A Work in Progress ~Chapter One~  

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A Work in Progress ~Chapter One~

Light of day or dark of night, who you are, should never change

There are millions of men all over the world who say one thing and then do another. These millions of men often act one way in public and yet another totally different way when they are at home behind closed doors. Such people will also act differently around friends than they will around family.

As a knight, such behaviors should be seen by you as cowardly and dishonorable. You are who you are, a knight. Your thoughts and actions should never differ at any point in time. You should treat your friends no differently than you would treat your family, or treat your family the same way that you would normally treat your friends. You should always think of yourself in view of the public whether or not you are at home or are in fact actually out in public.

You don’t have to speak to say anything

Our body language can often speak for us. It is imperative to watch the way we react to various situations. Perhaps you are sitting having a casual conversation with a friend and are in the middle of listening to one of their stories. Say they pause for a brief moment after telling you something you find hard to believe and at that moment you raise an eyebrow or maybe let out a small puff of air or sigh. Such reactions could tell your friend that you do not believe them and thus result in the story telling being interrupted by them because they become defensive or even possibly hostile. If by chance you actually do find what they are saying is in fact hard to believe then you should just tell them so using your actual words and not your body language.

Perhaps you did not actually find what they said to be untruthful and were actually just tired and therefore sighed out of exhaustion. Given the fact your friend may not know your current energy status he will react based purely off his assumptions. The most common assumption of course being that you have found what they are telling you to be what you consider false information. Indeed it is wrong to ever assume anything but that does not stop one from making assumptions. In this case you have offended your friend by giving a false impression and thus must offer an apology for your dishonorable behavior.

The improper use of body language can lead to petty quarreling. Combat is not something to be taken lightly and therefore a knight should be mindful of his body language at all times so that he does not accidentally offend anyone.

Regarding reckless activities

A knight should not engage in excessive amounts of drinking, promiscuity, smoking, overeating, quarreling, and should avoid any drug usage at all times. A knight must be at the absolute top of his game at all times because he is sworn to uphold right and defeat wrong at every second of his life.

Drugs can alter the way we think as well as the speed in which we react. Not only could you push the break slower when driving a car but you might also move your hand slower then you think you are when trying to block someone who is attacking you. Worse yet, someone else may be getting attacked and you are too disoriented to hear the scuffle taking place. This innocent man or woman is supposed to be under your protection and therefore you have totally failed to uphold the code in which you swore you would live by.

Alcohol is a drug that many people today use lightly and heavily on a daily basis. Not only can it have similar impacts as those listed above but also, alcohol has a tendency to loosen your tongue and you may say something to someone that you do not mean. It is possible that you could say something to a friend that you do not truly mean and thus they may become upset. If you say something overly offensive to someone you do not know than you may find yourself looking down the barrel of a gun (or other weapon).

To offend someone strictly because you were drunk is dishonorable. To offend someone and die because you spoke with a loose tongue is a coward’s death and thus you will not be granted the status and funeral of an honorable knight. It would be a great shame to have lived so long while upholding right to suddenly throw all that hard work and dedication away just so you could experience the very cheap thrill of being drunk.

Engaging in sexual activities with numerous women can be hazardous to your health and their health as well. Many of the sexually transmitted diseases that exist in the world today can be fatal and given the fact that dieing in combat is the most honorable of all deaths than that would obviously mean that dieing from a sexually transmitted disease is a cowardly death regardless of how you handle it because you have intentionally brought that disease upon yourself.

Worse yet, it is possible to conceive a child and if you have a disease that disease will most likely be passed to that child as well. Children are innocent human beings and you are sworn to protect such people. If the child becomes effected by your (or hers) disease than you have failed to uphold your oath as a knight. One must remember that actions do not just effect the immediate moment or people involved and can in fact effect other moments and people later on.

Still working on the rest...

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10/3/2005 4:22 pm

Love me why m'lady?

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10/1/2005 4:40 pm

i love you

LoyaltyandHonor 36M/32F
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9/24/2005 9:18 am

My life perfectly fits what I am writing.

You previously xcommented about me having sex...

I have only had sex with one girl and the knightly code of conduct allowes pre-marital sex but not numerous sexual partners. It clearly states that sex is meant for caring people and should not be a recreational activity.

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