I love watching Lover fuck other ladies...  

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9/29/2005 11:54 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I love watching Lover fuck other ladies...

If any women we have ever been with could possibly be this Ladys girlfriend, spicey lady certainly would meet the criteria.

Up until recently Spicey Lady has only been permitted by her significant other to play with Lover and Naughty Lady. No penetration allowed, but Spiceys S.O. has gotten to know and trust Lover, as he seems to have trusted Lady for a while already, so the rules had recently changed. I didn't let Lover know until Spicey Lady and this Lady had a bit of our usual playtime fun together, then the glove was on... heh...

Spicey Lady seemed intrigued by how much this Lady got herself worked up when they were fucking. I almost came by watching, I know Lover enjoyed each moment and I don't think I've seen a bigger grin on his face, *except for when he's with Lady on occassion* It was well worth the wait, for all three of us.

Spicey Lady also has another lady that she likes to play with, I'm sure she will be venturing to include more ladies in her own circle as This Lady is including more ladies into ours. This one niblet as Lady will refer to her as, has recently found herself very much interested in bisexuality. Until recently she has only been with other women, and niblet has no idea how wonderful quirky and fun she really is. This Lady can indeed see herself developing a crush on this niblet of energy, fun, and sweet looks. THis Lady will inform you nice readers about her further adventures as we go along.

So as far as This Ladies fantasies have been going along, there has been very few men involved, which Lover finds is just fine for him!

Now we shall see exactly how much stamina Lover can have, perhaps Lover can hold the camera for a while during his recuperating while us Ladies enjoy what we have going on.

Have a good day Lovers of all sorts, and remember safe sex comes first.

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