Have You Seen Me Lately?  

Lost_DC_Puppy 69M
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1/6/2006 10:51 am

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Have You Seen Me Lately?

Has anyone out there ever recognized an AdultFriendFinder member in public? Someone you had never met before seeing them. What did you do? What would you do? Just wondering.

FeistySyn 53F

1/6/2006 12:19 pm

I have had that happen, more than once actually! Twice in grocery stores I saw men from here, both times, our eyes connected and locked on each other... the one man I was sure recognized me and kind of smirked and I grinned back and we both kept going in our seperate directions, the other man locked eyes with me and looked somewhat puzzled, I don't think he was able to place me right then, but I knew who he was. Once at a fast food joint over lunch, I recognized someone I had actually meet a few years prior... we stared at each other a lot, but he didn't say anything until I approached him first and said hello, then he was very friendly and happy to see me.

Also, a couple years ago not too long after I joined the site, a man who does business with someone else in my office building approached me here. He had never said a word to me, other than maybe a mumbled hello, in person but he was very agressive on this site. Several emails insisting I contact him, instant message him, etc. Rather than open a dialogue with him, I chose to ignore him and he eventually took the hint and went away... and yes, I still see him often in my building, and he still never says a word in person! I found his insistence that I respond to him creepy, especially since he knew who I was and where I worked - it felt somewhat threatening.

There have been other times where people, men and women, have looked incredibly familiar but I couldn't place them exactly and I just assumed that I probably had seen them online somewhere. What has always impressed me though, was everyone is respectful about it in person... even though I am sure I have been recognized, no one has come up to me directly and said anything, as I have not to them.

I think it's important that everyone respect everyone else's boundries.... especially if we don't know exactly what they are.


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