Something to get the right juices flowing...  

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6/29/2006 8:30 pm
Something to get the right juices flowing...

Lover right now is working on chatting up a lovely lady. She is insecure about herself, so only one of us should be talking to her. Less chaos, and to be frank, this lady can be too frank and open.

So while Lover is chatting I have decided to update this blog with a bit of a story for you people. I do story writing quite well, and enjoy the comments and possible stimulation that it gives to those who like to read them.

I do suppose that I could give you a basic idea of what it is like to be with us, or leave that for another day, or I could give you an idea of what I'd like to happen this weekend...

I plan on going out for a bit, I'm picking up another naughty lady to take out for dancing. I will drive up to her place, watch her as she walks out to the car, looking very lovely and ready to party and relax. She has had a very stressfull few weeks, and I want to make it as comfortable and fun as possible.

She sits down in the car, we say hello to each other as this is the first time we've met. I dont resist my urges, I lean over and give her a kiss. She kisses back and we sit there exploring each others lips softly... gently... I can feel her relax more.

I'm suspecting that the dancing won't last for long.

I pull away slightly, "shall we go?" I gently whisper to her. "Oh..." she laughs lightly "I suppose we should..."

I put the car into drive and make my way downtown to the wonderful gay bar. We have to walk through a very dark alley, the door is not lit, nor is it obvious that there is such wonderous sights inside. They do that to keep the jerks from bashing and harrassment.

We go inside, pay our entrance, give our names and show I.D.s, then we enter, the lights are vibrant, people are dancing, and everyone is comfortable with who they are and who they are with. I relax just entering the place. "okay, lets dance" she'll say as she grabs my hand and heads towards the dance floor.

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