The Seesaw of LoveSpell  

LoveSpell50 61F
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8/1/2006 2:07 pm

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8/8/2006 3:09 pm

The Seesaw of LoveSpell

I appreciate everyone's patience while I sorted out this whole LoveSpell11 vs. LoveSpell50 thing. Because of some scary harassment from another member, I had decided that LoveSpell11 should go dark for a while until this crazy member either lost interest or found another target.

My highly complex moving about and changing handles to such a wildly different one (LOL ) has served its purpose. This person seems to have moved on, or maybe I just no longer care.

Either way, I am killing off LoveSpell50 and resurrecting LoveSpell11. I may not blog quite as actively as I did before, though. My blog seemed to have been the impetus for this member's paranoia.

I'm slowly reinstating my old blog entries and hope to see you over there.

Thanks for bearing with me, and sorry for the confusion.

SolarPowered0 111M
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8/1/2006 10:11 pm



Myhoneysrooster 69M
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8/2/2006 3:32 am

I will be glad to see you back in action regardless of which handle you choose or which lovely pic you post.

SolarPowered0 111M
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8/2/2006 6:09 am

Sheeana, you GOTS to be talkin' about the Rooster. Is that the case - or not? and if not, well, then... "Who keeps letting the little red-haired buzzard in? GRrrrrrr...rRRrrr"

rm_MikeMix47 64M
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8/2/2006 7:52 am

I can't believe the suffix change was all it took to thwart the guy's efforts at harrassment. That guy really is an idiot, lololol. Anyway, it's good that you persisted. Always nice to see you around.

HighPocKets1938 79M

8/2/2006 1:32 pm

Lovey, I will love you no matter what name you go by. You are still my Angel, and always will be. Now my dear, what about your deputies? You still have a lot of "perps" to take care of. Just because SHEriff ToughLove took a sabbatical, is no reason to neglect your dooties, so de ole Hornierable Judge says, "Welcome Home".

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