Excuse me, I have GAS!  

rm_LoveLord01 47M
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4/20/2006 8:34 am
Excuse me, I have GAS!

Ok, I know this is not like one of my typical posts, but I have to say something about it. WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THE GAS PRICES!!! OMFG!! I live in a state where the gas prices are going up every other day or every week and there doesn't seem any end in sight to as high as they can go! It's getting to be so bad out there that regular hard working people cant even afford to put gas in their car to go to work anymore! I work two jobs, and i am fortunate enough that the two places I work are within a few miles of where I live, but even thats getting to be too much to deal with!! Every time the price of gas goes up the people that live between the cracks (like myself) of where they can get help and where they can't we fall further and further behind. We can't go to our bosses and say, hey "the price of gas went up, I need a raise!" They would look at us and say, yea right! Basically, minimum wage is the employers way of saying "Hey if I could get away with paying you less, I WOULD!" I say if the price of gas goes up the people that live in the below the line and fall between the cracks should get a pay increase so they can at least live, not just barely survive!

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