brand new day...  

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8/3/2006 7:46 pm

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brand new day...

brand new day my ass. i would have thought i would have been fine this morning after having another night of mindblowing sex with my husband. but noooo. i just had to wake up this morning horny as hell. at 8 a.m., kids are off to day care and hubby is off to work, i flip through the channels during a commercial on the news and what do i find on one of the movie channels. a woman riding a man while another woman is in the room, on the bed encouraging her and touching her. there it is again, that warm, tingling feeling between my legs that i almost feel in my stomach and it is getting stronger. so what if i am turned on by a woman. i can't be the only one so i get up to check for messages on AdultFriendFinder and connect with old friends. i find one that i really miss (Girl, you know who you are and i can't apologize enough). dinner sounds wonderful. bring a Porn problem. bring a few toys (i have just the clit stimulator in mind). i lay back down anticipating the evening out and planning my wardrope (it has to center around the bag!). but no sleep yet...not before i take care of that tingling.

i imagine myself in a nice suite in and makeup are perfect and tubetop dress looks damn good as i open the door for my company. i have been looking forward to seeing her all week. and i know she feels the same because she has told me about her stressfull week already. Well sit down, Sweetie. i'll make you feel better. i sit on the top of the couch behind her after handing her a drink (i have already had a few) and start to massage her shoulders. but i can't stop there. my hands rome down her arms and around to her beautiful mounds begging to be released. i switch positions and sit in her lap, taking one nipple into my mouth and massaging the other in my right hand. i undress her fully and my hand finds its way to her wetness. i am in awe that i made her that wet. the clit stimulator makes her grind and moan against me and it is turning me on way too much. i thought that feeling right before an orgasm was the most wonderful feeling in the world, well right behind it is making a beautiful sexy woman cum. she grinds against the stimulator making her leg rub my clit. hmmm, that's it. i move her hand and direct her fingers to my spot and begin the moan and grind with her. the kiss that follows while we both reach our climax is breathtaking. Thank you, baby now i can go to sleep and dream about my dinner date.

but as my date knows that is going to have to be postponed. i'll be damned if my aunt flo doesn't decide to make an appearence. well, at least i know why i was so horny.


rm_girlieluvher 42F

8/17/2006 7:10 pm

WOW! That definitely got me all excited! I can't wait to meet you!

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