A Special Thank You and Your Explanation  

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2/26/2005 2:32 pm

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A Special Thank You and Your Explanation

A Thank You

I have gotten some comments recently from people and I appreciate them a great deal. I have gotten some hateful comments on the magazine that is false allegations against me that will continue so I no longer post there at all.

In regards to what you posted in a response to my article header, I must say a special thank you. You commented that you have seen some other mystic writers on other blogs, one of which was a Wicca type. According to the results it is true that we are very religious people but not religious in a typical religion sense. I do not study or follow Wiccan beliefs but I do study some Buddishm and Bushido (code of the samurai). I am a very shy hermit to say the least and as you already know most rare people like me are withdrawn hermits that keep to our selves. Writing and the word in general mean a great deal to people like us and I thank you for pointing that out in your response.

I haven’t read the book that you mentioned but I have taken several hundred personality tests from various websites and at my doctor’s office. He was worried that something was up considering I am smart and yet don’t really date or chase women. He came to the conclusion I was probably a mystic writer before he had even seen the results yet. He is the second most respected specialist in the country and he explained to me in detail that I was not imagining things at all. People like me are very rare because we have extremely old-fashioned beliefs and yet live in the modern world. My self-confidence is very low and has been for a long time. Many people think that it is not possible for someone of my age to be able to write like I can or comprehend what I can. Now that I study sex and bushido frequently my self-confidence is growing at a solid rate. Because of how rare you know we are it has made me feel like an alien for literally my entire life. I never knew how much I had in common with Japanese samurai until I saw the recent movie “the last samurai”. Something in me clicked when I saw it so I went online and ordered nearly $500 worth of history books strictly related to samurai beliefs and practices. I finally found my niche upon reading about them. Adultery is a perfect example… many people think that adultery is only considered bad amongst religious people. Amongst samurai they care about honor and nobility and adultery is not considered a sin it is considered an act of disloyalty and reduces the honor in which one has the right to hold. Samurai treat dishonor as a capital crime and even today many Japanese stills believe in Bushido. As a matter of fact in WW2 many of the Japanese pilots carried their samurai swords in the cockpit with them when they flew. I personally believe in the honor and skill of swordsmanship and despise anything that requires gunpowder.

It is very possible that my articles are similar to what others have written because I research everything that I intend on writing about that way I can make sure my opinions are also felt my some others too. I do not like talking about things that may be of a false nature; therefore I take great lengths to keep my writing of a somewhat professional level. Some older people have commented saying that I am a liar and I steal others work though which I personally find a whole new level of insulting and dishonorable. I don’t normally read many articles or blogs here because I spend a lot of time writing and researching my own. Every once and awhile I will see a title that catches my eyes and then check it out. Many people start their articles with “I saw this and thought I would share it with you all” which means they copied it from a book or website, which is not allowed according to the terms of use. It is funny, articles that have someone claiming they copied their article from somewhere is allowed yet not actually allowed. I write my article and edit it and look over it for awhile and then finally post it and because of the care and effort I put into it then a few people immediately think I stole it from somewhere. Just because I am young and a highschool dropout does not mean I am stupid by any means. I have done a amazing job educating myself over the last few years and in many ways I think I have learned more on my own then I would have if I had been in school.

Us mystic writers are lovers and philosophers which means we do not fit in very well in modern society. I suck at many things, to be honest I suck at nearly everything. The only things I have ever been even somewhat good at in my life have been martial arts, relationships, and sex. Martial arts have more to do with mental abilities and comprehension then it does muscle or power. Some of the great masters of the world were hermits who spent their life in meditation or reading and writing. The idea is to be able to widen your knowledge only to the point of being able to relate to different things where as many people only focus on getting good at one or two things and thus only study those one or two things.

The star-wars movies are a good example; it is not original at all. The movie “the last samurai” was very accurate in many ways according to the history books I have read so I am going to use the two as a comparison. The creator of star-wars actually copied the Japanese samurai, if you look at the lightsaber it is nearly the same construction as a katana (samurai sword). If you look at how Darthvader fights and then look at how a samurai fights you will see it is almost identical. If you read about bushido and then read the created code of the Jedi knights you will find they are literally almost identical. Overall the Jedi are futuristic versions of medieval samurai (Japanese knights). The sword style and clothing and code of honor are nearly totally identical.

Even today I still feel like a medieval knight trapped in a world that was not intended for me. I wish I could say it isn’t true, but most of the time I wish I were not here. I think because of the fact I sometimes act feminine and yet also masculine then women assume we are gay or mentally challenged. I have great friendships with women, but am not normally enough to get anything more. I am the best friend and never looked at as a possibly the good or great lover.

Sadly, despite my intelligence I can not do anything. Many of us exist and then pass through the world never getting to prove that we ever existed because all we truly care about is love and passion. Without having a woman at my side I can not fight the fights I need to. A woman is what us male mystic writers live for and fight for. She is the fuel in which my life’s desires and dreams focus on, without my fuel I can not keep my fire (passion) burning for very long before it goes out again. In my theory I do not think medieval knights fought to defend the king of their lands, I think they secretly fought for the queen at his side. I don’t think I could ever fight for another man who is not of the same nature as me, but a woman on the other hand, I would defend with my life and not even consider thinking twice.

In my opinion love is not the most powerful emotion or feeling like many think it is. I think passion is by far the most powerful of any emotion one can experience. To me desire is the match (heat source); passion is the fuel, when you combine the two you have a very powerful flame (love). Without passion and desire you can not have love therefore love can not actually be the most powerful of emotions or feelings. Desire is very important and powerful, but passion is the fuel that keeps that flame a flame. Think about all your dreams and fantasies in life and you will probably realize that they eventually become your life’s passion. (I am not sure if I just explained that as accurately as I think). Sorry if I messed that up and it doesn’t make much sense. Desire can burn out, but as long as you keep the passion then you will also keep the desire that you need to stay complete.

Anyway I have said more then enough; I do thank you for the comments you posted on my articles… Feel free to post your comments here as well, they are more then welcome.

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2/26/2005 6:48 pm

Thanks for emailing me and letting me know about your blog page. I appreciate your taking the time and effort to post a blog thanking me for my comments. I also am a Mystic Writer type. I have found that a lot of writers are. I make my living writing. I intend to post an article in the AdultFriendFinder Magazine this week on Mystic Writers. Your personal experinece as a Mystic Writer that you posted about a week ago was great and I think it opened up a whole new world to some people. I am the only person I know that is a Mystic Writer type and it was really great to connect with you. I was amazed at the similarities. It is nice to know that there are other people in the World who experience things similar to the way I do.

BTW: Your comment about Star Wars and Samurai. Is correct. The storyis based in part on the samurai code.

Your comment on medieval knights is interesting. The knights did go into battle carrying the scarf of their ladies. Have you read Don Quixote? The story is a classic about the noble knight fighting for right and honor in a different era. If you haven't time to read the book, a video of the movie will givbe you an idea of the story. This theme is also the basis for Parsifal and the quest for the Holy Grail of the Teutonic and Authurian legends.

These themes are much too long to explore in a blog comment. We can explore this in the future if you are interested.

Well I hope my first blog response works. I wrote this on-line so it hasn'e beenc hecked for spelling and gramatical syntax.

I look forward to reading your blogs.

LoyaltyandHonor 37M/32F
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2/26/2005 2:46 pm

Opps I better clarify before someone gets the wrong idea… In regards to my opinion of adultery I do not swinging constitutes such a thing in certain ways. Sleeping with someone behind your partner’s backs (without their knowledge) is what I consider wrong. If your partner and you agree to have sex with others or in front of each other then I do not consider that to be wrong. It’s all about honesty and loyalty in my opinion, to sleep with another intentionally behind another’s back to me is disloyal and dishonest, but when in agreement then it is obviously not disloyal or dishonest.

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