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8/24/2005 5:40 am

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I have made contact with a second person from this site now. Only a phone conversation but we seem to have a lot in common. She is 19 but appears to have values similar to mine that I have not found in anyone my own age and never younger then me. Hopefully we will click when we meet because I am thrilled at her beliefs alone, add on that we have a lot in common and it just makes it dreamy.

Once again though the difference as to why she is talking to me over the other local guys is because she got disgusted by the emails men where sending. I wish they would stop sending those nasty sex emails but then again all 4 of the women I have met from here have only met me because my emails were personal and very different. That is what they claim(ed) anyway…

I am still not used to being called cute though... when she said this picture was cute it caught me off guard...

Owlwatcher 41M

8/28/2005 4:37 am

Ahh, try not to be too cynical. I think the old adage really is true. As soon as you stop looking, your choices become numerous. Give it time, just relax and evaluate the prospects ahead of you. But don't discount the merits of marriage and a family. As lame as it sounds, that's my fantasy!

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8/27/2005 4:30 pm

I noticed that owl...

It really sucks that they never find us good for anything other then marriage and a family. We are good to have forever but never good enough to desire a fun time with.

Owlwatcher 41M

8/27/2005 7:00 am

Dude, you remind me of me 5 years ago. Only you're deeper. People will undoubtedly call you "nerd" for your avante-garde interests. But take it as a compliment, we nerds are smart. I lost my virginity at 23 and thought I had set a record. I married her and she is still the only one with whom I have ever been. I'm divorced now (beside the point), and wonder what I will look for on this site. And women are attracted to guys like you, they just don't really do anything about it until it's time to settle.

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8/25/2005 3:45 pm

I am in fact still a virgin princess and I am well aware of the fact that being a good lover is not something you can learn from books. As my blogs have shown over the past few months... I started reading strictly because I wanted to know if my form was of a more sensual nature or not. All I know are people who like to fuck and I do not so I was begining to feel very out of place. I have learned though that I am not out of place at all although all of my personality tests claim a man of my age to be as rare as 1% to 2%. I disagree with the fact that they claim that 87% of women are attaced to men like me though...

princess2passion 60F

8/25/2005 1:46 pm

Are you for real? If you are I know you will have an interesting path ahead of you. Your words will attract women of all ages and places. Many will want to claim the victory of your virginity. No matter how much studying you do, please remember love-making is an artform created as we go. There simply are no instructions that provide the perfect culmination to your masterpiece. In the end,try to remember a good lover is something you earn not learn. I feel certain you will be surrounded with beautiful experiences. If you just have figured out this is a great way to meet women, and are not really a virgin...I am impressed with your creativity and imagination. Good luck son.

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8/24/2005 9:11 pm

I read your blog also titled "female orgasm" and was ecastatic!

For decades I have been searching for other women who feel the same way as I do but I couldn't find any. I cannot even find the language that describes how I feel. And here you are, a young man from a far describing how I've been feeling sexually.

I know I have unusual sexual responses only because my lovers told me so. They told me my orgasms are much more powerful than other women's.

I don't practice or even know about Eastern religion or Yoga that has to do with sex, but I experience exactly what you were talking about, every time I have sex!

Your claim that deep emotional connection is necessary was surprising to me at first but once I read it I realized it is true!! All of my lovers focus on getting me to orgasm, I mean really focus on it, to the point of surrendering their own physical gratification in the process, although they are all very satisfied in the end and are amazed by the sexual energy (This is not the wild humping and bumping, as you so rightfully put down in your blog) that I released. This energy is just that, pure energy, more like the kind that physicists study.

I do feel spiritual during orgasm but it has nothing to do with morality, beliefs, or anything voluntary. It is an experience that just descends upon me. It's not like a prayer that you initiate.

Some points I differ from what you wrote:

(1) It is not necessary for the penis to thrust at all. It is more like a kneading action by the head of the penis on the cervix. Even when the penis is not completely hard, I could still orgasm. I do that by really focusing on the presence of the penis in me, the sensations of all of my muscles that surround the penis, and feel my love for the man. However, the following orgasm is not imagined or "willed" feeling. Orgasm descends upon me. I don't control it.

(2) Stimulating nipples alone can bring on uterine orgasm (due to secretion of oxytocin hormone), which feels like the bass of a musical band (while the presence of the penis in the virgina would make the orgasm feel like music played by a complete band).

(3) "Whole body" experience is not precise enough. More pertinent is that it is alters the brain state! During and after an orgasm, my brain feels like a circuit that is being fried! It feels like the penis has entered the brain and numbed it. There is no pain involved. It is an experience that is probably closest to being on drug (although I never used or need any pleasure drug). It gets me to "a different state" as my lovers observed me and decribe it to me. I really feel I go to the Heaven during orgasm. I don't mean just physically it feels good, but the brain is in such a state that I feel I have left this world phsyically! The brain recovers from this altered state gradually, usually it takes a whole day for the effect to dissipate.

Also, there are some augmenting points:

(1) While I can scream before the orgasm, right after it takes place my vocal cord becomes immobilzed and I cannot talk for the next 10 min or so.

(2) I generally experience multiple orgasms, but it has nothing to do with what I or my lover does. The orgasms just descend upon me. I experience them like a roller coaster ride, not knowing when a peak is to take place or how it would feel until it happens.

(3) Perhaps it is what you called the shakra (spelling??). I feel extremely hot with approaching orgasm. It feels as if were a heat source where the uterus is. The heat travels up the spine and my whole back is damp with perspiration even when I don't move much!

I felt so happy to read about your's refreshing and validating!

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8/24/2005 4:07 pm

i know this is highly unorthodox, but i thought you might like to look at my blog on copyright -- well, maybe you'll find it interesting anyway ... (can't stick in a reference cos it wasn't posted yet & i don't know the post number).

[blog freelove999]

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