involves the back two-thirds of PC muscles and uterine muscles. Here again we see that this orgasm activates more nerves and muscles at once then the singular ones from the clitoral orgasm. Most people believe that the g-spot reacts best to a “come hither” motion. However, it is my experience that it actually reacts better to direct pressure and not stroking. My observations are in fact correct... many recent studies have proven that the g-spot reacts better to being pushed then massaged. Female ejaculation is rather common with this orgasm... however, we will not address female ejaculation in detail here as it does not change the function of the basic orgasm. It does not matter if she ejaculates or if she does not ejaculate… either way it is still a “blended” orgasm. This orgasm rages from woman to women in intensity, some may find it very pleasurable and some may find it slightly pleasurable. To be totally honest… this orgasm is actually very painful for some women as well! It involves a lot of internal activity, obviously not all women can handle having all those nerves convulsing or flexing at once. The clitoris and g-spot are actually partially connected to one another (by the clitoral legs). Therefore when stimulating both the clitoris and g-spot… you are possibly “over” stimulating it without even realizing it.

The third and “rarest” of the three types is the uterine orgasm. I have not heard it referred to as in any other terms; very few Americans will ever experience this orgasm anyway so I guess it would not matter. The only nerve this orgasm utilizes is the pelvic one. The only muscle involved with this orgasm is the uterine muscle. A deep thrusting that jostles the cervix causes this orgasm. This is exactly why most people (especially Americans) will not ever experience this orgasm. Bluntly… it is due to total stupidity! Most men and women hear that a jostling to the cervix causes it and therefore assume that the only way to jostle something is to rock it good and hard. As a result, they engage in very rough sexual activities and do not take the time to fully physically or intellectually understand this orgasm and its techniques.

The cervix in my mind is a shield that divides the uterus and the vagina. It is there to stop a penis (or any object) from entering the uterus. It also serves as a plug so that when a woman is pregnant… the baby will stay in the uterus. If the cervix gets heavily damaged… she will not be able to bare children because the shield (plug) is no longer able to function very well. For those who do not understand this, then perhaps you can think about your throat and stomach. There is a sphincter muscle within the throat that blocks the path of food from leaving the stomach after it enters it. If this muscle gets damaged it can lead to something called “involuntary purging”. This is very common amongst women with eating disorders because of them constantly sticking their fingers down their throat can cause serious damage to the point that they can no longer hold food within their bodies.

When something enters the vagina it naturally sends a signal to the cervix and thus it tightens (a self-defense mechanism). The rougher you are within the vagina… the more the cervix will tighten and remain tightened. In order to get that cervix to loosen up and allow for the penis to really vibrate it… one must get a woman’s body to relax. Once she really relaxes… the cervix will relax and not only loosen up, but often actually lower down to where the head of the penis is because it is not fully aware of its presence. (A tantric technique used when a very small penis is within a large vagina, which allows for considerably more sensation to the woman and proves that with knowledge… size does not matter at all).

If the cervix is loose, then vibrations can pass straight through it and directly into the uterus. Once vibrations enter the uterus… they can only leave VIA the spine, brain, and nipples. This provides a highly pleasurable orgasm for women because it floods their entire body in sensations. Clitoral and blended orgasms are more restricted to the genitals… the vibrations are so far away, that the cervix has time to tighten and “shield” the uterus from them getting through.

I usually refer to a uterine orgasm as a nuclear bomb and clitoral, blended orgasms as just a grenade. Grenades are powerful, but have a small blast radius. Bombs are small, but have tremendously more force to the explosion. Bombs also leave a “after” effect that can cause damage beyond just the actual explosion point. Grenades just stick to the basic zone of explosion. The point… clitoral and blended orgasms are pleasurable, yet they do not leave a highly powerful aftermath. Uterine orgasms are not only high in radius, but they leave a very large lasting effect!

In America, the majority of women want frequent orgasms because the motto of the country seems to be “the bigger the better” or “the more the merrier.” Thus most people strictly engage in rough sex like pornstars and aim for frequent or fast orgasms. Many other countries know the philosophical aspects of sexual function and thus know naturally what I have just said. They care more for “overall” pleasure and thus tend to make love more then fu**. Making love is much slower… but in the end can result in a highly explosive uterine orgasm. Fu**ing will only allow for frequent blended or clitoral orgasms. The last estimate I saw was that uterine orgasms are roughly 17 times more powerful then any clitoral or blended orgasm combined. I do not know how accurate this is, however based off the fact that so many foreign cultures enjoy making love… I would say that it is probably along the correct estimations.

A lot of Americans complain because they know many cultures do not eat women out often. This is once again stupidity of the American society… all because they normally do not have philosophical abilities. Americans focus on physical things while Asian cultures focus more on spiritual things (beliefs).

The reason they do not perform oral sex often is because clitoral orgasms cause pressure (airflow) to the vagina and thus tightens the cervix. Once the cervix tightens… a uterine orgasm is no longer possible. Therefore… they normally eat a woman out and stop before actual orgasm so that the woman can still feel the intense pleasure of a uterine orgasm and yet some of the pleasure of cunnilingus (oral congress, oral sex).

Many people wonder why lovers are so amazing…

Well lovers offer a woman an orgasm that is totally different then what pornstars or wannabe pornstars can offer them!


All orgasms result in brain activity! Clitoral and blended orgasms trigger the basic areas of the brain where movement resides. Uterine orgasms trigger the advanced area of the brain where fantasies and consciousness reside. Once again providing a solid backbone for why uterine orgasms are so highly intense compared to blended or clitoral orgasms.

(I have covered much more detailed information about female orgasms in previous articles. This is more on the spiritual effects then just the mere physical effects. I am a lover and a tantric sex artist… we focus on “the slower the better.” We use a combination of “all” aspects where as most doctors and counselors strictly focus on the physical aspects). Let’s face it… people are either religious or not… we are not religious, nor are we none religious… we are highly “spiritual.” We have many beliefs… not just one like most religious people. For more details… you shall have to ask specific questions and I can give you specific answers. Here is a separate and partially detailed list of the sexual possibilities…

The most common orgasms experienced by women through sex

Making love:
Making love is about passion, it is normally very slow penetration while the two people are heavily engaged in foreplay type activities and not focusing on genital stimulation. (Meaning: They focus mainly on kissing and massage oppose to forceful/hard thrusting). This considerably increases the emotional connection and thus activates the most powerful and “rarest” of the female orgasms.

1) Uterine (Cervical) ~ “Most” common, due to intense emotional connection

2) Breast (Nipple, Cervical) ~ “Most” common, due to wandering hands

3) Clitoral (Clitoris) ~ Common but not frequent

4) Blended (G-Spot, Vaginal) ~ Rarely “if” ever

Fu**ing (Pornstar sex):
Fu**ing is about genital stimulation with a lack of emotional or bodily stimulation. Instead of focusing on kissing and massaging each other’s body the two normally only focus on hard penetration for a quick orgasm. These fast orgasms are normally only achieved through a woman (or the man) keeping pressure/stimulation on her clitoris.

1) Clitoral (Clitoris) ~ “Most” Common

2) Blended (G-Spot, Vaginal) ~ “Occasionally” to “rarely”

3) Breast (Nipple, Cervical) ~ Rarely “if” ever

4) Uterine (Cervical) ~ “Rare” to nearly “impossible”

If you notice the above, the two different types of sex activate a totally different sexual response. With one type she is very relaxed both mentally and physically and the other she is relaxed mentally but not normally physically. Obviously a woman’s sexual response and general relaxation will decide the fate of what orgasms she experiences.

Breast/Nipple orgasms are rarely experienced through sexual intercourse today. Instead this orgasm is normally experienced by women who have had children and that are breast-feeding. In olden times this orgasm was the most common due to the fact that more people did not have sex right off and stuck to making-out. In today’s times so many people have sex early on that it has decreased one of the most intense of the known female orgasms.

Uterine (cervical) orgasms are amongst the rarest due to the fact that most people fu** instead of make love. The hard penetration causes stress and pressure to the cervix, which in return causes it to tighten instead of, relaxing.

Making love is about constant penetration with “no” interruption. Removing the penis during penetration would count as a serious disruption and thus sex instructors often first teach men and women how to turn on the penis, so that you can change into numerous sexual positions without them having to remove the penis from the vagina. Most tantric sex instructors teach that if the penis slips from the vagina at all (even if it is by accident) at any point in time then it is no longer considered true tantric sex (making love).

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Yes i do live by the codes and rules I write. I actually did in fact say that before.

The written word is sacred to us INFJ's just like god was to Jesus. We write what we feel and believe... and we do not follow anything or anyone other then what we feel, write, and believe.

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I think this is interesting to know, as I do wish to learn more and more of Tantra, so please keep these nice articles coming.

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Very interesting, thanks for the information. It all makes sense, fortunately I have an excellent lover and companion.

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I know I may be young but I wonder, do you just say these things because you like the fantasy of "knight in shining armor" or do you live by your rules. I have posted before and you never answered. Im just curious.

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dude this rocks!

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