Something I wrote to this girl....  

Lovelybt5 44F
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3/24/2006 6:40 pm
Something I wrote to this girl....

Your smile is my awakening thoughts from the darkness with in my soul. Your eyes are like shimmering lights to guide me in your welcoming arms. Just brushing against your hand as we walk side by side, it’s not like some fur from some animals that you hear from other men, but warm and real. Just touching you just briefly and wishing that you can accept me as and opposite gender, But yet I’m not, just a woman with a crush wanting you to invite me deeply with in, so I can feel the heat with in your passionate kisses.

I wish I can talk to her, the way she wants me to. I get so scared, she so flirtatious on the phone and I just don't know how to respond back.. . Never had a girl, that is so mature, all the gals I’ve met are child like mentally.

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