Delays can sometimes be good!  

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Delays can sometimes be good!

Innocent Fun

There are a lot of guys out there who don’t like eating a woman out, and there are millions of guys out there who don’t believe in treating women like the real goddesses that they are. I have posted several things about focusing on erogenous zones as well as differences in ways you can use your various sizes to your advantage. I am not going to get into those details again because you can just look them up separately.

For the guys who don’t like eating a woman out and even the men who do, sometimes it is good to delay penetration through a nice tease!

Every different part of our bodies provides a different sensation; this includes using the head of your penis in different ways! Before you penetrate your woman, take the time to really tease her, she knows you are going to thrust inside of her, so delay it!

Run the head of your penis up and down between her labia. Let it go very slowly so she can feel it’s rougher texture similar to how your tongue would effect her. Stop when you get near her hood and firmly poke and rub at it. Remember that firm and hard are not the same thing in this case and shouldn’t be in most cases.

You can slide your penis between her thighs and have her close her legs around your shaft. Thrust lightly and use it the same way you would if you were in between her breasts.

Have her reach down and spread her labia as wide as possible and gently slide “only” the head of your penis in and out of her. If you do it “slow” enough then it will primarily pull at her without putting much sensation on your head. This technique is also recommended for most people who have pre-mature ejaculation problems. The object is to give her as much sensation as possible without you feeling much in return.

There are other things that you can do as well, but for once I am going to just be short about it. As I said, delaying things can be a very fun thing to do. Show a woman you care for her and her body, if all you do is lick her pussy and penetrate her all the time then that can easily show you care very little for her. Focus on pleasing her, and I guarantee she will do whatever she needs to in order to please you in return!

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