My first time at CyberSex  

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7/30/2006 8:27 am

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My first time at CyberSex

Writing this blog has taken my mind through memory lane, and the things I went through to get here. I thought I would share a little of that trip with you.

Back in 1992, the internet was just starting to become well known, and a thing called the "world wide web" was becoming popular. One day, I discovered that there was a "sexier" side of the internet. I discovered a new site called "cyber shack". The site was an "adults only" chat place with rooms for various types of interests.

Seeing this a great "fantasy" trip, I invented a personna call "Fab". I was a long haired blonde body builder can imagine. Whatever it would take to get the ladies to chat with me. Soon I had a cyber girlfriend, her name was Tazz. We learned about the joys of cyber sex during those early years of chat. We would chat for hours, telling each other all the things we would do to each other in our cyber world.

This was a different time....we used dial up only...and there were very few graphics (the web was too slow). No pictures, no web cams, no voice, just our imaginations. But we made it work. We played together, and through our imaginations, we helped each other to cum...

I don't think it will ever be the same, the tecnology has just changed too much. But every once in a while it is still fun to build a fantasy world with a creative cyber lover. To try to see what kind of turn on you can be with words only, without any other "crutch" to help you.

We built a fantasy world, in a different time, where she was a "fair damsel", and I was a knight in shining armour. We came together in an epic romance, like Arthur (or was it Lancelot?) and Guinevere. With words we filled in every part of the fantasy, as I told her what I would like to do to her, and she did like wise. Through our imagination we built it to a crescendo and explosion. Amazing, but it worked!

Ah....a trip back to another time and place.

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