LovelyLadyLumpz2 41F
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8/14/2006 1:37 pm

why do you guys feel its necessary to make it look like you did the breaking up or dissolving of any kind of relationship even when it wasn't you who did it. Once when I wasn't attracted to somebody on here who I had been talking to for months before they sent a picture, I tried to be nice at first and said well we can still be friends. But later I realized, this guy had posted fake pictures lured me in wasted my time why should I be nice and say lets still be friends. So I posted messages in the groups and in my blog to let the ladies know they shouldn't waste their time. Do you know what his response was? He tried to make it seem like he wasn't interested in me, all this stuff I was writing was to get back at him for not being interested. It's not my fault you are ugly and need to waste peoples time to win us over with your personality. Go blame the people who gave you those genes. This shit just drives me up the wall. And again with the newest loser to the list, he is trying to tell me that contact from me is unwanted (by the way that is how you spell it) and that it will be seen as stalking. Well I am not the one who made like what was it 7+ phone calls in a day. And whatever it was we had was done the day before I left for holidays, but you still insisted on messaging me when I got home. So no, all of you losers are wrong, I don't want any attention from you, I have plenty more to choose from, and what you are doing is UNNNNNN WANTED.

sinergybolt 58M

8/14/2006 2:26 pm

I can understand your frustration. I guess people are rediculous at times. Where do they think it will get them? I am what I am. I am not young and I am not old. I can keep up with people half my age. I just love to talk and meet people. Especially the nice ones. They do not just drop by though. Maybe you can drop an e-mail or comment on some of my blogs. It is great live despite the jerks out there. XOXOSinergybolt

Bardal 53M

8/20/2006 4:30 pm

Wow some guys can be jerks...hey LLL please let me know if I ever bother you too much with my posts, as I never want to seem like a jerk on here. I am trying to be open with you all and have some fun...even if I never do get any "adult" fun from any of the girls. If I ever do get out of hand, just tell me to back off with any of my comments at radarops at sympatico.ca

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