Female Orgasms (Penetration Forms)  

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Female Orgasms (Penetration Forms)

Many people (especially men) do not know the different types of female orgasms. I have found that there are great deals of women who also do not know much about what their body can or can not do. Here is a detailed list of information about female orgasm(s). By knowing what does what it can drastically help increase your relationship and specifically your sexual pleasure. Us men have it rather easy in the orgasm department and women do not. So for those of you who are interested, here is a detailed list.

Female Orgasms

The Blended Orgasm

The second known type of female orgasm is the blended one. Most people would know this type of orgasm by it’s nicknamed “the g-spot”.

This orgasm achieved its name because it activates both the pudendal and pelvic nerves. It also involves the back two-thirds PC muscles and the uterine muscles.

This is the orgasm in which female ejaculation is the easiest and therefore most common. During this orgasm the vagina compresses downward, this causes the PC muscles to push out the ejaculate.

All women do in fact have a urethral sponge (g-spot). However, not all g-spots are in the same place. All women have a prostate and thus all women have the ability to ejaculate.

Orgasm is normally achieved from stimulation of the g-spot (urethral sponge) and clit (clitoris) together. It is possible to achieve orgasm from only stimulating the g-spot but works better to keep women relaxed if you stimulate both together. It is recommended to start off slowly and then slightly increase pressure and speed as her arousal increases. The most common used technique is the “come hither” motion. The fingers that are easiest to use are the index or forefinger of your leading hand type (right or left). They have numerous g-spot stimulators for replacement of your fingers if you do not want your fingers doing the action.

The g-spot varies in shape and size from woman to woman, just as the vulva varies in shape and size from woman to woman. Some g-spots are small and dainty and, when stimulated, protrude only slightly into the vagina. On the other end of the spectrum, some are quite large and robust and, when stimulated protrude significantly into the vagina. (Some g-spots are reported to be the size and shape of a dime, lima bean, or pea).

The g-spot is defined as both the prostate and a network of erectile tissue similar to that found in a man’s penis. This same erectile tissue network extends, beyond the g-spot to include the clitoris, the clitoral legs, and area located near the anus (perineal sponge), and an area that lies underneath the vulva (urethral sponge).

An easy way for a man or woman to find the g-spot is to insert a finger one to one and a half inches inside the vagina, pushing slightly upward toward the urethra.

As with the clitoris (clit) the g-spot can be very pleasurable when stimulated or it can be uncomfortable and maybe even painful for some women. Always make sure your partner is aware of what you are doing so they can offer useful advice or feedback to you.

(It is possible to stimulate the g-spot during intercourse. The most recommended method is during foreplay and not intercourse. The optimal time for a woman to ejaculate is during her menstrual cycle. It is hardest to ejaculate the first few days after a woman has just ended her monthly cycle. Women who have finished their late life menopause phase can ejaculate easier and more frequently then other women. While they can ejaculate easier they will often ejaculate less then women who are still menstruating).

The Uterine Orgasm

The third and “rarest” of female orgasms is the uterine orgasm. Rare meaning: You have better odds of meeting Elvis then you do giving a woman a true uterine orgasm, and here is why…

The uterine orgasm is subjectively experienced as deeply emotional, involving no rhythmic contractions of the PC muscles. The measurable emotional changes that characterize the uterine orgasm involve emotional expression making sounds and the “apnea response”. This apnea response causes the larynx to temporarily suspend the breath during orgasm and then to exhale it “very” explosively, as occurs with other emotional reactions, such as laughing, sobbing, yawning, or screaming, providing the same release of tension. The uterine orgasm is dependent upon deep and rapid thrusts that jostle the cervix, which stimulates a large, sensitive membrane (called the peritoneum) which lines the abdomen and protects the organs of the abdomen and pelvic area, including the uterus. The uterine orgasm is most frequently a single deeply satiating orgasm. (Not achieved numerous times like the clitoral or blended orgasm can be).

Many women rarely (if ever) experience this type of orgasm because it requires a very deep emotional connection to your partner. This rare and powerful connection normally results in both emotional and physical arousal instead of just physical arousal like most people first experience. This increased arousal added with deep penetration helps create waves of pleasure that eventually causes the uterus to contract. If the uterus does not contract, then it is “not” a uterine orgasm.

Due to the increasingly high numbers of men and women sleeping around it has lowered the number of women who achieve this very powerful and rare level of orgasm. The uterine orgasm normally takes place from “tantric” sex styles like extended massive orgasms or kama-sutra. The foundation is being “the art of making love”. The art of making love is about passion and desire; porn-star style sex is about lust and desire. It is easy to be passionate with someone even if you have just met him or her, the trick being to “not” allow yourself to be rushed. Rushed sex and aggression not only leads to possible low leveled orgasms but also is the number one factor that causes men to ejaculate early or to pre-maturely ejaculate altogether. Self-control is a very serious and important thing when it comes to high levels of orgasm.

Fast, rough, or hard sex results in increased tension. With a woman this increased tension can result in involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles creating impossibility for a uterine orgasm to take place. As mentioned above, when it comes to men this increased tension can cause pre-mature or early ejaculation. While the uterine orgasm is only known by being achieved through deep, rapid thrusts, these thrusts are of a considerably more gentle nature then most young people or porn-stars use.

Because of the sexual actions of many people in today’s society, it has been proven that less then 10% of the female population ever at any point in time achieve a true uterine orgasm. Is there a possible medical cure or sex technique in the works to help women achieve this orgasm more regularly? Very few people can truly understand the sexual response cycles of males and females. It is slightly possible that someone may come along some day that can create such a technique. However, there is one more unknown issue that revolves around the uterine orgasm.

Both the 10th and 12th nerves, hypoglossal and the vagus nerve, originate in the gray matter of the fourth ventricle of the medulla oblongata area of the brain stem. The medulla oblongata has virtually unchanged since the Neanderthal’s and it controls sensory and motor skills, as well as our basic instincts for fleeing, fighting, feeding, and sexual pleasure. The cerebral cortex, in contrast, makes up the majority of the brain and controls fantasy, imagining, dreaming, and perhaps even consciousness. It is far less understood and well mapped then our medulla oblongata and other nerve centers of the “lower” brain or brain stem. However, it is well known that orgasms can take place without any sensory stimulation, as in dreams, and, for some individuals, through fantasy or the buildup of erotic energy are also fueled by this more mysterious, and far less instinctual, part of the human brain.

Clearly there is much more to learn about sexuality and this area of the brain. If the sexual, pelvic nerves connect to this area in the brain where scientists may one day find that consciousness resides, then one can barely fathom the potential for the untapped power source that is our sexual energy and pleasure.

What does all that mean? Doctors, researchers, scientists, have no idea what exactly triggers the deep sexual responses that result from the uterine orgasm. It is believed that the answers are contained within this unknown part of the brain.

Overall, the real truth of the matter is that we will have invented warp drive before most (if any) women get to find the answers to this tremendously powerful orgasm. Unless we have a sex therapist of scientist like Einstein who can make sense of this stuff, then all hope of answers is lost.

I do not start my sexology studies till this fall, but if my analysis is correct then the hidden truth to the first step of the uterine orgasm is stimulation of the breast and not the vagina. If we look at breast-feeding we will see that by doing it women have reported numerous times they experience mild uterine contractions throughout the feeding time. Those uterine contractions are what help the uterus to contract back to its normal size after childbirth. This is not surprising since the breasts are directly connected to the uterus. The vagina is the negative effect of the female sexual response cycle because it is the only vent for the body. Vibrations sent into the breast travel down into the uterus, past the cervix, and out through the vagina. Vibrations sent into the vagina through the vagina normally hit and bounce off the cervix and flow back out of the vagina therefore never getting the chance to travel through the uterus. According to most tantric sex styles they believe what I also believe, and that is that the breasts are actually the center of female orgasms and not the clitoris or g-spot like many American doctors and scientists believe. Even according to American doctors initial arousal for women is achieved by breast stimulation, once the nipples become erect it then starts to get the rest of her motor and sexual functions to kick in which then results in the lubrication of the vagina.

All those factors combined issue that my theory of uterine orgasms and the epicenter of which it comes from are more accurate then anything else known. The breasts are a seriously important factor in female arousal and female orgasm as well. In due time we may find a technique to support this theory, but that as I said earlier, is decades away from happening (maybe even centuries).

Clitoral Orgasm

The first type (Most Common) of the female orgasms is the Clitoral Orgasm. Other names you may have heard this specific orgasm referred to, as is Vulvic or Vaginal.

The Clitoral Orgasm takes place when you apply slow or rapid stimulation (pressure) to the Clitoris (clit). This stimulation can be manually or orally, either one result in the same type of orgasm but feels differently depending on if it is your tongue or fingers stimulating it. (Many woman do not like direct clitoral stimulation, often it will be the clitoral hood being stimulated instead of the clitoris it self). The Clitoris (clit) averages 4,000 to 4,500 nerve endings. The "entire" male Penis averages 2,000 to 2,500. This shows that the Clitoris alone holds nearly two times the nerve endings of the male Penis thus explaining why it is painful for some women when you stimulate it directly. (If you were with a new partner that you have not gotten to know well then it would be recommended to not directly stimulate her clit at all and just focus on the clitoral hood. Once you get to know the partner you can slowly try mixing in direct stimulation by small amounts to see if it feels good or hurts. Obviously if it hurts you do not want to try it again). "A good lover is a knowledgeable and caring one". This specific type of orgasm only involves the Pudendal nerves and First One-Third of the PC muscles.

It is highly difficult and close to nearly impossible for "most" women to achieve ejaculation from this type of orgasm. The reason it is so difficult is because the vagina balloons upwards during it's contraction. The Uterine muscles are also totally inactive during this contraction.

The Clitoral (Vulvic, Vaginal) orgasm is again the easiest of the three types of orgasm for "most" women to achieve. This specific orgasm is common enough that in most instances it can allow a woman to have numerous orgasms of this kind in each sexual session.

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5/23/2009 1:47 pm

Great words and wisdom! This is a problem I have found and not quite sure how to release my women’s beast that I know lurks inside this one.

I have found in past women it’s great to get her to have one or two orgasms during for play and once you can find her rhythmatic patters of climax points then you can control your own speed and rhythm to enable her to have orgasm after orgasm, un fortunately everything I thought I knew has came to a crashing halt with a very unique or at least to me a rarity, breed of a women, that is a onetime mini orgasm-er. In that she is not one that clams down and her entire body will go into either a total orgasmic shiver or tern several degrees hotter or cream and lash out at you as some wild beast. She just squints her eyes and then smiles with a I'm done. Unfortunately for me I like to blow the mind out of my women and knowing she is totally at piece, this brings a very big question. I feel very selfish if I'm allowed to become completely finished and thinking or contemplating that she still has something more left to come out. Is such a women, incapable of multiple orgasms’ or is there some means or manner to release the dormant beast within. After several hours of four plays it seems the only means of even getting her up over her mini point of climax is with actual penetration and then this only brings out a little sample or tease of a climax. I'm just hoping that the size issue is the only reason to why she is not yet capable of full release for I’m not allowed to fully insert into; and she currently still complains of too much pressure from my size compared to her last. My only idea in resolving this is maybe additional practice and exploration in hopes of eventual satisfaction discovery and expansion of explored lands to a more better and pleasurable fit. Or, possibly the introduction of Vibrators and sex toys to and around the clit during penetrations and four-play leading up to.

tulipasbrancas 37F

10/18/2007 5:46 pm

Very instructive!...

LoyaltyandHonor 36M/32F
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4/27/2005 5:14 pm

I couldn't tell you for sure... I would have to look it up.

The uterine orgasm is actually mostly emotionally that erupts into something physical so it may still be very possible to experience much of what it has to offer.

rm_yonismiles 60F
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4/21/2005 2:13 pm

so a woman with a hysterectomy can't have a uterine orgasm?

farawayeyezz 61F

4/7/2005 8:47 pm

I had an emotional lover that I was so connected to that I could have an orgasm just by him sucking my breats. I believe that I had several uterine orgasms with this man although I did not know what they were until reading this article. They always lead to emotional crying sometimes lasting hours. I felt sad and happy simultanously.He was transferred for a job and I never could make myself make the move but he will remain forever in my heart!I was totally connected to him with complete trust and unconditional love on both parts .. and I am so appreciative to understand what happened to me because I have never been able to duplicate that feeling or have that experienece again.

shesaladydriver 49F

4/2/2005 4:20 am

I found this article VERY interesting and informative. I never experienced orgasm during intercourse until I was in my 30's. I experienced a uterine orgasm once, and didn't really know what was happening. I started crying and had no idea why. It was the most powerful and moving sexual encounter I have ever had. Unfortunately, my partner (who I was very connected to) moved abroad, and we mainly stay in touch via email. I will never forget him, though, and I hope someday to have that kind of connection again.

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4/1/2005 12:37 pm

This is a older article, I am working on a new one that will describe the 10 different ways a woman can orgasm but this is the types of them.

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