A modern knight (Part Two)  

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A modern knight (Part Two)

The Birth of a Modern Knight (Part Two)

My aunt passed away (not by accident) and it tore my mother up. They were best friends and really were my mother’s only friend at the time. After having to go through what she did with her back and now her best friend being taken from her it sent her off the deep end. (Still an ongoing problem 15 years later, I will explain that later though in part 4 or 5).

Because my parents where the closest to them they were picked to be the ones to help deal with the trial and as well as cleaning up the house. Us kids where kicked around from home to home in the mean time. My brother stayed with his friends and so did my sister, because I had no friends I was sent to stay with a family from my church. The father of that family was a big martial artist, which I was not aware of until I was at their home because it was not something that they boast about. After seeing his office (were he held all of his training and conditioning gear) I realized that he was someone who could teach me a thing or two. I have to say that I immediately took a liking to them, not really because of the martial arts practices, but because they did not advertise it. (I am open about the fact I train, but I don’t go into details about the specific training’s. My training and ability is not a trophy, it is a way of life, and they were a wonderful example to follow). Aside from helping with my martial arts he was also a semi-professional bass fisherman and took me out on the lakes with him. (As I got older we partnered up and competed in some state tournaments).

My parents began fighting a lot as my mother got more depressed. They nearly separated several times but decided to stay together because of us kids. (At the time I thought this was a good idea, but as I will explain in part 4 or 5, it was not a good idea at all).

The other kids at school were relentless about making fun of me and my family for what happened to my aunt. This led to be starting to let my temper flare because I was unable to think clearly. After nearly 100 consecutive suspensions the school had a meeting and decided I was a troubled child and thus decided to send me away to a evaluation center where they would decide what kind of support and teaching I needed. They did not address the fact that the children where making fun of me and my family, instead they put all the blame on me. I agree that it was not okay for me to allow my temper to slide, but they should have been punished as well.

(Back in fourth grade one student that literally knocked me around on a daily basis was also not reprimanded. The school sent me home early one day with a note for my parents. The note read, “we can not guarantee the safety of your son therefore we are now releasing him from school everyday at 2:30pm instead of 2:40pm so that he can get a head start home and not be bullied anymore.” Even today people still face this kind of thing, people wonder home some of these school issues keep happening, well they keep happening because the criminals have more rights then the innocent. Eventually those innocent people fight back and thus we end up hearing about it on the news. My parents where seriously pissed off about the fact that the school wouldn’t actually stop this kid, but seeing as they were not very wealthy… they could not afford a lawyer).

None of the people at the evaluation center were actual doctors, but they were trained to keep an eye on us and then report our behavior patterns to their supervisors. Most of the people here were total jerks but I didn’t have a choice to get along with them or not. The school at this facility was very small, about 6 students per class. I did get lucky in the fact that they had just finished a study right before I got there. The study they started when I was there was on classical music and famous inventors. It is here that I learned about classical music and fell in love with it. (I still love it today and probably would not if it was not for getting sent to this place). Often times we only see the bad in the bad things that happen to us, I however find this as a good thing and thus I do not hold ill feelings towards the fact I was not even suppose to be in that place to begin with. I had to stay here for 90 days and it made things fall apart at home.

I returned home to find my parents had allowed one of my sister’s friends to move in while I was gone. This meant that I no longer had a bedroom of my own to sleep in and thus had to sleep on the couch. I didn’t really mind aside from the fact that my family stayed up till nearly 2/3 o’clock in the morning and thus I was not able to get very much sleep at all. Having been away allowed me the chance to regain some focus, my grades temporarily went from F’s to A’s. Because of the fact I could not sleep, it then reduced my grades back down to F’s within just two months time. As soon as my grades started to slip a lot of the kids saw me as an outcast again and thus the picking started up again.

“From here was a eventful sixth grade, and in seventh grade a finally found a group of friends… or what I thought were my friends. I learned some lessons the hard way from them and it left a scar on me that I will never be able to fully forget, luckily I did learn a great deal though. That story is for another time though as I do not want to dig through those memories at the moment”.

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