Can't believe it's been 4 days  

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7/25/2005 8:17 pm

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Can't believe it's been 4 days

I find it hard to believe that I haven't updated my blog since the first day. Things have been poppin right and left.

It's official, I'm truly a full fledged exhibitionist. I just flashed a woman in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn I am staying in in Charlottesville, VA. Afterwards, she waved at me and smiled (or was that a laugh?). The Holiday Inn is my home away from home, I spend as much time here as I do at home. Bummer! Further confirmation of my status as a exhibitionist is that I have done hours and hours of solo web cam sessions. I've had company online, as many as 10 viewers and even a couple of ladies. This morning I had a visit from a wonderful lady from Calgary. She stayed for hours as I stroked my cock and chatted with her. I wasn't able to cum (damn these antidepressants anyhow) but she said that she came 10 times while we visited. It's not that I'm such a good stroker, a fascinating conversationalist or anything special to look at, we just hit it off fabulously. Hope she returns, I want to prove to her that my equipment is functional, it's just not always reliable. I have done a couple of cam to cam sessions with both men and women, to tell the truth, the women are much more exciting to share with. Come on ladies, help me out a little!

It is so awesome to discover that there are others (male and female) who live in sexless marriages. I thought it was just me. I have a much improved self-image now. I need to tell my shrink, just not sure how to break the news to her that I made this bit of discovery while I was demonstrating my equipment via web cam. Maybe she will ask for an office demo, she's pretty hot... No couch in her office though, just a couple of chairs. This is the stuff that fantasies are made of.

Still, it's been more than 2 years since my willing (sometimes anyhow) cock has been in anything except my own hand. That's depressing, I hope That will change soon. I would love to explore the depths of a woman. My bi-curious interests haven't shifted from being the bottom guy so it's not likely that by penis will explore the anus of a guy anytime soon. I miss eating pussy too, I can barely recall the taste or the smell.

I bought a new razor today to use on my pubes. I use an electric shaver on my beard but I have discovered that isn't very satisfactory below the waist. Hope I don't commit sepuku tomorrow morning when I shower, that would be a hoot for the housecleaning staff. Charlottesville isn't too far away from the site of the Bobbitt "sacrifice". Virginia is a weird state!

Well, no sense in using up tons of blog bandwidth, maybe I will be more faithful to my aspirations as scribe while I'm staying in the hotel (all week).

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