Different Places To Have Sex  

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Different Places To Have Sex

Different Places to Have Sex

There are numerous places that you can have sex. If you are bored and can not think of something new for your sexual encounter then you could try one of the following.

Hot Tub
Public Bathroom
Dance Floor
The Yard
In Front of a Fireplace
By Candlelight
By Moonlight
Laundry Room
(On the washer or dryer)
In a Hotel
Swimming Pool
In a Large Body of Water
(This could be a pond, lake, or the ocean)
On a Boat
On The Beach
On a Golf Course
In a Park
A Campground
In the Woods
At a Restaurant
A tropical Island
A Foreign Country

Sometimes it is a thrill for people when they know they might be seen, sometimes they specifically want to be seen. Sometimes people just get more aroused by the idea that others might hear them. Make sure you discuss these kinds of things with your partners as well as check local laws. Some places it is illegal to engage in sexual acts in public. We all like different things, I don’t think people should be afraid to show who and what they are.

(Where else can people think of to have sex?)

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