We control the vertical, and the horizontal, you have just entered the condom zone!  

rm_LoveLord01 47M
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4/15/2006 8:58 pm
We control the vertical, and the horizontal, you have just entered the condom zone!

I like many other guys, prefer being all natural when it comes to having sex, but in todays culture, with everything thats out there who knows what you can catch? But the topic is condoms in general. When I use them they cause irritation and unless you have just taken a Viagra, when you go to put the damn thing on you have to fight with trying to get it on before you loose your damn erection! I know guys say "I can't feel anything" and from personal experience that is mainly true. Not to mention all the different sizes to choose from. Guys lets be honest, when we go in there we get the ones that can fit the front of our cars in because we like to see our selves in that light, but often we get the wrong ones. This can cause all sorts of problems, from them falling off to breaking as you start to use them, or even coming off when you start to get buzzy!!! Just picking them up can be a pain! Pick one thats just a bit too small and the casher (9 out of 10 times its a woman ringing you out) will see that and say in their minds "Well, hello mr little dick!" So, to impress the casher, (not that we will ever see them again) but in our minds we may think "Hey, yah never know! Could happen!" Pick up the larger size, (the one you could cover your car with) the casher might look you over and either say to them selves "Ya! RIGHT!" or "DAMN!!!" well in any way you look at it you seem to loose. Not saying ladies that you HAVE to be the ones to get them and I'm sure a guy would be happy to pick them up for you, is the female condom. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" you might be saying to yourself at this moment or "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?" Well they do exist and IMHO, they are much easer to use and much more fun to use as well. Plus (I read this on the directions) that a woman could put them on/in (however you want to put it) for up to several hours before anything happens at all. How many male condoms can make that claim? I have heard from a few women that have said also "I cant feel anything!" I say thats where us guys have been for the longest time and its a one size fits all! I think that if guys were asked to pick up female condoms, would you ladies use them if we got them for you? Either way your protected from all that nasty stuff out there and no worries for you so the condom doesn't come off of the guy and a "Mistake" happens.

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