Book Sections ~Small Brainstorm~  

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Book Sections ~Small Brainstorm~



Address how technology is changing both the physical and emotional aspects of the general world and relationship’s within it

Discuss the idea of blending the East with the West in the ways and arts of both Honor, Combat, Sex, Marriage, and General Health

Address that the point is to open the mind and not control it

Part One

Discuss the old ways of the world

Discuss the new ways of the world

(Compare the new with the old)

Discuss the role of knighthood within medieval times

(Compare Japanese Samurai to European Knights)

Compare the Holy Crusades to modern world events

Discuss details about famous knights and warriors such as: Attila The Hun, Genghis Kahn, Joan of Arc, William Wallace, Saladin, Julius Caesar, Richard the Lionheart, etc.

Discuss King Arthur and Robin Hood as well despite that they are fictional. The stories have been famous for a long time and have wonderful life lessons within them

Discuss the ways of combat in Medieval Ages

(Address firearm usage versus sword combat)

Provide Weblinks and book titles for people to research on their own if they choose

Part Two

Discuss the desperate need for knighthood and chivalry in the 21st century

Address new rules and laws for knighthood in the 21st century

Address the rules and laws on modern combat ethics, training, and fitness

(Illustrate at least 20 different modern types of swords and 10 types of modern stick forms)

(Strict emphasis on “no” firearms)

Discuss the old fighting arts manuals

Discuss the modern fighting arts manuals

Discuss modern fitness routines

(Provide weblinks and titles for people to research outside of the book)

Part Three

Discuss the role and treatment of women in older times

Address modern ways of treating women that still do not disgrace the older traditions

Discuss modern dating habits

Address the rules a knight must follow when engaging in dating

Address the guidelines for how a knight should treat a woman regardless of romantic ties

Discuss what love is and why it is okay to surrender to it

Part Four

Address male anatomy

Address female anatomy

(Do a detailed list on the different types of female orgasms)

Address what sex is and should be meant for

Address sexual handling outside of the United States

(Discuss the Kamasutra, Tao Tantra, Perfumed Garden, Ananga Ranga, with a detailed history)

Discuss the role on pornography within the world and its truest faults

Address rules for sexual practices outside of marriage

Address rules for sexual practices within marriage

Address frequent questions, answers, and myths surrounding sexual activity

Part Five

Discuss ideas on how to arouse a woman

Discuss erogenous zones

(Illustrate each of the zones)

Discuss foreplay techniques and erotic massage in general

Discuss cunnilingus techniques

(Illustrate each of the tongue and hand techniques)

Choose and address no less than 100 sexual positions and no more then 300 sexual positions from the Oriental sex manuals

(Each position should be photographed and documented on page with a section for female pros and cons as well as a section for the male pros and cons for every position)

Part Six

Provide a bibliography on research materials and personal background

Recap the overall picture of sex and chivalry in the modern world

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