Female Ejaculation (The important information)  

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Female Ejaculation (The important information)

This is written very quickly… sorry if it does not flow at all. I wanted to get it posted, as I am not sure if I will be back online again tonight. If it is requested I can post more thorough information on this subject as well as techniques and counseling methods for helping women to learn to ejaculate.

Female Ejaculation

I do not know why it is but many women in today’s society have an interest in female ejaculation. I do not know if it is a feminist movement in the fact that because guys can ejaculate, women then want the same ability. Perhaps it really is as pleasurable as some say it is, really there is no way to tell exactly why it is so many women have an interest in it. I personally think it is a little of both…

There is also the factor that a lot of guy’s find it arousing to see a woman they are having sex with ejaculate. Guy’s seem to be of a much more visual nature then most women and are thus never satisfied unless they can actually see results from a woman’s vagina. You would think they would pay more attention to the smile on her face to show if she has been truly pleased or not. Seeing as though a lot of men care so little for a woman’s needs and more so of her sexual pleasure, it is no surprise that they need to see some direct vaginal results.

Regardless of the factors, there are an amazingly high amount of men and women who do not know the details about female ejaculation. I shall cover the more important aspects here…

Dealing with science and slangs…

For starters…

I must mention that many doctors and scientists do not believe that female ejaculation is actually possible. However, many Asian cultures have literally worshipped female ejaculation for literally centuries. There are actual female ejaculation temples that date back to the early 1600’s. Within these temples women would be placed on a tablet and beneath them there would be buckets or bowls to collect the female ejaculate. The reason these cultures did this is because they believe that female ejaculate has rejuvenating abilities. Many cultures even today still use it as an aphrodisiac. Some use it to water gardens, some use it as a facial treatment, and some others even just drink it from a bowl or cup. As to whether or not the scientific findings are accurate or not, I do not know. What I do know is that history proves that female ejaculation has been happening for centuries! Many of these ejaculation temples are still standing today and are obviously considered historical monuments.


I must mention that far too many people use slangs when speaking, more so with sex then anything else. Most people who talk about female ejaculation talk about massaging a woman’s G-Spot. Because of the fact it involves G-Spot stimulation, many men and women refer to it as a G-Spot orgasm when the actual proper name for it is a “blended” orgasm. The reason that is it referred to as a “blended” orgasm is because this specific orgasm actually stimulates more than one nerve and muscle group of a woman’s genitals. Of the three known types of female orgasms, it is the “only” one that stimulates multiple nerves and areas of a woman’s genitals. The primary nerve that is active during a “blended” orgasm is the “pelvic” nerve. The pelvic nerve is connected to the prostate, g-spot, bladder, uterus, and the back two-thirds of the PC muscles, including the uterine muscles. As you can see, this nerve runs along virtually a lot of different parts of a woman’s body (genitalia). It is now believed that the G-Spot is actually the center of a woman’s sexual pleasure, where as some still believe that it is the clitoris that is the center of a woman’s sexual pleasure.

Dealing with the real thing…

Female ejaculation takes place when a woman’s Grafenberg spot (G-Spot) is stimulated. A woman’s G-Spot is actually defined as both the prostate and a network of erectile tissue similar to that found in the male penis. This same erectile tissue extends to beyond the G-Spot to include the clitoris, the clitoral legs, an area located near the anus (perineal sponge), and an area that lies underneath the vulva (urethral sponge).

A woman’s G-Spot is normally located about 2 to 3 inches inside of the vagina on the wall towards the front of her body (they have found that some women have a G-Spot deep within her body almost to the very back of her vagina). For many women the G-Spot will vary in size, some women may have one the size of a pea, a dime, or a lima bean. Some women are in fact proven to not have one at all but will still experience increased pleasure from having their upper wall massaged. For those who do have a G-Spot, you may not notice it. Some G-Spots do not bulge out into the vagina and thus a man could pass his fingers over it without knowing her hit it. Some G-Spots protrudes deeply into the vagina and makes it very easy to not only find but stimulate as well. I will take this opportunity to mention that a man should be very gentle with a woman when stimulating her G-Spot. The G-Spot and the clitoris are connected to each other VIA the “clitoral legs”. The clitoris has nearly just as many nerve endings as the male penis and the g-spot also contains nearly as many nerve endings. This means… the clitoris and g-spot combined actually contain one and a half to two and a half times more nerve endings then the entire male penis (nerves and sensitivity vary from woman to woman). If a woman complains about pain from having her g-spot stimulated (highly possible) then a man should take into consideration that he might be over-stimulating her body. In this case I would suggest letting some of the pressure go from one of the two areas.

For instance…

If you are licking her clitoris while massaging her g-spot with a finger then you should try to either slow down or totally stop licking her clitoris and then see how she reacts. If she is still in pain then you now know that you are stimulating the g-spot to hard! You may also try slowly decreasing the amount of pressure of your tongue and finger to see if it will help. It could be that she can in fact handle both being licked and massaged and yet it just needs to be done softer. (You may use your own solutions, but one must remember that there are multiple possibilities for why pain might occur and therefore a man should try different things to see what does or does not work best).

The biggest worry when it comes to female ejaculation is…

Because the ejaculate comes from a woman’s urethral opening (where she urinates from) there are men and women who assume that it is urine and not a sexual release (ejaculate). I can assure you that doctors have done numerous tests on female ejaculate and have found that it is in fact “not” urine.

As Deborah Sundahl (the worlds leading female ejaculation and orgasm specialist) states it, “Female ejaculate is a clear liquid. Its consistency is akin to that of vaginal lubricant, but it is watery rather then slick. It is not the same as lubrication or urine. Only a tiny and usually unnoticed portion of female ejaculate is creamy and white like male ejaculate.”

As you can see, female ejaculate is not urine at all! Tests have revealed that small portions of urine are sometimes present, however you must remember that the ejaculate comes from the same place in which a woman urinates from so that small portion is probably just the trace amounts that were already within her urethra before ejaculation takes place.

Women who do ejaculate will all ejaculate different amounts. Not only will the amount be different but the taste and smell of that ejaculate will vary from woman to woman as well. The reasons that it will vary from woman to woman are as follows…

Menstrual cycle
Birth Control
(As well as other factors)

The best time for a woman to attempt ejaculation is within 12 days of her period beginning. It is also proven that women who are currently menstruating will ejaculate rather easily. Women who are pregnant are proven to ejaculate easier then women who are not. Women who have gone through menopause ejaculate easier then women who have not, however these women often ejaculate less (often they also produce less general vaginal lubrication). Doctors are not sure if birth control will increase or lower a woman’s ability to ejaculate. Birth control often has a direct impact on a woman’s hormones and thus she may loose the ability to ejaculate or may in fact ejaculate very frequently.

There are many women who believe that female ejaculation is the ultimate of the female orgasms. This is far from true…

“The uterine orgasm is subjectively experienced as deeply emotional, involving no rhythmic contractions of the PC muscles. The measurable emotional changes that characterize the uterine orgasm involve emotional expression-making sounds-and the “apnea response”. This apnea response causes the larynx to temporarily suspend the breath during orgasm and then to exhale it explosively, as occurs with other emotional reactions, such as laughing, sobbing, yawning, or screaming. The uterine orgasm is most frequently experienced as a single, deeply satiating orgasm. This orgasm is “very rarely” ever experienced by women.” ‒ Deborah Sundahl (worlds leading female ejaculation and orgasm specialist).

Uterine orgasms are the rarest and most powerful of the female orgasms. As Deborah Sundahl points out though, “very few women will “ever” experience this orgasm. This orgasm is only achievable by making love and this means that the men and women who engage in rough sex will literally not “ever” experience this orgasm. The g-spot orgasm is however achievable through rougher, harder sexual activities.

As most sex therapists discuss, the greatest factor that stops a woman from ejaculating is actually nervousness. The second biggest factor is the fact that putting pressure on the G-spot will often put pressure on a woman’s bladder. When pressure is put on a woman’s bladder, it ignites a sensation that they need to urinate. Once she starts to feel like she needs to urinate, she consciously or subconsciously holds back and thus stops her from ejaculating. Obviously a woman does not want to urinate on her lover and one can only imagine the stress/nervousness this can cause a woman.

For you ladies…

If a man is down between your legs, he should be mature enough to handle the possibility that you might accidentally urinate on him. Let’s face it, sometimes accident happen! I highly doubt you would actually in fact urinate on him/her, but that is always a possibility. Seeing how similar the female body is to the male body, I would not think it easy for a woman to urinate during sexual arousal. Men normally can not urinate when erect unless they have experienced trauma. While it is heard of for a woman to urinate during sex, I have not heard of it very frequently.

For a woman trying to ejaculate for the first time, I would suggest bringing a towel with you. If by chance you ejaculate more then your man can handle or urinate on him, and then he can wipe it up right away. He may also excuse himself to go wash it off quickly. I do not have an interest in being urinated on, however… I am fully aware of the possible risk when it comes to female ejaculation and I can admit that I would not be mad if by accident a girl did urinate on me. Accidents happen everyday, in regular life and in sexual life.

There are more factors involved with female ejaculation… I have really only scratched the surface. I do know all of the counseling methods and techniques for PC exercises and ejaculation exercises. I am not putting them in this post as I am out of time for the moment and I am not sure if people would even want to know them at all. If it is desired I can post more information on this subject at a later date. I shall do that if it is requested, if not I will leave the subject alone.

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I have had a few ask for me to write more on it. I shall do a little more of an in depth history tomorrow I think and revise some of this since I wrote it so fast.

I also noticed I forgot a lot of other useful information. That means I have a lot more to add once I have time.

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To my knowledge there are two different types of ejaculation.

The vaginal ejaculation is often like a man's... being that it is thick and creamy, which not all women can do.

Then there is the urethral ejaculation that many people mistake for urine.

It is the one from the urethra that many men and women are skeptical about.

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6/29/2005 10:17 pm

Mystic, thanks for the info. I voted for that subject. I am like yagot, it is glad to know I am not a freak either. Although, I am a little puzzled. I have heard alot of what you stated and the one thing that I had been told was where the ejaculation came from. I was led to believe it was from the vaginal opening. But, thanks, nonetheless and keep being informative!!!

xx FREETIME648 xx

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Wow!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am often asked about this and I'm never able to come up with scientific facts. I will say that yes, it is a powerful orgasm. As far as why, now, it's so fascianting...probably because many had no way of knowing it existed. With places like this and a slightly more liberal society, more people hear about it or see it on film than just a few years ago. I didn't tell anyone for a long, long time! I'm much more secure now in knowing I'm not some freak....and that most find it extremely sexy. If not for that, I'd probably still be squirtin' alone. I'd love to see you post more on the subject!

Yagotta get it soft and wet so we can kick/stick it

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