Hello willing women  

Lovelessman35 46M
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4/5/2006 9:24 am
Hello willing women

Just thought that I would start by introducing myself; I am a married man, happily except for the lack of sex in my relationship. Currently I get it maybe once or twice a month. I would like it about one or twice a day. I would settle on twice a week.
But enough about what I don’t have in my life; more about what I want, and what I can do for you to get what I want.
Foreplay is my forte. I love a close and very comprehensive investigation of womans erogenous zones. I love to find out how many time I can get a woman to cum when I am down there. Then I love to try to match that number with my dick. In fact, one of my common statements during sex is "do you want to go again" and I can back up that statement. So if you’re tired of the guy that doesn't lick before he sticks and then only last long enough to get himself off, AND you don't mind the fact that I am married. Send me an email.

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