My Mid day and my singing voice  

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3/30/2006 4:34 pm

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My Mid day and my singing voice

After my bo 204_sagebrush took me to get my EBT Card replace. I came home and when to check on a job Application and did the most corkest thing there is, I acted like a funny witty pretty fuddly duddly bimbo, hay it got the employer to laughed and I button down my shirt alittle.

Gee I hope I get the job.

Then I spent acouple times trying to get this voice greeting to work for SmedlySuperGophr cause he said he'll shaved or trim his hair short for me.

Which I really dought he would, but you know it just the thought that tickles me.

There you go, you have 24 hrs to listen and then I'm deleting it. Before 204_sagebrush or your_little_pet listen to yet....I'm praying they don't have the ability. For to I, I really sound awful and they live so close to me. I will be tease and tease until I'm dead. That's why I like sing in front of strangers. They don't know me!

SmedlySuperGophr 53M

3/30/2006 5:35 pm

Just for the record, I set the electric razer to less than one eighth of an inch and trimmed my hair THAT DAY !!!! So it's now a bit shorter than in my picture. But you may doubt if you wish ... that does not offend me!!! Tell you what ... I have a lecture to give this weekend in Oshawa. When I get back, I will have my Lady take some pictures of me cutting my hair down as far as I can without shaving my damn head.

Now, this is sure a lot of work considering, even if we would meet, I have to wine and dine you ... just to come home to a cold shower. Oh well, never claimed to be normal .....

So off I go, recorder in hand, in hopes of listening to your voice, closing my eyes and dreaming of you ....

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