Turn up the sensitivity! Turn up the fun!  

rm_LoveLord01 47M
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4/30/2006 9:58 pm
Turn up the sensitivity! Turn up the fun!

I wont say how many women I have met, but its more than a handful, and out of them, no one have ever made me orgasm from giving me a BJ. I know what your saying or thinking now, "Well thanks for sharing!" or "You haven't met me yet!" Well in any event, I don't know if its me or the people that I have met. Part of me thinks that perhaps that maybe women don't study a guys anatomy or that the previous people they have met just were able to roll over (pardon the pun) and just cum easily. When it comes to giving oral, well not to blow my own horn (ok pun not intended that time) I have always been able to give a woman an orgasm or many many of them. Before I had ever started giving them I not only watched a "few" porn movies, but I also actually picked up some reading material about it and studied every aspect that I could about it. More times than not ,I had met women that didn't know a few aspects about their own bodies and what would bring the greatest pleasures that they could feel. I think that women should also not expect every person, men or women to be able to make them orgasm just because they are a woman. There is an old saying, "You learn something new everyday". Well take this as not a way of putting women down in any respect, just that women should learn more about their own bodies and a guys body as well what makes them "tick" so to speak.

So, with all that said I will give you ladies a few tips here and anyone else that that happens to read it, you may learn from it as well.

When you grab a mans dick, remember not to pull on it like you are at a slot machine. Trust me, that wont win you any prizes by doing that.

When you begin to suck on his dick wrap your fingers around the shaft, and on the top of his dick you will feel his pulse throbbing though the main artery there. When you begin to squeeze it, be sure to wrap your fingers around it tightly. Don't worry, you wont squeeze it off. Your guy I'm sure has put it through much worse... When you do this make sure you are putting pressure on on that artery I mentioned. The will slow the blood flow back out of the shaft and cause it to swell. As it swells it will become more sensitive to the touch. Ever had your arm or foot fall asleep? Notice how sensitive it is just touch it? Well thats the effect your going for here. Just remember if it starts turing blue, you have other things to worry about.

I know guys love to see you take his cock deep into your mouth, and with saying that I'm no exception. However, unless he is the kind of guy that cums easily, most of the most sensitive parts of the mans dick is not along the shaft, its at the tip of the head. If he has been circumcised, the right where the slit ends in front of the dick down about half an inch or less, where the head meets the shaft, that is the most sensitive spot you can find. if you suck or rub that area with your hands and some around the top of the dick, you will find that you should be able to make him cum.

Also, don't be afraid to use your teeth a little, but be sure to always ask if he likes it if you try it.

If this works for you, I hope you will post and let me know, or if you think i missed something, I would be interested in hearing it.

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